Trust, Privacy, and Security

Trust, Privacy, and Security

Opportunistic Networks: A New Type of Specialized Ad Hoc Networks Paradigm of opportunistic networks (oppnets) Based on the analogy to operations of human rescue teams Goals of oppnets: Opportunistic growth Opportunistic leveraging of resources aiming at (among others): Bridging diverse communication media Offloading computations to additional platforms Integrating independent sensing systems (enhancing their sensing capabilities) 1

Startup: Seed Oppnet Oppnet deployed as a seed oppnet Link to the World Seed Nodes Controller (distributed) Seed oppnet localizes its nodes & selfconfigures 2 Growth: Expanded Oppnet Seed oppnet grows into an expanded oppnet by: Finding candidate helpers Selecting candidates - they are ordered/asked to join Add communication, computing, sensing, storage, other resources

Satellit e Link to the World Appliance (refrigerator) Seed Nodes Controller Cellphon e Tower (distributed) WiMAX Overturned Vehicle (with OnStar, Computer Network33 Summary of Oppnet Activities

Discovering & identifying candidate helpers Contacting selected candidates Inviting or ordering candidates to join Admitting & integrating helpers that join oppnet Offloading tasks to helpers Determining useful colaborative functionalities Managing offloaded tasks Cleaning up & releasing each helper when no longer needed

> Need research for each of theses activities < 4 Oppnets Applications Example 1: A Home/Office Application Jenny wants to watch a podcast Can watch it on her own PDA Discouraging: small screen, low-quality speakers There is a better way [PDA figure: Matt Mutka, MSU, htm] 5 Jenny can use oppnet, to assist her PDA in finding

powerful helpers PDA is a single-node oppnet seed Oppnet seed grows into an expanded oppnet Xx Helpers include: - TV monitor - Home Theater (HT) system - desktop for communication [Figure (originally for ad hoc networks): Matt Mutka, MSU, between the PDA and monitor + HT

system.htm] 6 Oppnets Applications Example 2: Emergency Application A quiet day in a city will not last long [PDA figure: Matt Mutka, MSU, tem.htm] 7 Building Before An Arrival Forming Incident of an Expanded Seed Emergency Incident Occurs Oppnet

Oppnet Response Among : Emergency Teams Response Expanded Teams Oppnet Discovering Candidate Helpers, Selecting and Integrating Helpers Overturned Vehicles OnStar & BANs) Cellphone Tower Computer Network Road Infrastructure Sensors 11/10/2006

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