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Title of presentation

Consortiwm De Orllewin a Chanolbarth Cymru Higher Level Teaching Assistant South West and Mid Wales Consortium What is HLTA? The HLTA Scheme in Wales is instrumental is about identifying those who take on roles with increased responsibility for supporting learners. The scheme is undertaken by assessing evidence presented by candidates to

determine that they meet the HLTA standards. What are the standards? In 2011 WG published revised professional standards for Headteachers, Teachers and HLTA HLTA Standards There are 36 Professional standards for

HLTA Professional attributes Professional Knowledge and understanding Professional skills Planning Monitoring and assessment Teaching and learning activities There are 36 Standards for HLTA . The HLTA Assessment Process

It is not a training programme Assessment is about enabling candidates to demonstrate that they meet the National Standards identified for Higher Level Teaching Assistants It is based on what Teaching Assistants normally do in the classroom and school It is not intended to demand more from Head Teachers and other colleagues than normal arrangements for management and performance review Application Requirements Candidates are required to have: Achieved a qualification on first language Welsh or English/Literacy and Mathematics/numeracy at level 2 of

the National Qualifications framework equivalent to GCSE A-C, or above and they must be able to provide proof of the details of those qualifications Sufficient experience to provide evidence that they meet the standards in relation to the HLTA Status Have had experience of teaching a whole class without a teacher being present The endorsement and support of the Headteacher Assessment Process - Briefing Days Candidates must attend the three briefing days The briefing days will take candidates through the process of completing the assessment tasks and the

collection of the evidence Candidates will be required to record the events of working with an individual pupil and how this work provides evidence of meeting HLTA Standards. Assessment Tasks Task 1: An account of working with an individual pupil Task 2: An account of working with a group of pupils Task 3: An account of working with a whole class group Task 4: Five scenarios of tasks undertaken by teaching assistants Collection of related evidence to support the four tasks

Assessment Process - The School Visit The school visit will last for a period of three hours during the course of which the assessor will meet with:The candidate The class teacher The head teacher The assessor will also have a period of study time during which they will scrutinize and verify the documentation prepared by the candidate School Commitment Schools are required to support the assessment process by: Releasing candidates to enable them to attend the three

briefing sessions Having an understanding of the HLTA Standards and the assessment process Supporting the candidates to complete the school based tasks Facilitating the assessors visit to the school Assessment Schedule Timetable for HLTA 2017-18 Application Information on line Awareness Raising Sessions Closing date for Applications Selection of Candidates

Notify applicants of outcome w/c HLTA Briefing Day 1 HLTA Briefing Day 2 HLTA Briefing Day 3 Closing date Tasks HLTA Assessment Period HLTA Regional Moderation HLTA National Moderation Outcome Letters to Candidates w/c

Autumn At all times May 10/07/2017 12/07/2017 18/07/2017 14/09/2017 28/09/2017 12/10/2017 08/11/2017 20/11/17 01/12/17 12/12/2017 15/12/2017

18/12/2017 Spring At all times November 10/01/2018 12/01/2018 22/01/2018 27/02/2018 13/03/2018 27/03/2018 25/04/2018 15/05/18 25/05/18

12/06/2018 19/06/2018 25/06/2018 HLTA Application Pack www.erw.org.uk HLTA Literacy and Numeracy Guidance Head Teachers Brief HLTA Candidate Application Form Application Process Information Required

Candidate's details Required qualifications Other qualifications Professional development experiences Current role

Candidates statement Candidate's declaration Head Teachers declaration Contact Details ERW Consortium Telephone E-mail Website - 01267 676840

- [email protected] - www.erw.org

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