Toolik Steering Committee

Toolik Steering Committee

Toolik Steering Committee Research Assistants/Technicians Portland, Oregon 23 January 2016 Dan White 2015 Lots of shoulder season work

Spring setup launched well Good TFS support Dalton Hiway Xpress charter No major issues with on-site construction/contractors Road work not an issue Good communication w/ helo coordinator Some issues w/ haz waste need to be sorted out

Hazardous Waste Coordinate with EHS officer before the season starts Switch from liquid rad waste drum to carboys Rad Waste Transfer forms Sharps Containers New Equipment Need more Bulk Containers available

Cafeteria/Lounge/Entertainment No complaints about quality/quantity of food except for my wife complaining about my expanded girth Plenty of lounge space New exercise gym appreciated Plenty of extra-circular

activities Appropriate/Professional behavior TFS Science Support

Snow machine support Boat/motor maintenance New Docks Equipment fabrication Winter equipment retrieval Storage

EDC EDC on ten Late-Season sampling trips EDC filtering DNA samples for Crump group Collating historical data GIS Office Bathymetric maps Maps and appropriate sites for permit

applications Satellite imagery We need to collaborate on resolving lake names conflict Early/Late Season Travel GAS!!! What is open and when? Emergency supplies

We love Toolik! Chad, Justin, Jeb, Faye, and FOAs are wonderful! They keep us alive and happy Science support was great Thanks for all the hard work in making sure we can get our work done! GIS Thanks Jason and Randy EDC Seth and Brie helped keep us running

smoothly Kitchen crew kept us fat and happy

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