The Southern Colonies

The Southern Colonies

New World Beginnings Contact: Europeans and Amerindians The First Americans The Amerindians Coming to America

First nomads 35,000 years ago Around 50-100 million inhabitants Over 2,000 languages and widely differing Northern Amerindians

Less developed than South American tribes Small, semi-sedentary societies Matrilineal (Family passed through mothers lines) and matrilocal (women owned the property) No personal ownership of land

You think you own whatever land you land on/The Earth is just a dead thing you can claim Who Really Discovered America? -or- Why Columbus Was a Big Stinky Liar European Motives for Exploration Europes motives for

exploration can be linked to either the quest of God, Gold, or Glory: Desire to Christianize Needed a faster and cheaper method of acquiring goods from Asia and the Middle East. Power and influence, rivalries with other nation-states Spanish

Colonization Debate Over Treatment Bartolom de las Juan de Seplveda Agreed with savage interpretation of Native Americans Supported encomienda

system Casas Supported noble savage belief Helped end encomienda system Black Legend

Pops Rebellion, 1680 (Pueblo Revolt) Pueblo Indians rebelled against Spanish rule in New Mexico Most successful uprising against colonial authority in the New World

Maintained control for almost 50 years Impact of Spanish Conquest Mestizo culture Mission system: Forced conversion Encomienda system:

Native forced labor; given as a gift by Spain in exchange for Christianizing natives. Black Legend Results of contact between NativeAmericans and Europeans For Native Americans Mass death and genocide: By 1600, nearly 90% of Native American population perished due to disease. European impact on culture: farm animals horses, and firearms. Results of contact between NativeAmericans and Europeans

For Europeans Global empires for 1st time in human history. Explosion of capitalism (Commercial Revolution) Improved diet = higher mortality = higher population = bigger push for emigration. o Stimulants: coffee, cocoa, and tobacco Did Columbus really think he was in India? LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME

Christopher Columbus How to Get to India: European Edition How was Columbus able to conquer the New World? SMALLPOX! Columbus men Why The do

natives you think contracted diseases An estimated 90% of purposefully infected the like these smallpox diseases affected from

the Native Americans the blankets with diseases to blankets natives to the such Europeans a great were killed due to make

the natives easier to gave them degree? as gifts European diseases conquer. The Columbian Exchange

The Columbian Exchange: The widespread exchange of plants, animals, food, and diseases between the Old World (Europe) and the New World (Americas). 16 Old World Animals Plants Diseases New World

bee cat chicken cow goat horse pig sheep alpaca guinea pig llama turkey

almond apple banana black pepper carrot coffee citrus garlic lettuce olive onion peach pea pear sugarcane

tea turnip wheat watermelon avocado bean bell pepper blueberry cashew chicle (chewing gum base) chili pepper cocoa maize (corn) peanut

bubonic plague cholera influenza malaria measles scarlet fever smallpox tuberculosis typhoid syphilis yaws (disfiguring bone bacteria) yellow fever

pineapple potato rubber squash (incl. pumpkin) sunflower strawberry sweet potato tobacco tomato vanilla 17 The French

Settlements in Canada, the Mississippi River Valley, the port of New Orleans, and the Carribbean French Settlement

Most French settlers were young, single men They were known as great gift-givers towards the Indians Focus was on fur trade, especially beaver pelts Jesuits: Catholic missionaries who sought to convert the natives. The English England v. Spain

Protestant England vs. Catholic Spain King Philip II sent the invincible Spanish Armada against England Severe storms and brilliant military planning allowed the severely outnumbered English to destroy

the Spanish. This changed the The First English Colony Sir Walter Raleigh claimed part of the New World for England,

naming it Virginia. joint-stock company: A group of investors who pool their money to support big projects o The Virginia Company Jamestown (1607): the first English settlement in the New World. Gentlemen would not

LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME Pocahontas Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Indian princess 25 A handsome explorer landed nearby 26

They met and fell in love 27 She saved him from certain death at the hands of her father 28 And they lived happily ever after. 29

LIES! The REAL Pocahontas Was around 12 years old when she supposedly saved John Smith Married John Rolfe, NOT John

Smith Died at the age of 22 in England of 31 The REAL John Smith Captain John Smith led the colony beginning in 1608 "He who will not work shall not eat. Smith kidnapped in Dec. 1607 by Chief Powhatan Smith perhaps "saved" by Pocahontas, Powhatan's

daughter, but evidence is shaky at best. 32 John Rolfe The Disney Version The REAL John Rolfe 33 Jamestown

Virginia Charter o Overseas settlers given same rights of Englishmen in England o Foundation for American liberties; rights extended to other colonies. o Colonists felt that, even in the Americas, they were still 34 The Jamestown Nightmare

Nearly failed due to starvation, disease, and attacks by the Powhatans John Rolfe introduced new tough strain of tobacco given to him by the Powhatans o Europeans become addicted o Tobacco economy grew o Plantation system emerged 35

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