The 'New Complex'

The 'New Complex'

What is happening to my College? Questions, thoughts and reflections on the developments of Queens College ~ Answers by Boydy, Heardy and Jesse Overview Why make the presentation?

College Council Motions Passed What these motions mean Eakins Link New Project Facilities Complex Residential Design Overview College Culture incorporating Melbourne Model Questions and Answers Why make this presentation? The structure of Queens will change in the next 4 years; Physical Demographic

Cultural The construction of the Eakins Hall development will commence at the end of this year. The success of the Eakins development will act as a determinant for further construction, namely the New Project. The project will impact on all of us in some way. You are therefore given an opportunity to College Council Who is in the council?

President of Council John Castles Master, Vice-Master 6 Synod members of the Uniting Church President of QCS&SC and two further student elected representatives Other members with a vested interest in Queens (making up over 20). What do they do? Guide the direction of Queens Review current practices and make recommendations on the future Make the guidelines which our admin work under ie; give the orders! The Motions Passed

The following resolutions from the administrative committee to the college council were passed on the 25 th of May, 2007; ~ The Report by John Mason Project Management be received and the Recommendations noted. The project described in the Report (comprising Eakins Improvements, Facilities and Residential Elements) be endorsed in Principle, with a view to progressive commitment and implementation as funds come to hand. The Eakins Improvements element of the project, including design, be commenced, and that Management proceed to engage a Project Manager,

Architect, and other required consultants and to commission detailed design documents which are to be presented to Council with quantity surveyor estimates before calling tenders and proceeding to construction. The projected budget is $1.2 million, of which 50% may be borrowed funds. An appropriate Heritage Architect be commissioned to prepare a Heritage Review, and an Architect be engaged to prepare the Revised Master plan. Following preparations of the Revised Master Plan, concept designs and drawings be commissioned to enable the other elements of the project, Facilities and Residential, to be better defined and described, and for use in Fund Raising. The Council approve that the College proceed with obtaining an appropriate liquor license. What these motions mean The Eakins redevelopment will occur. This will commence at the end of this year. Further developments will be determined largely on the success of the Eakins Redevelopment.

Concept designs will be created to be used for both preparation and fund generation We will make these designs available to club once released. The Eakins Redevelopment What Why Covered ramped walkway from the JCR to Eakins Wheel chair access Smoother function operation Removal of Eakins foyer

stairwell Increase floor space and functionality Increase space and usability of the Stafford room Addition of an elevator servicing the Stafford room Creation of two independent functional rooms (Foyer/Stafford) with wheel chair access and catering access Provision of toilet block adjacent to Eakins in bike

Will serve Eakins, the Foyer and the Stafford Room. The New Project Facilities Complex The main thrust of the whole Project Almost entirely for the purpose of Queeners but with some day conference and external student use (especially in the holiday term). Located at the southern boundary of Queens near the corner of Morrison Close. Facilities Complex cont. What is in it? Library

Relocation from Parnaby wing Learning Hub Complex Informal study/conversation Lounge Discussion and Work Area, lockers Computer Lab and Office Seminar/Syndicate Rooms (8) 4 for 12 people 4 for 25 people Mezzanine with toilets and stairs Caf to Seat 25 Performance Space and Auditorium 2 music rehearsal rooms Foyer Storage and stairs

Residential Developments Kernick Over. Leprosy Eliminated. The new residential block is to be designed to suit graduate students and SCR. 3 floors orientated in line with J and Parnaby wings. 6 apartments of 4 rooms to a bathroom, kitchen and living area. The Culture of Queens Impact of new construction Potential disruption to community Change in geographical location and numbers of students social segregation? More randoms? Less security and insulation. Commercial enterprise or Residential College?

All of these points were raised by us at the Council Meeting. The Council aims to retain the sanctity of the Quad and the community and give the students of Queens the best facilities possible. The only means by which this can be achieved is increasing cash flow eventually to stream into other divisions within college (Eakins, IT, sporting, performance etc.) This is well understood by all on the council and included in the New Project document. Point of Interest Melbourne Model Applicable to 85% of undergrad Queens community (15% RMIT/VCP) Potential change to student

demographic/length of stay What are we doing about it? Committee (Nathan W, Mel W, Jesse Z, Courtney F (past pres) and two Wyverns (Linden Ashcroft and Michael HugDanish). Meet periodically to develop strategies to assist club progression The primary aim is to retain what we value Present developments to the club and admin Questions?

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