The University PowerPoint Template

The University PowerPoint Template

UHMLG 2013 Learning health information literacy together: the Storying Sheffield Knowing as Healing Project

Vicky Grant University of Sheffield A University of Sheffield Arts Enterprise funded project

Storying Sheffield workshop Alexandria proclamation Information Literacy lies at the core of lifelong learning. It empowers people in all walks of life to

seek, evaluate, use and create information effectively to achieve their personal, social, occupational and educational goals. It is a basic human right in a digital world and promotes social inclusion of all nations

mation-on-information-literacy Information obesity. An abundance of information coupled with a loss of quality, WHITWORTH, A. 2008. Information obesity, Oxford, Chandos.

Confused? Study days Health Information Literacy Events

10,00 Welcome 13.15

10.15 Ice breaker 1. Post it note exercises Where do you look for health information/

How do you decide if the information is reliable? 10.30 Talk by Dr Tim Kenny of

11.00 Short films 11.15 Coffee and discussion of

films 11.45 by Discuss information brought participants

12.30 Lunch Rotating sessions

2. Search exercise. Including demo the of IBS app. 3. Storytelling. Create short stories telling your IBS story 14.45

Tea 15.00 Story sharing

15.45 Evaluation and close I spent a lot of time searching on the

internet ... but you can be terrified ... like what if it gets worse ... Some of the GPs can be resentful and will say oh I dont know about that ... [participant infers that GPs dont agree with internet informed patients] But I think that internet informed patients

are a good thing because it [IBS] is an illness with so many different symptoms ... Learning from other people is good ... so its just filtering out the right things Feedback

Now I have more an energy and a motivation to win with IBS I feel a lot more confident talking about my IBS after today, and don't feel quite so despondent about it, so thank you! patients do want to know more and sometimes do know more than the doctor. the medical aspects/jargon are hard to relate to when youre not a

medical student. The best thing hearing other peoples stories dont feel so isolated The worst thing initially getting over my embarrassment of talking about my symptoms in front of other people

Next steps To enhance inclusion by working out in the city

To collaborate with a local artist and to plan an exhibition for the next IBS network event

Video Health information obesity: the new ep idemic? Make information poverty history

Acknowledgements With grateful thanks to The project supervisors: Prof Brendan Stone and Dr Bernard Corfe The University of Sheffield Faculty of Arts & Humanities for Arts Enterprise funding The University of Sheffield Library and the IBS Network The Medical Students and IBS Participants who have given their time and their stories to the project. Thank you

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