Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 Bell Ringer: Read the paragraphs carefully to determine the definition of the Greek and/or Latin root. Then enter the correct answer in your assigned clicker. Daily Learning Target

I can defend, through analysis of the text, that Santiago follows the heros journey. The Heros Journey Group Questions 1. The old man, whose name is Melchizedek, tells the boy he is from Salem. (Note that there is a character in the Bible named Melchizedek who was king of Jerusalem, also called

Salem.) He tells Santiago that when people are young, they all know their reasons for being, but they give up too soon. He has sensed that Santiago is on the verge of trying to realize his Personal Legend. According to the old king, what is a Personal Legend? 2. The old king tells Santiago that he often appears in people's lives just at the moment they are about to give up on their destiny. He appears in many different guises. What are some of the guises he takes?

3. King Melchizedek tells the boy that when we are children, "everything is clear and everything is possible," but as time passes a mysterious force convinces us to abandon our dreams (p. 21-22). Do you think this is true? What are the "mysterious forces" that threaten to hold us back as we grow older? Using the terms you learned from the Heros Journey model, what is another way to describe these mysterious forces? 4. Why do you think Melchizedek tells Santiago about the life of the baker? What

point is he trying to get across to Santiago? The Alchemist Finish reading to the star on page 33. Exit Slip

List the ways in which Santiago is following the heros journey.

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