Txdot and Fly Ash - TCAUG

Txdot and Fly Ash - TCAUG

TXDOT AND FLY ASH Andy Naranjo, P.E. Construction Division TxDOT Concrete Stats Concrete Consumption Per Year 3,500,000 Retaining Walls Bridge Decks Concrete Consumption, CY 3,000,000 PS Beams Substructure 2,500,000 Drilled Shafts Pavement 2,000,000 TxDOT consumes approximately 150,000 to 200,000 tons of fly ash 1,000,000 annually 1,500,000 500,000 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2 CRCP Stats Lane Miles of Concrete Pavement Per Year 15000 CRCP JCP Lane Miles of Concrete Pavement 12000 9000 6000 3000 0 3 54 Amarillo 60 40 385 70 62 287 27 Childress

Lubbock 44 W ii c h ii t a F aa l l ss Abilene 180 Dallas Fort Worth 69 20 110 Brownwood Odessa 10 El Paso 67 283 San Angelo Austin 77 277 377 83 57 80 84 Lu uf k i n 290 96 190 Beaumont 69 Houston San Antonio 259 79

90 35 271 Bryan 183 285 Wa co 87 Atlanta Ty l e r 175 71 Paris 75 81 380 82 Yo o aa kk u um 181 Laredo 59 Corpus Christi 281 Class F Fly Ash Class C Fly Ash Pharr 4 Durability Requirements Premature Deterioration: ASR, DEF, SRC TxDOT relies heavily on fly ash for mitigation these type of distresses High Performance Concrete: Typically required in coastal and North Texas Concrete Mix Options 1-4: All rely on SCM to meet requirements Fly ash only locally available option Small amount of Silica Fume used in Panhandle Permeability: State mandate to use brine solution as deicing material Mass Concrete Placements High volume fly ash mixes needed to reduce peak temperatures during curing large concrete elements 5 Air Entrainment Dallam Effective Freeze-Thaw Cycles Sherman Hartley Moore Oldham

Potter Hansford Ochiltree Lipscomb Roberts Hemphill Carson Gray Wheeler Armstrong Donley Collingswoth AMARILLO Deaf Smith Below 17F for more then 5 hours with moisture present 10 Unburnt/Activated Carbon Parmer Randall Castro Swisher Briscoe 5 Hall Motley Lubbock Hockley Cottle Foard Wichita Clay WICHITA FALLS Dickens Crosby Wilbarger King Knox Baylor PARIS Terry Lynn Kent Garza Stonewall Throckmorton Haskell Wise Jack Young Denton Collin Dawson Scurry Borden Fisher

Parker FORT WORTH Palo Pinto Jones Tarrant Hopkins Hunt Rockwall Gaines Bowie Delta LUBBOCK Yoakum DALLAS Dallas Howard Martin Mitchell Nolan Titus ATLANTA Cass Camp Marion Rains Wood Upshur Van Zandt Harrison 0 Smith ABILENE Andrews Red River Lamar Fannin Grayson Cooke Archer Morris Floyd Franklin Hale El Pasd Callahan Taylor Hood Eastland Ellis Johnson TYLER Henderson Rusk Erath

Panola Navarro Hill Glasscock Sterling Coke Ward Crane Reeves Brown Upton Reagan Irion Tom Green Comanche BROWNWOOD Mills JeffDavis 0 Bell Burleson Trayis Blanco Kendall Real Uvalde Fayette Caldwell Comal Bandera Bexar Kinney Austin Hays Liberty Orange BEAUMONT Jefferson Harris HOUSTON Chambers Colorado Guadalupe Gonzales Fort Bend Lavaca Medina SAN ANTONIO Hardin Montgomery Washington Bastrop Kerr Edwards Lee AUSTIN Tyler San Jacinto r Walle

ValVarde Polk Walker BRYAN Kimble Terrell Brewster Madison Brazos Williamson Gillespie Presidio Trinity Milam Llano Sabine Angelina Robertson Burner Mason Sutton LUFKIN Houston Leon Lampasas Menard Crockett WACO Coryell Shelby Freestone Falls Mc Culloch San Saba Schleicher Pecos Mc Lennan Hamilton Concho Cherokee Anderson Bosque Coleman SAN ANGELO ODESSA Culberson Runnels Newton Midland San Augustine Ector Winkler Jasper Loving Hudspeth

Grimes EL PASO 1 1 CHILDRESS Lamb Bailey Primarily an issue for North 5 Texas Fly Ash or Air? 10 Wharton YOAKUM Wilson Brazoria Dewitt Jackson Zavala Frio Matagorda Karnes Atascosa Victoria Goliad 2014 Spec changed the default for air entrainment. Only air entrain when shown on the plans No specified air content listed Must use an air entraining agent Calhoun Dimmit La Salle Mc Mullen Bee Jim Wells Webb San Patricio Nuceces Duval CORPUS CHRISTI LAREDO Zapata Refugio Live Oak Kleberg Jim Hogg Starr Brooks Kenedy Hidalgo Willacy PHARR 6 Plant/Seasonal Outages Unusually long outages can delay project schedules TxDOT has made some mix design allowances for periods of fly ash shortages Trial batches waived Straight cement mixes High Performance Concrete Sticking to our guns on this in most regions (North Texas and Costal) Will consider non-HPC mixes in substructure not over bridge

joint on case by case basis 7 TxDOT Concrete Sustainability Mix Design Potential CO2 Reduction CO2 Equvialent (Passenger Vehichels) 520 lb/cy -- 20% SCM 15% 26,500 35% SCM 27% 47,500 OAG Mix 13% 23,000 OAG Mix w/20%SCM 22% 22,000 Type IL w/20% SCM 20% 35,300 Project 0-6858, Evaluating Limestone Cements with >15% Limestone 20% and 30% limestone contents Previous research has shown synergy with Class C fly ashes. Primary use in paving concrete 30% 51,000 Potential Reduction of CO2 Type IL w/35% SCM 900,000 Tons of CO2 Produced 850,000 15% Reduction from 2009 Level 800,000 750,000 700,000 650,000 Best Case: 100% Contains Type IL Cement and 35% SCM 600,000 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Year 2020 8 QUESTIONS? 9

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