Trudeau's Idealism meets Reality?

Trudeau's Idealism meets Reality?

Trudeaus Idealism meets Reality? Review of Last Day What was Trudeaumania? Why did he appeal to so many people in Canada at that time?

What does Idealism meets Realism mean? Quebec in the 1960s What were the three options available to people in Quebec in the 1960s? 1. Separate from Canada through Political means 2. Stay in Canada but have more power for Quebec as a province

3. Separate from Canada through revolution and force Challenge 1 : The October Crisis

FLQ represents option 3 1960s small scale bombing campaign Mailboxes and Railway lines FLQ members put in jail for doing this FLQ not happy about this and wants them released Also unhappy about Official languages Act

The October Crisis October 1970 FLQ kidnaps British Diplomat and Quebec Provincial Minister Demands release of prisoners of previous bombing campaigns and ransom money The response? How do the FLQs beliefs and actions challenge Trudeaus idealism for Canada?

If you were Trudeau what are your options to respond? Which would you choose and why? What actually happens Introduces War Measures Act Troops to guard politicians and important public buildings Privacy and freedom of movement rights

suspended FLQ membership outlawed As You watch the clip 1. What are some people saying who disagree with what Trudeau is doing? 2. How does Trudeau respond to these worries? 3. Why does he say the army is necessary?

October Crisis Ends Minister is killed by FLQ Diplomat is rescued in exchange for kidnappers freedom. 450 people arrested under WMA are released. Reflecting on the October Crisis How does the War Measures Act challenge his

idealism? Does his use of the War measures act make you respect him more or less? Why? Challenge 2: 1980 Referendum This is option 2 (Quebec independence through politics) PQ rejects FLQ and October crisis 1976 wins power in Quebec for the first time

Leader Rene Levesque promises referendum on Quebec sovereignty association Means political separation but sill economic ties Bill 101 French is the only official language of Quebec How does the PQ and its policies challenge Trudeaus idealism?

Trudeaus response Sympathises with Quebecois feeling Understands because he is from Quebec Promises a new constitution which will address their concerns Trudeau has a big effect on the outcome 60% NO, 40% Yes Levesque promises until the next time

In what ways is Trudeaus response: Idealism? Realism? Challenge 3 First Nations and Canada Like women (feminism) feel that not enough has been done to help them. Trudeaus response is to have the White Paper of 1969

(Irony?). Wants FN to be treated like all other citizens. FN will lose special rights but hopefully become more successful. FN feel it is another attempt at assimilation, but under a different name. National Indian Brotherhood calls for self-government in its Red Paper. Trudeau backs down and White Paper does not become law.

How does this episode relate to the challenge between Trudeaus idealism and reality? Challenge 4 1982 Constitution Trudeau patriates (brings home) Canadian Constitution Since 1867, any changes to the constitution had to be agreed by Britain

Now all decisions made in Canada New Charter of Rights and Freedoms that guarantees all Canadians the same rights. How do the new constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms represent Trudeaus idealism. Not a Done DealYet Trudeau needs the Provinces to agree to the deal. Also

needs Provinces to agree to an amending formulaa way to change the Constitution. Premiers of Provinces are worried Charter will make courts stronger than Provinces. Amending Formula: To change need 7/10 provinces that represent 50% of population Notwithstanding clause allows provinces to opt out of parts of Charter they do not like. 9 Premiers involved in this kitchen compromise but not

Rene Levesque Quebec refuses to sign Was this process in line with Trudeaus idealism? Homework!!!! Due next class Write one or two paragraphs in response to the following question: How successful was Trudeau in achieving his ideals in the face of the real world

Please include details and explanation in your answer from the 2 Trudeau classes. This will be marked using the 6 point scale Total mark will be 12.

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