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Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. The Art of the Ask: Negotiate with 2 Tracy Hilbert * Director of Technical Community Development 2018 Training Lead for GDWIT GoDaddy

Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. 3 * Selena Rezvani Vice President of Consulting and Research Be Leaderly Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani.

Author of the awardwinning Pushback: How Smart Women Askand Stand Upfor What They Want (Jossey-Bass, 2012) and former columnist on women and leadership for The Washington Post. Adviser and seasoned human capital consultant, using workplace culture assessments to help corporate clients be more inclusive and welcoming to

women. Noted researcher leading studies on women in the c-suite, Whats one word you most associate with negotiating? Type it in the Questions box! Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. #WIT @GoDaddy

@SelenaRezvani @BeLeaderly Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. 5 #WIT Tweet your team selfie! Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. 6 Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani.

The Art of the Ask 8 * In This Webinar I. How women tend to approach negotiations, according to research II. Acing the prep III. Maneuvering through gameday IV. Managing pushback

V. Closing the deal Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. perform more aggressively in a secondary role 9 Initiate less often when conditions are ambiguous Women as

negotiators less satisfied with outcomes report greater apprehension Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. 10 * Womens Natural Strengths Ability to stabilize hot situations Sensitivity to face issues

Listening and affirming Perspective taking Research (asking for directions) Generally more consultative approach Source: Carolyn Wiethoff, Indiana University Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. 11 Poll 1

How often do you negotiate? Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. Preparation Prior to a negotiation 1. Identify your position vs. interests

2. Know your BATNA 3. Brainstorm concessions and options 4. Use Connectiona l Intelligence 5. Roleplay

it 6. Choose your pitch style Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. 15 * Prep: THIS is the power stage! Write out your ask - along with possible reactions

Identify your position vs. interests Note your best and worst cases Identify your BATNA Brainstorm concessions and Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. Example of Options: A Stretch Assignment to Lead a

National Sustainability Initiative Option A -Lead initiative Option B -Lead 100% remotely initiative traveling for kick-off meetings only -10% protected time for research

Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. Option C -Lead initiative traveling for kick-off and midpoint meetings -5% protected time for research -Attend Sustainability training course 17

* Identify Your Leverage Positional power Revenue generated Technical skills Education

Client base Nonprofit work Industry knowledge Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. 18 Poll 2 Who do you find it hardest to negotiate with? Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani.

19 Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. 20 * Who do you find it hardest to negotiate with? The

The The The Analyzer? Withholder? Devils Advocate? Authority Figure? A Different Personality Type? Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. 21

* Planning: a Tailored Strategy Unyielding vs. Flexible Anecdotal vs. Factbased Quantitative vs. Qualitative Logical vs.

Emotional 1 right outcome vs. Several right Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. Do Mindset Prep:

Psych yourself up; Visualize success Take your emotional temperature Role-play with increasingly tough counterpart Be ready to pre-empt

23 * Use Their GPS as a Hook Personal short- & long-term business objectives Goals Business & personal causes they care deeply about

Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. Passions Struggles Obstacles or commitmen ts holding them back Source: Business Relationships That Last by Ed Wallace

Connect! 48% of daily networkers are confident about negotiation VS. 33% of monthly networkers

Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. Maneuvering Through Gameday Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. 26 * Consider Logistics

Your turf Time of day Sitting side by side Mirroring their style Eating together Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. 27 * Opening Start with small talk

Were friends Be the first to speak Regulate the pace, order Have optimistic expectations Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. 28

Norm of Reciprocity Key Negotiating Patterns Tapered Concessions Anchors Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. Curious

Reflective Creative Open-minded Rapportbuilder Planner Listener Perspectivetaking Courageous Honest Optimistic Socially intelligent

Playful Persistent Ambitious Affirming 31 * Verbal Communication Dont use disqualifiers Avoid a questioning tone Say it like theyd say it Sparingly use I feel; use data/facts to explain

Never use the oppositions frame Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. 32 * Non Verbal Tells Stride in! Be aware of your physicality: Smiling Open torso Broken eye contact Nodding Planted feet Research shows

(Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia) Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. (Photo Courtesy: 20th Century Fox) Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. Managing Pushback Use the

70/20/10 Rule Reiterate areas of agreement Call on breaks/delay s Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. Use the 70/20/10

Rule Ask deepening questions Reiterate areas of agreement Call on your options Institute

breaks/delay s Insist on objective criteria is that the best you can do? how did how are decisions like you arrive these determined? at that?

37 are you willing to negotiat e that how can point? ask

deepening questions we make this work for both of u whats the cost of us not coming to an agreement? Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. can you see where Im coming from?

Close the Deal 39 The Doorknob Technique: Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. If you can just _________________, we have ourselves a deal.

Use the Power of the Pause Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. Remember, If you dislike the terms now, youll hate them later. Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. 42 * Closing

Look for the Dual Agenda Project into the future paint a picture Confirm each point of agreement at the end Frame that YOU will put it in writing Admit a mistake, faulty view Minimize buyers/sellers remorse, if necessary Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. Q&A

Tracy Hilbert Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. Selena Rezvani 45 Poll 3 Which part of the negotiation process will you work on? Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani.

46 Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. to be staffed on a plum project professional development terms of your

parental leave 47 PTO salary and benefits in a new role timeline for a promotion untraditional hours remote work headcount

a better deliverable from a vendor a more realistic deadline Negotiate for a more realistic deadline coverage

while youre OOO your title your goals your boss sponsorshi p of a degree Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. the

leadership role on a committee an office part-time hours a direct reports advancement a pay increase

48 * Recommended Resources Pushback, by Selena Rezvani. 3D Negotiation, by David Lax. Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. Closing Thought Selena

Rezvani Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. If youre not hearing no, youre not asking for enough. Selena Rezvani Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. 51

* Lets Stay Connected Recording and handouts will be available via email post-webinar at www.beleaderly.com/godaddy Contact Tracy Hilbert [email protected] Selena Rezvani [email protected] Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. 52

* Be Leaderly Webinar Series 2018 1. The Art of the Ask with Selena Rezvani April 10, 2018 2. Build Your Brand as an Emerging Leader with Jo Miller September 12, 2018 Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani. Lets stay in touch! Sign up for our newsletter Get a copy of this presentation at BeLeaderly.com/godaddy

54 * Discussion Questions 1. Think of a successful negotiation of yours. What was the situation? What distinguished this experience from others?

2. What is a negotiation opportunity at work you could pursue right now? 3. Which skills and muscles will you flex in that situation? Copyright 2018, Selena Rezvani.

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