Third Grade Reading Boot Camp

Third Grade Reading Boot Camp

THIRD GRADE READING CURRICULUM NIGHT Thursday, September 15th Please sign in under your childs homeroom teacher on back media counter. INTRODUCTION: Hold all questions until the end of the session. There are index cards on each table. Feel free to write any questions you have on one or simply use them to take notes. S. Williams

INTRODUCTION: 3rd Grade Teachers Presenting ELA Curriculum Night: Danielle Spain Danielle Cooper Bethany Ryfiak Suzanne Williams Mollie Grady Ashley Lancaster Taylor Curtis S. Williams UNDERSTANDING READ 3D REPORTS: The Text Reading Comprehension Score (TRC) is derived from 3

scores: Accuracy/Fluency: Fluency is the rate at which a student reads minus their errors. Accuracy is decoding unfamiliar words and self-correcting misread words. Oral Comprehension: Responding orally to 5 questions about the text. Written Comprehension: Responding in writing to 2 questions about the text. Teachers score the two written comprehension questions separately but to use the score of the lowest question as the student's written comprehension score. If your student is not proficient in written comprehension, the teacher is

prompted to move the student down a level before continuing the assessment. TRC Cut Points for Proficiency Beginning of Year M Middle of Year O End of Year P Read 3 D Chart Click to view chart S. Williams WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP YOUR CHILD?: Read together everyday at home. On the back of your childs TRC sheet are some activities we

recommend that can be done just about anywhere. For example: Question Modeling When reading with your child, encourage him or her to ask questions by asking your own questions about the book aloud: "I wonder, why ______? Why did ____________ do that? What is going to happen next? Title Talk Ask your child to read the title of a story and to think about it. Is it a good title for this story? Why? Break the Story Down Ask your child to describe the beginning, middle, and endCOOPER of a story. READ TO ACHIEVE RTA Live Binder

RTA includes 12 reading standards. Students must demonstrate understanding on at least 3 passages per standard to show proficiency. This is one pathway for students to show proficiency for reading in 3rd grade. Other pathways include: Passing the Beginning of Year ELA Test Passing the End of Year ELA Test Level P or higher on Read 3D Reading Lexile 725+ COOPER ACCELERATED READING: Each nine weeks your child will have a goal set

based on data gathered from STAR tests and individual progress. Students will be given a book level range. (Ex. 2.63.7) There will be a specific weekly goal for students to meet. At the end of the nine weeks, students will be rewarded if they meet the goal with 80% test accuracy. Lancaster AR NOTES FROM MEDIA: Students should be assigned goals based on 30 minutes of reading and their ZPD range on the STAR test.

Students should read a combination of Fiction and Non-Fiction. 3rd grade has required 6 NF books per nine weeks. A better balance of reading between fiction and non-fiction correlates to higher reading scores on EOGs :) Once students have met their goals, they are not required to take AR tests on their free choices. They should not test on any book outside of their ZPD range unless they are trying out for Battle of the Books. Lancaster HELPFUL ELA DOCUMENTS: TRC Questions Stems Higher Level Thinking Questions

Read 3D Comprehension Bookmarks Grady *If you click on each, it will take you to the document. WRITING PORTFOLIOS Narrative ( total of two ) Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective techniques, well-chosen details and well-structured event sequences. Informative/Explanatory or Argument ( total of two ) Write to examine and convey complex ideas and information clearly and accurately through the effective selection, organization, and analysis of content. OR Write to support

claims using valid reasoning and relevant evidence. Response to Text ( one submitted for portfolio) Respond to text to examine different parts of a book or poem. Several Short Response writings tied to ELA, Math, Science and SS standards. Grady 1ST NINE WEEKS STANDARDS : Read with fluency and accuracy all GENRES ASK and ANSWER questions by referring to the text Refer to parts of stories, dramas, and poems when writing or speaking about a text, using terms such as CHAPTER, SCENE, and STANZA; describe how each

part builds on the next Use TEXT FEATURES and SEARCH tools to locate information Use information gained from ILLUSTRATIONS and the WORDS to demonstrate understanding of the text (5 Ws and How) Determine or clarify meaning of MULTIPLE MEANING Ryfiak WORDS 2ND NINE WEEKS STANDARDS: Describe CHARACTERS in a story and explain how their actions contribute to the SEQUENCE OF EVENTS Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are

used in a text, distinguish between LITERAL and NONLITERAL language MAIN IDEA and SUPPORTING DETAILS COMPARE and CONTRAST the most important key details presented in two texts on the same topic Determine the meaning of GENERAL ACADEMIC and DOMAIN-SPECIFIC words and phrases in a text relevant to grade subject areas Demonstrate understanding of FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE, word relationships and nuances in word meanings Ryfiak

3RD NINE WEEKS STANDARDS: RECOUNT STORIES including fables, folktales, and myths from diverse cultures; determine the CENTRAL MESSAGE, LESSON, or MORAL and explain how it is conveyed through key details in the text Distinguish their own POINT OF VIEW from that of the narrator or those of the characters Describe the relationship between a series of historical events, scientific ideas or concepts, or steps in technical procedures in a text, using language that pertains to TIME, SEQUENCE OF EVENTS, and CAUSE/EFFECT Determine or clarify the meaning of MULTIPLE MEANING WORDS

