Trading Empires in Africa - Mrs. Potts Social Studies

Trading Empires in Africa - Mrs. Potts Social Studies

Trading Empires in Africa BELLWORK: 2/12 1.Take out the textbook activity from yesterday 2.Make sure your name is at the top West African Trading Empire GHANA

For thousands of years, the hot, dry Sahara isolated North Africa from the rest of the continent. Then, about 400 B.C., the Berber people of North Africa found ways to cross the Sahara to West Africa Berb er Trade soon opened between the two regions

The Gold Salt Trade Northern Africa *Abundance of: Salt -At Taghaza (in the Sahara Desert) salt deposits were found about three feet below the surface of the earth. Miners, who were slaves owned by Arab merchants reached the salt by digging trenches and tunnels. Then they dug it out in large blocks.

Lack of : Gold Northern Berber traders wanted gold, so they could buy goods from the Arabs & Europeans. Gold Salt Trade Western Africa *Abundance of: Gold -In the area of Wangara (rainforests south of Ghana) was a large secret source of

gold that only people from Wangara knew how to find. Lack of: Salt To West Africa, who had little use for gold, salt was more important. They needed salt to replace PH balance while sweating & used it to keep their food from spoiling.

Berbe r Introduction Ghana was the first great trading empire in West Africa. It rose to power during the A.D. 400s along the Niger River Ghanas power came from their use of iron weapons to conquer neighboring tribes and for

farming along the Niger River Ghanas Government & Military Ghana was ruled by a powerful king. The king was the head of the army, made the laws, and lead religious worship. Ghanas king became wealthy through control of the gold trade which was plentiful in south of Ghana.The king collected taxes on the gold that passed through his kingdom. The standing army put down minor revolts and kept the peace. Succession was matrilineal.

Illustrate an image of the King of Ghana and draw and label 3 things that show the wealth and power of the ruler. Bellwork Yesterday, we began discussion on the TransSaharan trade & the Kingdom of Ghana. In your comp book list 3 things that you learned about the Trans -Saharan trade and/or the Kingdom of Ghana. 1.2.3.-

Trade: The Source of Ghanas Wealth Ghana was located between the Sahara salt mines and the gold mines near West African rain forests. As a result, Ghana became an important crossroads for trade. Each time traders passed through Ghana, they

had to pay taxes on their goods which made Ghana a wealthy empire. Reasons Ghana was able to control trade 1. Although Ghana owned no gold mines, it controlled the West Africans who did.

2. Ghana had iron ore and knew how to make iron weapons. 3. Ghanas kings had a well-trained army to enforce their wishes. 4. People were willing to pay any price for salt, a highly desired item used to flavor & preserve food. Fall of Ghana 1100-1200

Muslim warriors began attacking Ghanas empire Loss of natural resources (trees and water) further weakened Ghana Taken over by Mali Regional Development Linking Standards 7.16 Analyze the importance of family, labor specialization, and regional commerce in the development of states and cities in West Africa.

7.13 Analyze the growth of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai kingdoms including trading centers such as Timbuktu and Jenne, which would later develop into centers of culture and learning. Commerce- the activity of buying and selling, especially on a large scale syn: trade Development Regional-

grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate. an area or division, especially part of a country or the world having definable characteristics but not always fixed boundaries. Look back on your notes on pg____ and look over the notes we took today Answer the following challenge question with your partner. The question should be 3-4 sentences long. Explain the role that regional commerce played in the development of

Ghana. Regions of Africa ACROSTIC POEM GHANA- Review

1-4 Under the Ghana foldable on page 83 in your compbook, record 3 important pieces of information describing the development and growth of the Kingdom of Ghana. #1 has been done for you. 1.As a result of trade, population grew, and powerful citystates emerged.Eventually, rulers of these city-states began to build empires. Ghana became the first major trading kingdom. 2.3.-

MALI 7.13 Analyze the growth of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai kingdoms including trading centers such as Timbuktu and Jenne, which would later develop into centers of culture and learning Niger River The Niger River runs through the Empire of Mali, and brings water for drinking, farming, and transportation. Niger River gave farmers plenty of good soil

called SILT in which to grow their crops. What do you notice about the locations of most cities in the Mali Empire? Mansa A king was called a MANSA Important Leaders: Sundiata Keita & Mansa Musa

Sundiata Keita (Lion Prince) Griots credit a great king for Malis rise. Malis first great leader, Sundiata (sunJAHTah), came to power by crushing a cruel, unpopular leader. Through a series of military victories, he took over the kingdom of Ghana and then the trading cities of Timbuktu & Jenne. Then, in the words of a Mande oral tradition, the world knew no other master but Sundiata. Sundiata became Malis mansa, or emperor. Sundiata united the people of Mali. Mansa Musa

What Mansa Musa is most known for: Expanded territory Made a famous pilgrimage (Hajj) to Mecca He turned his capital of Timbuktu into a flourishing center of trade and learning. Won the loyalty of his subjects by giving them gold, property, and horses. He gave military heroes the National Honor of the Trousers What religion is Mecca important to? What could be a consequence of

Mansa Musa traveling to Mecca? Trade The conquests of Timbuktu & Djenne put Mali in control of the gold mines in West Africa As a result, Mali built its wealth and power on the gold & salt trade

Just like what other kingdom? Religion The religion of Islam spread to West Africa along trade routes. The rulers of Mali converted to Islam & many of their people also became Muslim.

- Which Muslim Mali leader traveled to Mecca? Timbuktu A very important city in Mali along the Niger River When Mansa Musa returned from his Hajj, he ordered the building of new mosques & schools at the trading cities of Timbuktu Timbuktu became a center of

learning for Muslims (universities & schools) Largest trading center in Mali Earning its reputation for being difficult to access, Timbuktu is situated in Mali, West Africa. The Djinguereber Mosque was constructed in 1325, and boasts unusual looking minarets with timbers poking out, reminiscent of American southwests Viga structures. Because Mali gets such sparse rain, the

Djinguereber Mosque, made of mud and straw, maintains its form and strength from its constant sun baths. As are many of the worlds mud buildings, this one once sat on a busy camel-traveled gold and salt route. Griots Although written history existed for centuries in West Africa, most writing was in Arabic, and the majority of people did not read or write in Arabic. So the transmission of knowledge, history and experience in West Africa was mainly through the oral tradition and performance rather than on written texts.

The Griot is a storyteller and oral historian in West African culture. He is the social memory of the community and the holder of the word. Served as advisors to the kings. Most of what we know about ancient Mali came from the stories of Griots. Review 1.What was Africas 1st great trading empire? How did they gain wealth? 2.What was Africas 2nd great trading

empire? How did they gain wealth? 3.Who was Sundiata and why is he important? 4.Who is Mansa Musa and why is he significant? Songhai 1.Glue the Songhai questions in to your comp. book pg. 85. 2.Use the text to answer the questions on pg. 85 and 86 of your comp. book in complete

sentences. BE THOROUGH AND DETAILED!!! 3.You have 20 minutes to complete this activity. Glue this sheet on to page 87 of CB. Task 1: Under each flap, list 3 important pieces of information about that trading kingdom.

Task 2: In groups, create an acrostic for each West African Kingdom. Make sure each letter represents an important aspect of that kingdom (important information that explains how they developed). ACROSTIC POEM

MALI- Review:

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