Tips and Tricks for Great IEERBSearches - in

Tips & Tricks for Great IEERBSearches IEERB Conference

October 18, 2007 Presented by Amy Matthews, IEERB Director of Research

The Prequel: Make Sure You Have All the Pieces You Need 1. If you dont already have an

account, sign up for one at the alphabet soup table. The Prequel: Make Sure You

Have All the Pieces You Need 2. On your first visit, be on the lookout for yellow ribbons.

The Prequel: Make Sure You Have All the Pieces You Need

3. Know thy search. Overall Tip & Trick: Keep Your Research Tabs Straight

Different approach needed for Locate Documents verses Search Document Text because each is a different way of

obtaining information. Locate Documents -Left Tab in the Research Menu-

Used to retrieve documents by their characteristics, such as corporation or year.

Locate Documents Tip & Trick : Use Your % and Enter only

What you need Is the school corporation you are looking at: A School city? School town? MSD?

Locate Documents Tip & Trick : Dont use a characteristic if

you are not sure This is particularly true for year. If you are looking for a 2006 contract and you know the school corporation,

just search that! Example Locate Documents Tip &

Trick: Use OR OR allows you to search for multiple corporations,

years, etc. Search Document Text -Right Tab in the Research

MenuAllows you to conduct a full-text search of any document in the system by entering the words or phrases you are seeking.

Search Document Text Tip & Trick :

Start and then it down.

Search Document Text Tip & Trick: Take Advantage of

AND OR NOT AND gives you fewer results. OR gives you more results. NOT gives you fewer results by eliminating

an irritant. Rare but helpful! AND (Requires both

words/phrases in your search) OR

(Picks up documents containing either of the words/phrases in your search)

Search Document Text Tip & Trick : Click Saved Searches to Pull Up Your Favorites

Lets Review Research Menu contains two key tabs Locate Documents and Search Document Text

In Locate Documents, Use your % and enter only what you need If you are unsure of a characteristic, dont use Use OR to expand your search

In Search Document Text Start broad and narrow it down Take advantage of AND OR NOT

Click saved searches to pull up your favorites. Why only 6 tips?

Overall Tip & Trick , Remember your resources! Usage guide in your binder Tutorial in the IEERBSearch help tab.

Amy Matthews, Director of Research, at your service (317) 233-6625 [email protected]


Ability to sort results by corporation and other characteristics Self-service account setup

More user-friendly full text searching A Special Thanks To Cathy Allen of RJS Software

And To Kurt Schernekau of Stoneware, Inc. For Building This System and Being with Us

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