Title: Angels in Islam

Title: Angels in Islam

Title: Angels in Islam Match an angel to a picture. Copy the sketch into your book. Several angels are mentioned by name in the Quran, with a description of their responsibilities: Jibreel (Gabriel) - in charge of communicating Allah's words to His prophets Israfeel (Raphael) - in charge of blowing the trumpet to mark the Day of Judgment Mikail (Michael) - in charge of rainfall and sustenance Munkar and Nakeer - after death, these angels will question souls in the grave about their faith and deeds Malak Am-Maut (Angel of Death) - in charge of taking possession of souls after death Malik - guardian of hell Ridwan - guardian of heaven AIM Which angel do you think might be the most important to Muslims today? Why? Be ready to explain to the class. FACT OFF You have 10 minutes to read through the information on angels. After this time you will cover up all the text and will play a fact off memory game. Task: Sort the information into categories. Use a colour code or cut them out and reorder in your book. Be sure to label, key and explain your categories. a. Angels are central to my faith. To believe in angels is to follow one of the six beliefs of Islam. If I did not believe in angels, I would not be a Muslim. b. The Quran says that angels brought

the message of Allah to all people and whoever is an enemy of them is an enemy of the faith. c. I think it silly when people ask me to prove angels exist. I dont need to prove this, I feel angels and I am grateful for their presence in my life. d. The Quran says, "They do not disobey Allah's commands that they receive; they do precisely what they are commanded" (Quran 66:6). e. Angels are important to me because they are associated with our holy prophets. In the Quran Jibril appeared to Maryam as a man and said I am only a messenger from thy Lord, to announce the gift of a holy son. (Quran 19:19) f. Umar related that a man once came to a gathering of the Prophet and his Companions -- nobody knew who he was. He was extremely white with white clothing, and jet black hair. He

proceeded to sit very close to the Prophet and questioned him in detail about Islam. When the Prophet replied, the strange man told the Prophet that he had answered correctly. It was only after he left that the Prophet told his Companions that this was the Angel Jibreel who had come to question and teach them about their faith. g. I feel angels around me. I know they are watching me and counting my good and bad deeds. Angels help me become a better Muslim and do more good in the world. h. Angels are an important part of the beauty of Allahs creation. Angels assisted Allah when he bought about the creation and now angels assist us. i. Angels are incredibly important to me because they help me to remember that this life is a test, Allah is just and because of angels I know that we cannot avoid divine justice. The Quran says The Angel of

Death put in charge of you will duly take your souls: then shall you be brought back to thy Lord. (Quran 32:11) j. I was once described by a someone as an angel when I worked in a refugee camp in Syria with the red cross. I have read that angels do appear in human form but I assure you I am not one! Role play. You will be allocated a person from the list below. Create a scenario where this Muslim would talk or think about angels. A 14 year old. An old man. A criminal. A celebrity. A sportsman. An architect. A scientist. A mother. Essential To show how Muslims understand the nature of angels and the significance of them in peoples lives today. Extended To evaluate how belief in angels may be a challenge or a advantage for Muslims today. Challenge To include an analysis of scripture and a range of Muslim attitudes.

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