TMO Finances Workshop -

TMO Finances Workshop -

TMO Finances Workshop What level of allowances should your Co-op be receiving and is that what you get ? Greg Robbins What well try and cover

About an hour to go through TMO allowances. Talk through what allowances are for. Look at the method / basic calculation. Work through some examples. Look at some problems that arise. See how variable some council figures can be. Discuss our own situations. Establish some effective ways of supporting each other. Overview

This is based on a legally binding contract. It is payment for services, not a grant. TMO needs to provide the services it is paid for. The payment must be based on set principles. Actual expenditure figures should be used. The regulations are written for NEW TMOs, so some variations can happen in practice. A TMO should expect to make a small surplus. How is it worked out ?

5,000 per year plus 10/property for committee admin and training costs. Management and Supervision and running costs based on council actual costs. Responsive Repairs based on the five years previous maintaining the block (new TMOs). Planned and major works based on mixed actuals and estimates (if appropriate). The principle is What it would have cost the LA. Spreadsheet handout adding up allowances which responsibilities To begin with, you need to know which responsibilities the TMO has. In this example, the TMO has all nonstructural responsive repairs, except for TV

Aerials. There is no agreed comparable estate, so all council properties are the comparator. You need to know how many properties you have and how many you are comparing with. Hopefully youll get some figures as a spreadsheet, if not youll find it harder. Spreadsheet handout factoring by number of properties Starting with Central heating, find the amount spent across the borough, divide this by the number of rented

properties the council has (13,058) and multiply by how many the TMO has (39). To get the TMO allowance. Specialist Repair TMO Asbestos Removal Central heating Brickwork 505.17

Roofing (minor & patch repairs) Cold water tanks Woodwork 1,247.95 Door entry Systems Ironmongery

287.25 UPVC, metal windows etc 1,199.22 Metalwork 150.74

Glazing 572.57 Lift maintenance Plumbing 2,402.70 Lightning conductors

Finishing 1,627.46 Major plant Painting & Decorating 1,586.75

Mechanical plant Fencing 187.01 TV aerials Playground equipment & street furniture - Wet/dry risers

Voids 80.16 General Works Emergency call-out 2,053.13

2,536.94 Electrical Work 1,048.92 Fire equipment Gas servicing 4,297.07 Demolition. Clearance & Cleaning

362.59 Excavation and earthworks 7.28 Scaffolding Concrete Works 1,134.71

Spot Rates Roof Extractor Fans 364.46 Drainage (above ground:soilrwpipe) Drainage (under ground: sewers) What goes wrong ? Was Des Hisbest right ? Have all associated costs been included, such as materials ?

Have the costs of managing repairs been included as well as contractors invoices ? Are there figures not included that relate to neither LA nor TMO responsibilities ? ... Management and other costs. What does the guidance say ? Do allowances stay fair over time ? Most TMOs have had reasonable allowances at some stage, hopefully. Over time you will be told that the LA is making savings and allowances must be cut. You might find that the allowances dont keep up with the rent.

The guidance says that the allowances should be adjusted in line with HRA expenditure. Do your LA costs go up or down ? Nationally unit costs have risen. How does expenditure vary with rent ? Nationally it has risen from 60 to 70% So have our allowances gone up more than the rent ? Are different authorities the same ? In July 2009, DCLG said

Is the LA trying to pull a fast one ? Its hard to say, but most officers will want something fair that works. The culture is of making cuts and the presumption is that allowances are too high. Officers might not have full access to documents themselves. Officers often have not been in post very long term and will not know which budget headings contain which expenditure. What the audit commission said: What position is your TMO in ? In just a moment, youll be asked to say

something about: How many properties do you have ? BRIEFLY what responsibilities do you have ? Are you staying within budget ? Are allowances keeping pace with rents ? RPI ? Is there a formula for calculating allowances ? If you know, how much are your allowances ? Our aims: TMOs ready to share their allowance data. Allowance calculations to show ALL spending in HRA for a local authority. TMOs to be clear what they will earn for additional responsibilities. A more common approach to reviewing

allowances. Long term an online tool for estimating what a reasonable allowance might be. (Ballpark) Other sources of information Calculating Allowances for Tenant Management Organisations (Part 3 of RTM pack) ODPM Sept 2005 Most recent statutory guidance. Calculating Allowances for Tenant Management Organisations NFTMO Commentary on guidance with some case studies. Calculating Allowances for TMOs, Liz Michaels,

June 2011 NFTMO Conference Downloadable ppt presentation. Questions/Discussion Over to you... These notes are available at and

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