UF Quest: Faculty Senate Presentation 3 - University of Florida

UF Quest: Faculty Senate Presentation 3 - University of Florida

UF Quest: Faculty Senate Presentation 3 Request for Feedback and Steps Forward Angela S. Lindner Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs Faculty Senate Presentations March Meeting Background on pre-eminence program for undergraduates Actions to date Process for unfolding a full program UF QUEST UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Logo Design: Maria Pitt, UF 2016 April Meeting Final proposed framework for UF Quest May Meeting Summary of faculty feedback and responses Request for Senate support of UF Quest

Final Proposed Model UF QUEST UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Purpose of Todays Presentation UF QUEST UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Outline next steps in filling in the framework of UF Quest Provide initial responses to early feedback from faculty Request constructive feedback Outline faculty engagement opportunities Next Steps and Timeline UF QUEST FacultySenate Presentations(February (totheAPC),March, April,May) PresentationofFinal FrameworktoDeans

(April) UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA UFFoundationDevelopmentEfforts UCCandGeneral Education Approvals MeetingswithIndividualCollegesandDepartments (HWC OE,May1 ) MeetingswithIndividualC olleg esandD0epartm ents (HWCOE,May10) FacultyandStudentSurveyFeedback Communication (availablenow) CampaigninPlace FacultyandStudentS urveyFeedback (availablenow) SS Fall Spring SS

2S 017 pring 2017 UFQuest StudentTown Hall Meeting (March30) UFQuest FacultyBrainstorming Lunch(April 3) SS Fall Course Proposals Due RequestforProposals forNewCoursestoBe RequestforPropos als Releas ed

forNewCoursestoBe Released Fall 2018 ConveneUF Quest ConveneUF Curriculum QuestCommittee Curriculum Committee 2018 SS Spring Selected Courses Announced Begin Academic PolicyCouncil Engagement

Faculty Senate: Present Selected Courses and Update Spring SS Fall 2019 UFQuest pilots UFQuest launches! Faculty Input to Date 11 faculty (CLAS, COTA, CALS, DCP, Advisory Council for Undergraduate Affairs discussions 7 faculty (COE, CLAS, CALS)

6 faculty (HHP, CLAS, PHHP, COE) 8 faculty (COE, COTA, Libraries, CLAS, Combined Working Groups (Spring 2017) Four Task Forces (Spring 2016-present) Task Force 1: HWCOE) Task Force 2: Task Force 3: Task Force 4: HWCOE) COTA Faculty Retreat (September 2016) UF Quest Conference (November 2016) 38 faculty (CLAS, CALS, HHP, PHHP, COTA, HWCOE, DCP, COE, JOUCO, Dentistry, Nursing) CLAS Faculty Council (November 2016) University Curriculum Committee, General Education Committee discussions 9 faculty added to Task Forces 1 and 2 (CLAS) Faculty Retreat (March 2017) 31 faculty (CLAS, HWCOE, COTA, CALS, COE, CJC, PHHP, COTA, COB, DCP)

Academic Policy Council Presentation UF QUEST (February 2017) UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Survey (May 5-present) Initial Feedback from Survey of Faculty Number of respondents: 33 Colleges: CLAS, HWCOE, Pharmacy, PHHP, COM, CJC UF QUEST UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Initial Faculty Survey Comments: 7 Questions UF QUEST UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Do you believe that the proposed UF Quest framework honors the recommendations provided by the UF Undergraduate Task Force in 2010?

Do you believe that the proposed UF Quest framework honors the vision and mission of undergraduate education at UF? Can you suggest approaches to be included in UF Quest to provide students the opportunity to be guided by the following core values put forward by the 2010 UF Undergraduate Education Task Force: Creativity, Diversity, Engagement, Intellectual Curiosity, Leadership, and Responsibility? What do you perceive to be the benefits of the proposed UF Quest program for our students? What are your primary concerns about the proposed UF Quest program? Please suggest any improvement to the proposed UF Quest framework. Please include any additional constructive comments about the UF Quest program that may be helpful in the development and implementation stages of the program. Observations and Identified Challenges

UF QUEST Observations Soft-core, course fluff, overdetermined, watered-down, topdown, narrowly focused Opportunities to help students mature, have high awareness of civic involvement, critically think, write at the collegiate level, see interdisciplinary approaches, bonding with faculty and campus, explore topics of interest, be well-rounded, be prepared for career, unique UF experience, to be better than we are, in self-analysis and growth Establishes opportunity to force students to leave home and adopt new perspectives UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Challenges Inspiring and engaging students, rather than the opposite Cooperation at all levels Protecting departmental resources and the humanities

Protecting students in programs with already high total credit hours Ensuring appropriate faculty expertise Desired Elements UF QUEST UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Serve as a platform for a diverse, broad-based, engaged liberal arts education Outcomes: independent and critical thinkers, strong communicators, close readers, innovative, flexible, skilled in careful argumentation and proof Flexibility for students and faculty (broad and diverse set of courses; availability of sections; focus on common experience, not common content of courses) Courses: Customized (no common syllabus), seminar-type, small size (faculty-student engagement), rigorous, some taught in foreign language, models of excellence in teaching quality and techniques Most experienced faculty trained in the specific discipline(s) of the course Ability to refresh courses Intentional mentoring Introduction to UF library system Forthcoming Faculty Senate Engagement Survey open to all faculty through Fall 2017: https://

ufl.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bBezLuxgHONq2QR Password: UFQuestFaculty Inclusion on Academic Policy Council meetings agenda in the Fall 2017/Spring 2018 Quest Curriculum Sub-Committee (Summer 2017) Shaping and submission of the final request for proposals (Summer 2017) Selection of courses (Fall 2017) Evaluation of quality of courses in partnership with GEC (Fall 2018ff) Evaluation of program in Year 6 and refreshing themes/courses (Fall 2018 ff) Return to Faculty Senate after courses have been selected (November, December) UCC and GEC approvals UF QUEST UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA UF QUEST UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Angela Lindner 238 Tigert Hall [email protected]

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