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Committee on Earth Observation Satellites GEO AquaWatch Update Emily Smail AquaWatch Secretariat (UMD/NOAA) SIT-32 Agenda Item 22 CEOS Strategic Implementation Team ESA Headquarters, Paris, France 26th-27th April 2017 About GEO AquaWatch History AquaWatch (previously referred to as the GEO Water Quality Community of Practice or the GEO Inland and Near-Coastal Water Quality Working Group) emerged from a 2007 GEO Inland and Nearshore Coastal Water Quality Remote Sensing Workshop.

In 2015, the group drafted a 10-year strategic plan for developing water quality assessment data and information products. In 2016, GEO AquaWatch established a Secretariat, formally established working groups and identified near-term projects and priorities. SIT-32, ESA HQ, 26-27 Apr 2017 2 About GEO AquaWatch

The AquaWatch Mission To improve water quality in coastal and inland waters through more effective monitoring, management and decision making. The AquaWatch Goal To develop and build the global capacity and utility of Earth Observation-derived water quality data, products and information to support water resources management and decision making. Chesapeake Bay Buoy NOAA Image SIT-32, ESA HQ, 26-27 Apr 2017 Lakes Mendota & Monona -University of Wisconsin SSEC image 3

About GEO AquaWatch AquaWatch Objectives Facilitate effective partnerships between the producers, providers and users of water quality data, products and information. Improve analysis and integration of in situ and remote sensing water quality data. Develop and deliver fit-for-purpose water quality products and information services. Support technology transfer and access to water quality data products and information. Advocate for increased capacity for and use of water quality information for decision making. SIT-32, ESA HQ, 26-27 Apr 2017 4

Current Activities The Water Quality Information Service Develop international operational water quality information systems based on Earth observation with a focus on the developing world, leveraging and transferring capabilities of developed nations SIT-32, ESA HQ, 26-27 Apr 2017 5 Current Activities Work Packages 3 and 4 Work package 3: AquaWatch has begun the development of an NTU turbidity product, a Secchi disk depth product, a diffuse attenuation coefficient product, and a surface reflectance product.

Absorption and scattering information will also be included where appropriate for added value and product comparability. The product will be done at three resolutions 1 km, 300 m and 100 m. The product will be coherent globally at the 1 km level, continent or country level at 300m and regional zoom-in at the 100 m level. Work package 4: AquaWatch is currently producing a booklet highlighting the functionality of prototype projects that products that include in situ data, remote sensing data and modeling. The booklet will be used to educate potential end users about available functionality and spur interest and funding for the development of new AquaWatch prototype projects. SIT-32, ESA HQ, 26-27 Apr 2017

6 Near term & Future Activities Near term Launch new website Submit Implementation Plan to GEO for AquaWatch to be an Initiative in the GEO Work Programme Publish booklet and continue work on turibidy/SDD product suite 2017 2019 Support and collaborate with other GEO groups on water quality project needs (GEOGLOWS, EO4SDGS, GEO Blue Planet, GEO Wetlands, GEO BON, Regional GEO groups) Continue to build on work package 3 and 4, initiate 5 and 6 Populate formal Steering Committee and build Working Groups Work to increase engagement and begin capacity building activities

SIT-32, ESA HQ, 26-27 Apr 2017 7 AquaWatch and CEOS Linkages CEOS has representation in GEO AquaWatch management and working groups The work of the CEOS Virtual Constellations (especially the Ocean Color Radiometry Virtual Constellation, OCR-VC) and Working Groups has and will continue to support the work of AquaWatch CEOS tools and services, including the CEOS Water Portal, will likely be utilized and integrated into future AquaWatch products

Moving Forward Increased participation of CEOS in GEO AquaWatch Working Groups CEOS representation in the GEO AquaWatch Steering Committee SIT-32, ESA HQ, 26-27 Apr 2017 8 Questions? SIT-32, ESA HQ, 26-27 Apr 2017 9

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