Total Flooring Waste Generated '000

Total Flooring Waste Generated '000

8th FSP Meeting 28th June 2012 FLOORING SUSTAINABILITY PARTNERSHIP Email :[email protected] Agenda 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Welcome Simon Macaulay Introductions All Minutes of 7th FSP Meeting Simon Macaulay Landfill ban presentation & group discussionJane Gardner FSP newsletter content and ideas All FSP membership Stuart Blofeld AOB Date of next meeting October 2012 (w/c 29th Oct) March 2013 (w/c 11th Mar) LUNCH 12:30pm

Optional tour of Headlam facility FLOORING SUSTAINABILITY PARTNERSHIP Email :[email protected] Welcome from Chairman FLOORING SUSTAINABILITY PARTNERSHIP Email :[email protected] Introductions FLOORING SUSTAINABILITY PARTNERSHIP Email :[email protected] 7th FSP Meeting Minutes &

Matters Arising FLOORING SUSTAINABILITY PARTNERSHIP Email :[email protected] Landfill ban of carpet/flooring presentation Jane Gardner FLOORING SUSTAINABILITY PARTNERSHIP Email :[email protected] Carpet Recycling UK Landfill Ban for Carpet Waste?

26th June 2012 Jane Gardner EU Landfill Directive & Waste framework directive Prevention of negative effects on environment Recovery of valuable raw materials

EU Landfill directive 1999 & Waste Framework Directive 2008 Waste must treated Reduce BMW wastebe to landfill to: before being landfilled; 75% of that produced in 1995 by 2010 Hazardous waste assigned to a 50% of that produced in 1995 by 2012 hazardous waste landfill;

35% of that banned: produced in 1995 by 2015 Wastes liquid waste; Waste frame directive target: flammable waste; explosive or oxidising waste; 50% household 2020 hospital

and otherwaste clinical recycled waste which by is infectious; used tyres, with certain exceptions; 70% construction and demolition waste by 2020 Municipal Waste Landfilled in 2006 compared to targets of the European Landfill Directive (European Environment Agency figures )

Household Waste Recycling 2007 vs Targets 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% MSW Recycling Rate EU target 30% 20% 10% 0%

AT De BE NL DK NO UK FR Textile waste bans in Europe Textile waste included in landfill ban/restriction in: Germany Austria Flanders Netherlands Sweden UK government considering ban of textile waste to landfill this parliament

UK Carpet Waste Facts 400,000 tonnes per annum Carpets made of valuable raw materials nylon, polypropylene, wool Diversion rate increase from 2% in 2008 to 16.5% in 2011 51% EfW 49% Recycling Higher value outlets developing Initial target 25% by 2015

Diversion by Outlet 2011 vs 2010 35,000 33181 2010 30,000 2011 28155 25,000 22450

20,000 15,000 9700 10,000 5,000 3150 477 0 W Ef n

ir a st e u Eq se u Re 833 1570 3112 545

1498 1500 1570 0 ng ng ile i i t s

s x s s e e e t oc oc eo r r p p G

re re re tic b s a Fi Pl er h t O

L a n d Energy fil Recovery l Recycling Preparing for Reuse Prevention Waste Hierarchy

Landfill ban of carpet waste? Landfill ban could accelerate material recovery Must be implemented over a timeframe to allow building of capacity for recycling Hurried ban could lead to : Increased incineration lack of UK capacity will lead to export of carpet to incineration in Europe Lack of carpets for development of CRUK Position

Set targets to show progress in diversion rates Continuation of Landfill tax escalator beyond 2014/ 15 Landfill ban with 5 to 10 year transition period Voluntary commitment preferable to legislation Summary Carpets emerging as valuable raw material source Interest from innovators in using fibres in new products Landfill ban potential driver for

innovation if: Sufficient timeframe for implementation; and Coupled with increase in landfill tax Taking responsibility for carpet recycling FSP newsletter FLOORING SUSTAINABILITY PARTNERSHIP Email :[email protected]

The Flooring Sustainability Partnership E-newsletter Mock Design for Discussion FLOORING SUSTAINABILITY PARTNERSHIP Email :[email protected] FLOORING SUSTAINABILITY PARTNERSHIP Email :[email protected] FLOORING SUSTAINABILITY PARTNERSHIP Email :[email protected] FSP membership FLOORING SUSTAINABILITY PARTNERSHIP Email :[email protected]

2012 FSP membership & secretariat support No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

14 Company Anglo Recycling Carpenter Contract Flooring Association Carpet Recycling UK Desso FeRFA Forbo Headlam Interface Recofloor (on behalf of Altro and Polyflor) Shaw Industries Tarkett The Tile Association

WRAP FLOORING SUSTAINABILITY PARTNERSHIP Email :[email protected] AOB & Date of Next meeting FLOORING SUSTAINABILITY PARTNERSHIP Email :[email protected] FSP Annual Report 2012

Content finalised Completed copyediting and design Awaiting final approval by WRAP Publication date Summer 2012 FLOORING SUSTAINABILITY PARTNERSHIP Email :[email protected] Next meeting dates October 2012 (w/c 29th October 2012) March 2013 (w/c 11th March 2013) FLOORING SUSTAINABILITY PARTNERSHIP

Email :[email protected] Lunch and Tour FLOORING SUSTAINABILITY PARTNERSHIP Email :[email protected]

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