Total War: The Homefront

Total War: The Homefront

Propaganda Throughout the War The Home Front, Conscription Crisis, Role of Women & Suffrage, Enemy Aliens What is Propaganda? It is the systematic spreading of ideas to influence people It supports a direct cause or point of view

It can help or harm a cause with information or rumours How Was it Used? At this time, almost exclusively through poster No TV and few people had radios Posters were EVERYWHERE

Recruitment As recruitment got more difficult shame was a powerful tool Would show only the good side of being a soldier Conscription What Do You Notice?

Table 1. Canadian Casualties and Enlistments in 1917 Month Casualties New Enlistments January 4 396

9 194 February 1 250 6 809 March

6 161 6 640 April 13 477 5 530 May

13 457 6 407 June 7 931 6 348

July 7 906 3 882 August 13 232 3 117

September 10 990 3 588 October 5 929

4 884 November 30 741 4 019 December 7 476

3 921 TOTAL 122 946 64 339 What is Conscription?

By 1917 the war was consting Canada $1 million a day and no one was volunteering. Canadas answer was Conscription, also known as the Draft. Conscription is military service by all men of a certain age.

It is required by law. The Canadian government introduced the idea in 1917. Support for Conscription French-Canadians said No. To the

French-Canadians, Canada was fighting to protect England. This was not a French war. Farmers said No. Their sons were needed to help harvest the crops to feed the soldiers.

Labour unionists said No. They needed workers to operate the machines making the war equipment. The Political Side PM Borden needed votes to win the next election. Women in Canada in 1917 could not vote. Women were not persons under Canadian law.

The Government of Canada had to call an election over the issue of conscription. Important New Laws The Military Voters Act This allowed soldiers overseas to vote If Borden promised them help they were likely to vote for him The Wartime Elections Act

This allowed many (but not all) women to vote If they had a family member serving they were able to vote The Result Borden won the election and conscription was introduced to Canada. About 120,000 were conscripted and only 45,000 went to war The divide between French and English

Canada became more bitter. The opportunity for all women to vote came soon after. The Home Front Victory Bonds By 1917 the war was costing the government over $1 million a day A Victory Bond was a

personal loan to the government Could be redeemed with interest after the war In 1915, $100 million worth was purchased Canadian Patriotic Fund Wives and families of soldiers suffered financially

This Fund was to provide support to those dependants for necessities People received depended on the size of family and the soldiers rank Increased Production Exports increased to

help with food and products needed for war A great boost to the economy (but also led to Profiteering) Women and Propaganda Women at Home Most women worked in

munitions factories at skilled jobs. They created guns, shells, airplanes, etc. Conditions often difficult and dangerous. Over 30,000 women worked in these factories. Other jobs included bus/streetcar drivers, office

managers, police work, other civil service jobs, farmers ALL jobs that typically belonged to men. Many other women volunteered with the Red Cross and other organizations, or rolled bandages and knitted socks. Women in the War

Over 3000 women became nurses and ambulance drivers. Many were very close to the front-line trenches. These women were known as Bluebirds because of their blue outfits. 46 Bluebirds lost their lives.

Overall Impact Womens actions during this time were an important step in womens movement. Suffrage movement gained new strength in Canada suffrage is the right to vote for women.

Tricks of Propaganda Glittering Generality Using words that sound great but dont really mean anything (The People, Democracy, etc) Colouring Using big words or names to colour an idea, or make it more appealing (The Prime Minister Needs You)

Masking Hiding evils in sheeps clothing Hiding the real issue or problem Using national symbols to make isms (nationalism, patriotism, etc) more legitimate

Name Calling Giving ideas and others bad labels (The Hun, Fritz, etc) Helps incite blind hate and a false sense of patriotism or duty Often rooted in racism and unfounded beliefs Herd Instincts

Uses shame and pressure to achieve a goal Everyone else is joining, why not you? Card Stacking Only giving one side of the story to blind people from the truth or

an alternate reality Propaganda Analysis Activity With your partner(s) analyze the Propaganda Poster Mr. Shields gives you and answer the following questions. Be prepared to discuss and elaborate to the class! 1. What is the purpose of this poster? What do they want? 2. List the images used. Why are they specifically used to achieve what the poster is asking for? 3. Which Tricks of Propaganda are they using. Explain how they

are or are not effective. 4. It is World War One and you are walking down sunny Kent Street and see this poster. Would it be effective on you specifically? Explain.

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