Tour De France - Luton

Risk Management Of High Profile Public Events Tour de France Stage 1 Canterbury Finish 8 July 2007 Tour De France Stage 1 Objectives Tour De France Stage 1 Strategic Risks Tour De France Stage 1 Contractual Relationships Transport For London Amaury Sport Organisation Opening Ceremony 6 July 2007 Prologue Stage 7 July 2007 First Stage 8 July 2007 Tour De France Organisers The Race Innovision Event Organisers (London)

Medway Council Kent County Council Canterbury City Council The Route Crowd Management The Route Crowd Management (Route) Finish Zone Canterbury High School The Permanence Pennine Events Crowd Management (Route) Tour De France Stage 1 Partners Key Partners

Other Partners Stakeholders Kent Highways Transport For London Innovision ASO Police British Transport Police Fire & Rescue Ambulance Service Kent & Canterbury Hospital NHS Social Services Pennine Events Mid Kent Water Transco Canterbury High School Suppliers Elected Members Residents Local Business Funding Partners Sponsors

Tour De France Stage 1 8 July 2007 Tour De France Stage 1 Managing Risk The Key Decisions Tour De France Stage 1 CCC Planning Groups The Finish Line Planning Group AKA The Bronze Group The Safety Group The Supports Events Group Commercial Health Manager Project Leader Project Manager Events Manager Health & Safety Officer Risk Management Officer Procurement Officer The Stakeholder Group Tour De France Stage 1 Working with Partners

Tour De France Stage 1 Risk Assessments Risk Risk Description Risk Definition Likelihood (1-5) Impact (1-5) Score (Out of 25) Key Document & Control Responsibility 15 Project Plan should reduce the risk likelihood but potential risk impact

is likely to remain high. All Principal Risk - the main overriding risk and outcome to avoid Loss of Public Confidence With any public event, the council's ability to organise is on public display. Success or failure is therefore public. The TdF is a high profile international event, therefore any corresponding success or failure will be equally high profile. Strategic & Operational 3 5 Project Risks - risks specific to the project, the project planning process and the project objectives Project Objectives Lack of clarity over the project objectives leading to unrealistic targets.

Strategic 3 3 9 Project Scope TdF Project Team Low Attendance Lower than expected visitor numbers. Local residents fear severe traffic congestion and stay home. Strategic & Operational 3 3 9 Marketing & Transportation Plan

TdF Project Team Higher than expected attendance resulting Higher Than Expected on a severe strain on operational resources Attendance and local infrastructure. Strategic & Operational 3 4 12 Safety Plan & Transportation Plan Safety Planning Group Failure to Exploit Business Opportunities Failure to meet local business objectives.

Strategic & Operational 1 3 3 Consult with local businesses about their expectations and concerns. Stakeholder Group Congestion Traffic congestion must be expected. The project goal must be to anticipate this, attempt to alleviate in advance where Strategic & possible, put into place arrangement to react Operational to problems on the day and ensure that gridlock does not occur. 3

4 12 Transportation (Parking) Plan & Marketing Plan CCC/Highways/ Police CCC Organisational Risk - risks arising from the process of organising the event Logistics CCC resources placed under strain by preparing for this event, continuing to provide Strategic & normal services or undertaking other Operational activities. 5 4 20 Need to rationalise

other planned activities to allow appropriate focus on this event. Information Failure to record actions at the time or keep records and information that could be used for future events. Operational 2 2 4 Project Plan TdF Project Team Staff Continuity Failure to manage the absence or loss of staff during the course of planning and carrying out the event.

Operational 2 2 4 External Project Manager To Be Appointed TdF Project Team Contractual Risk - risks assumed under contract or from the operation of a contract TdF Contract CCC is one of several partners in the TdF project. This can often lead to lack of clarity over responsibility for delivery of part of the project and cost allocation. Contractors CCC will be highly dependant on contractors to help deliver its role in the main race event Operational or the CCC organised support events. Strategic

2 3 6 TdF Contract Project Manager 3 5 15 Event Plan Project Manager Environmental Risks - environmental damage and weather related risks Litter Failure to keep the main site and subsidiary sites clean of litter. Operational 2

2 4 ESS Plan ESS Hazardous Waste Failure to correctly dispose of hazardous Operational waste. 1 3 3 ESS Plan ESS Ground Impact Serious damage to the vegetation and grass from holding the event.

Operational 2 3 6 Event Plan Safety Planning Group Weather Impact of adverse weather, heavy rain, wind Operational or high/low temperatures. 2 3 6 Risk Assessment & Safety Plan Safety Planning Group

Financial Risks - risk related to budget management and financial controls Cost Estimates Failure to correctly assess costs at outset. Strategic 5 3 15 Project Plan Project Manager Budget Overspend Failure to keep track of costs as the project develops. Operational 4 3 12

Project Plan Project Manager Financial Planning Failure to include a variable within predictions for unexpected costs. Strategic 3 2 6 Project Plan Project Manager Financial Controls Lack of control over who is allowed to purchase on behalf of the project. Operational 2

2 4 Standing Orders Project Manager Strategic 2 3 6 TdF Contract Project Manager Cost Allocation Lack of clarity between partners over funding commitment and how costs are to be allocated. Safety Risks - the safety risks related to inadequate planning and operational failures Risk Assessment

Failure to carry out risk assessment. Strategic 1 1 1 Safety Planning Failure to agree risk controls. Strategic 4 4 16 Risk Assessment & Safety Plan Risk Assessment & Safety Plan Safety Roles Failure to allocate safety responsibilities.

Insufficiently robust safety management system. Strategic 2 3 6 Risk Assessment & Safety Plan CCC/TFL Safety Operation Failure to implement risk controls. Operational 4 5 20 Risk Assessment & Safety Plan

CCC/TFL CCC/TFL CCC/TFL Tour De France Stage 1 Emergency Planning Contingency Risks Threatened Terrorist Attack Actual Terrorist Attack (conventional) CBRN Terrorist Attack Gas Leak Gas Explosion Grand Stand collapse Major Fire (near the race route) Air Crash Excessive Heat

Overcrowding Tour De France Stage 1 The Day Tour De France Stage 1 The Outcomes Outcomes Countywide Watched by an estimated two million people along the route 37 million income boost for Kent business (KCC estimate) Ambulance response times maintained Outcomes - Canterbury 81% of residents felt the Tour coming to Canterbury was a good thing only 5% a bad thing survey by Canterbury Christchurch University 94% of residents were aware that the Tour was coming to Canterbury and most awareness was around road closures and route details Canterbury Christchurch College University Outcomes - Canterbury 72% of businesses interviewed felt the Tour coming had been a positive thing and only 11% a negative - survey by Canterbury Christchurch

University Viewed by an estimated 50,000 people in the Canterbury sector Kent Police estimates Tour De France Stage 1 Conclusions Conclusions High profile events are high risk. Risk management cannot be a bolt on. Opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of risk management. A danger of overselling events can be risk in itself. The End

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