The Writing Process - Warren County Public Schools

The Writing Process - Warren County Public Schools

The Writing Process 8th Grade Language Arts 7 Steps of The Writing Process! Focusing Pre-writing Drafting Revising Editing Publishing Reflecting Focusing Ask yourself, What am I being asked to do?

Use SPAT. Situation What is happening that needs to be addressed? Purpose How should I write? To inform, to narrate, or to persuade. Audience Who am I writing to?

Task What will I write, an editorial, speech, letter, or article? Pre-writing Brainstorm Ideas 5 paragraph papers require 3 main points with supporting details. Do you have that much information to write about? When given 2 writing prompts, always pre-write Introduction: Startboth. broad,

narrow to your main idea, engage your audience. 3 Body paragraphs, with plenty of supporting details! Use transitions to move from paragraph to paragraph. Conclusion: Remind the audience of your main point, and then broaden out to make your conclusion interesting. Drafting

Time to write: Use paragraph development! 8 Sentence paragraphs ensure you get the right amount of details! TS-Topic Sentence SD-Supporting Detail FS-Further Support FS-Further Support SD-Supporting Detail FS-Further Support FS-Further Support C- Conclusion Revising Now we have 5 paragraphs written. Time to improve our work!

Remember the acronym ARMS Add (More details) Remove (Unneeded information or words) Move (details to improve flow) Substitute (Better words, get a thesaurus) Editing We are looking for correctness in this step. Use the acronym CUPS to edit! Capitalization (first word, proper nouns)

Usage (there, their, theyre) Punctuation (end, commas, etc) Spelling (dictionary) Step 6: Publish Make your work available to your audience. Time to turn in your work, or send it to a publisher.

What did you learn during the writing process? How did you improve as a writer? What will you do differently next time? What will you do the same next time? Step 7: Reflect

Lets Try: Focus and Pre-write the following prompt. The principal of WEMS, Mrs. Dillard, has decided that she needs an article written, for the school newspaper, about school rules. Mrs. Dillard would like you to tell the incoming 7th graders about the important rules here at WEMS, and why we follow them. Write an article explaining some important rules here at WEMS. Provide important information explaining why each rule is important to our school, and why we follow them.

On-demand testing information: 1 hour to write, 1 hour of extended time. On your desk: Writers Reference Sheet, dictionary, and a thesaurus. You will be graded on correctness! Given 2 prompts: You must Focus and pre-write both. (Draw the graphic organizer)

Remember paragraph development. (8 Sentence) Use 1st hour to focus, pre-write, and draft. Use 2nd hour to revise, edit, and write a final draft. USE ALL OF YOUR TIME!! Writing Process foldable Fold your paper Hot Dog Style. Leave a space a the bottom, label the bottom The Writing Process! Now divide into 7 sections, and label each with a step of the Writing Process. Inside, describe the step that is on the label. Color and neatness count, these foldables will be displayed in the hall

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