Curtis 4TH NINE WEEKS STANDARDS: COMPARE and CONTRAST the THEMES, SETTINGS, and PLOTS of stories written by the same author Describe LOGICAL CONNECTION between particular sentences and paragraphs in a text **YEAR END GOAL: READ and COMPREHEND literature including stories, dramas, and poetry, at the high end of the grades 2-3 test complexity band independently and proficiently READ and COMPREHEND information texts, including

history/social studies, science, and the technical texts, at the high end of the grades 2-3 text complexity band independently and proficiently Curtis STUDY ISLAND AND ISTATION: SPAIN HELPFUL ELA WEBSITES: NYC Common Core EOG Sample Questions NC Released Tests

SPAIN ELA QUESTIONS??? SPAIN + THIRD GRADE MATH CURRICULUM NIGHT Thursday, September 15th INTRODUCTION: Hold all questions until the end of the session. There are index cards on each table. Feel free to write any

questions you have on one or simply use them to take notes. HUBER INTRODUCTION: 3rd Grade Teachers Presenting Math Curriculum Night: Rachel van Schagen Ashley Conner Justin Huber Janet Ricciarelli Beth Smith Amy Rawl HUBER MATH CURRICULUM

1st 9 Weeks: 2nd 9 Weeks: Place Value Continue Rounding Multiplication Estimating Division Addition Operation Properties Subtraction Two-Step Word Start Multiplication Problems using all 4 Two-Step Word Problems (+operations -) HUBER

Patterns MATH CURRICULUM 3rd 9 Weeks: Fractions Telling Time Area Data/Graphs Multi-Step Word Problems 4th 9 Weeks: Metric Measurement Geometry Perimeter Multi-Step Word Problems

*Review all objectives There is an emphasis on reading and understanding word problems. We will work on one and two step word problems throughout all four 9-week periods. van Schagen NEW MATH TEXTBOOK Look out for information coming home with your students login and password to view videos, lessons and access to the book online. van Schagen https://

HELPFUL WEBSITES Math Worksheets Land Mr. Maffesoli for Students and Parents IXL Math (paid membership required) Moby Max (free membership) Learn Zillion (instructional videos) Smith BENCHMARK TESTING At the end of every 9 weeks there will be a

county benchmark assessment in both reading and math. First 9 weeks will test 100% what was taught that marking period. Second 9 weeks will tests 80% 2nd 9 weeks objectives and 20% will come from the 1st marking period objectives. Third 9 weeks will tests 80% of 3rd 9 weeks objectives and 20% from 1st and 2nd marking periods combined. Fourth 9 weeks will be 80% of 4th 9 weeks objectives and 20% from 1st, 2nd and 3rd marking periods together. Smith

GRADING: PCS Grading 3rd grade scale: 100-90= A weighting of 80-89= B assignments: 70-79= C Tests: 40% 60-69= D Quizzes: 35% 59-BELOW= F Classwork: 25% Ricciarell i

SCIENCE OBJECTIVES 1st Marking Period Force and Speed Infer changes in speed or direction resulting from forces acting on an object

Explain the effect of Earths gravity on the motion of any object on or near the Earth. 2nd Marking Period Matter and Energy Changes Recognize that air is a substance that surrounds us, takes up space and has mass. Compare solids, liquids and gases based on their basic properties.

Recognize that energy can be transferred. Conner 3rd Marking Period Human and Plants Compare the different functions of the skeletal and muscular system.

Remember the functions of the parts of a plant to help it survive in the environment. Explain how environmental conditions determine how well plants survive and grow. Summarize the distinct stages of the life cycle of seed plants. 4th Marking Period

Earth and Its Solar System Recognize that the Earth is part of a system called the solar system that includes the Sun, planets, and many moons. Compare earths saltwater and freshwater features. Compare earths land features using models, pictures, diagrams and maps.

Conner HOMEWORK: How can I help my child at home with homework? Schedule a consistent time each night, if possible for completing HW. Check planner each night and sign the bottom. Check off homework assignments as they are completed. Look for teacher comments in the planner. Multiplication flash cards Ask Read 3D book mark questions to assess understanding of AR books (link found in this presentation) Set aside a time to read AR books each night. Rawl

If you still have a question that was not answered tonight, please feel free to email or call your childs teacher: Mr. Huber: [email protected] Mrs. Letchworth: [email protected] Ms. Spain: [email protected] Mrs. Smith: [email protected] Ms. van Schagen: [email protected] Mrs. Conner [email protected] Mrs. Curtis [email protected] Mrs. Amy Rawl [email protected] Ms. Danielle Cooper [email protected] Ms. Bethany Ryfiak [email protected] Ms. Mollie Grady [email protected] Mrs. Janet Ricciarelli [email protected] Ms. Ashley Lancaster [email protected]

Rawl Wintergreen Intermediate: (252) 355-2411 THANK YOU We are working hard to ensure that your childs development is on target for success, and we thank you for your efforts at home. Together, we will help your child become a successful reader. Rawl MATH/SCIENCE QUESTIONS??? Conner +

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