These templates can be used by anyone who wants to help ...

These templates can be used by anyone who wants to help ...

Communication Passports These templates can be used by anyone who wants to help someone create a one page Communication Passport. Our team of speech-language therapists at Talking Trouble Aotearoa NZ often create these with a person so they can have their say about what helps/gets in the way of communicating, and gives a quick and easy guide for others to know how to help. They can choose who needs to see the Communication Passport and what goes in it. Weve known passports to be given to people before important meetings so they can understand what to do to help, or when transitioning to new places or services. The Communication Passport can be updated when new information comes to light or things change. We sometimes use a Talking Mat first to help someone reflect on their own communication skills, and what theyd like people to do to support their communication. Sometimes we just open a blank document and start a list about things that are annoying and things that help. There isnt one way to do these. They can be personalised with colour, decoration and detail, and can be any size and can be laminated. We often make them in Powerpoint, but they can be handwritten or typed. Multiple copies can be useful so everyone who needs the information can get a copy. We like to try to have the persons own words included. Anyone can help someone put together a Communication Passport it doesnt have to be a speech-language therapist. The example passports weve included here have had all identifying information has been removed or changed. You are welcome to use our templates and wed love to know how you use them and what templates work best in your setting. You can find other materials you might find handy on our website under resources. Sally Kedge, Speech-language therapist and court-appointed Communication Assistant [email protected] Talking Trouble Aotearoa NZ May 2019 ________s Communication Passport These recommendations were written by the young person and Things that are annoying

___________________ (profession/role_________________) Things that help Young persons full name: Date: Professionals name and role: My Communication Passport !! You need to know... !! You can help me to communicate Please do Please dont My name is: This is about me Please read! This will help you to get to know me and how I communicate You can help me to understand more easily by

I might need extra help with Young persons full name: Date: You can help me to use my language more easily by Professionals name and role: These recommendations were written by XXXXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXXXX Things you need to know Things that are tricky Things that help This communication passport was made by XXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXX on .. Things you need to know I enjoy talking but I choose when I talk and when I dont I dont like meeting new people Things that are tricky Understanding, and remembering what people say Things that help me Write it down, talk slowly Im not a fast thinker Knowing the words for the stuff I

want to talk about Build my vocabulary word maps, explain new/tricky words Making decisions Signpost topics so that I can see what topic you want me to stay on Explaining things Staying on topic Reading body language Asking questions & asking for help Use Comic Strip Conversations to help me give you the best information I can Check my understanding of the stuff we have just talked about This communication passport was made by XXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXXX on Things you need to know I love Hip Hop Sometimes I lose it and want to leave. Youll know because I start to swear and fiddle with my clothes. Thinking about, and talking about my big brother calms me down. Perhaps there could be photos of him nearby. Things that are tricky Listening when people dont explain things & listening to boring stuff Making decisions got my boyfriend on one side and my family on the

other wanting me to be safedont always know what to do Finding the words I need to say what I want to say is hard. When this happens I just change the subject or say it doesnt matter Things that help me Say less. Stick to the key messages you need me to understand. Pause between phrases. Explain what you mean. Check that Ive understood you before you say anything else Write things down in simple lists, flow diagrams or headings to help me keep paying attention and remember Build my vocabulary word maps, explain new/tricky words Jimmy works best with people who Dont try to push or teach too much Pick up on what hes doing and wheres at Praise him for what he does Can make things that are tricky into something enjoyable How to help

Dont talk too much Make it quick Get it all done and get on with it Keep talking and reading short and easy. Jimmy Jones Communication Passport March 2019 This information about Jimmy has been put together during a conversation between Jimmy, his Dad and a speech-language therapist. It is designed to give an overview of what helps and gets in the way for Jimmy. Stuff Jimmy loves Hanging out with mates Sometimes gym, soccer, fishing Signs listening and understanding are tricky You might notice Fidgeting Eyes wandering off Jimmy shuts off Wants to gap it

Stands up, covers eyes, paces, swears Stuff that makes Jimmy annoyed Talking for ages in a room Lots of talking Waiting Talking about me when Im not there People reading stuff out for me takes too longjust let me read it to myself Making complicated things easier Work out the most important things Jimmy needs to know keep it short, simple and quick Draw it Write key words

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