IEEE vTools January, 2012 Key Messages 1. Communicate what vTools is 2. Review available tools 3. Encourage use 2 01/30/2020 vTools is a Mission serving

volunteers Brand attititude capability quality Products software, processes, information, training 3 01/30/2020

Team volunteers, staff, members Committee steering, resourcing, advocating vTools Mission Statement Providing tools to the volunteers and staff who support our members.

A Little History: Developed as a result of SC 2005 Organized in 2006 as Ad Hoc Committee Funded in 2007 Reported in SC 2008 Accepted two items from SC2008 Meetings was first tool Standing Committee in 2010 5 01/30/2020 Terminology: vTools Team vs Products vs Brand

We develop some products Meetings, WebInABox, Voting, etc. We buy some products Web Conferencing tool, Survey Tool We use Free software, Open-source software, etc. when appropriate WordPress (GPLv2 (or later) from the Free Software Foundation) Volunteers have one place to find tools and support for them 6 01/30/2020

How does a project work? Receive the idea Many channels Reduce to a sound bite Maximize results from limited development $$$ Whats significant for volunteers? Mature quickly to production Refine the idea

Write requirements Committee + staff Build buy decision Best lifecycle cost/benefit Pilot build and learn! Student team-built Volunteer-built Carefully selected commercial product 7 Intent of pilots:

Supported by IT staff 01/30/2020 Learn more from QC checks by staff Focus vTools developers on moving forward. Maximize IT staff for routine refinement and maintenance Present Portfolio In Production:

Production means SLA-based support after an IEEE QA acceptance process Meetings WebInABox Voting Web Conferencing - WebEx Blog and CMS tool WordPress (staff, branded) Survey tool Chide.it Inc. (branded) ReviewRoom Chide.it Inc. Pilot (Beta) Officer Reporting Student Branch Reporting Recommended Tool

Doodle (just documentation, not branded) 8 01/30/2020 The Documentation Site http://vtools.ieee.org 9 01/30/2020 vTools.Meetings Form for entering meeting info:

(who/what/when/where/registration) Displays meeting list online (anywhere) Handles registrations (start, end, limit) Credit Card registration payments for R1-R7 with deposits to Concentration Banking (support for R8-R10 is being investigated) Provides registration list and nametags file Various feeds: RSS, XML, iCal

L31 report filing and flexible search with export to CSV (MS Excel compatible) Integrates with myIEEE Example Web Page 11 01/30/2020 What does Meetings mean? Easy to create a unit calendar Easy pull from multiple channels

myIEEE RSS Easy to push meeting information Email with Link to meeting RSS Solves registration and many credit card problems 1 01/3 2 0/20 WebInABox

Basic web site WebInABox with Wizard-like interface for creation Data driven with auto updates from central IEEE database Enables a common look and feel compliant with IEEE web presence guidelines Integrates with Meetings tool No webmaster involvement required Supports Sections, Chapters, and Affinity groups.

Not meant to compete with or replace complex content management systems such as WordPress What does WebInABox mean? Web presence is important. Web usage is declining More unit web sites are out of date WebInABox allows a system that can be neglected http://webinabox.vtools.ieee.org/ 14 01/30/2020

Voting Electronic Voting for local units Piloted in 2007 & 2008 using a commercial tool In parallel, started internal development to save $$$ IEEE Product Piloted in 2009 In Production Spring of 2010

Currently supports all sections, chapters, and affinity groups Flexible and full featured Secured via SSL and web accounts Teleconference tool WebEx Web Conferencing service to Geographic Organizational Units for online meetings, webinars, training, demos and presentations. Multiple meetings at the same time via virtual meeting rooms Contact us to setup a WebEx session: http://sites.ieee.org/vtools/products/webex/webexregistration/ What does Web Conferencing mean?

It supports unit webinars It supports electronic training sessions It allows recording of meetings for reuse It reduces travel costs Allows meeting attendance that distance or time otherwise prohibits Advanced CMS and Blogging WordPress - a content management system with blogging features. This service is intended to meet the needs of IEEE Organizational Units that want to develop, create and maintain their own websites on an IEEE host. The general philosophy is that posting Organizational Units will be responsible for their contents, their maintenance and their conformance to IEEE policy.

Organizational Units are expected to choose a single webmaster who is skilled in managing web contents. This webmaster will be the Organizational Unit contact. http://sites.ieee.org/ Surveys Vendor tool to quickly create online surveys using intuitive interface Integrated with IEEE web accounts for volunteer login

Available to MGA Board members and MGA Board Committees as well as Region and Section EXCOM officers. Collected results can be easily analyzed and graphical reports can be shared with others. Contact us for more information. What do Blogs and Surveys mean? Tools to allow engagement of member Dont require deep technical skills Immediate response to member needs and ideas RSS feeds to allow members to pull data Blogs can also pull RSS feeds

20 01/30/2020 ReviewRoom Tool to collect, organize, and evaluate online applications and submissions quickly and efficiently. Use for Awards & Nominations, Competitions, Scholarships & Grants applications. Contact vTools team to learn more and get access Officer Reporting Pilot (Beta) Automated tool for officer reporting Automated eligibility validation and immediate feedback Instantaneous data updates when submitted by

authorized volunteers Quick review and approval process for submissions by non volunteers Student Branch Reporting Pilot (Beta) Tool for collecting and searching reports submitted by student branch volunteers such as annual plan and report of activities. Simplified reporting It is a web based tool Merged 2 reports (Report of Activities and Plan of Activities) into one Reduced number of fields that need to be filled out Introduced electronic signatures by Chair and Counselor Product enhancement process

Individual Product Feedback from Users and Staff Prioritization List of enhancements Prioritized list of enhancements for a product vTools Project Prioritized product enhancements Possible new

products Class or volunteer prototype 24 Evaluate Costs, Benefit Evaluate Staff support Evaluate budget

Review with MGA Committees/ Staff Produce Roadmap Contact info http://vtools.ieee.org contains project status, blog, contact information, FAQ, and training information [email protected] contact e-mail for any questions related to the project

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