Ufton Court 2018 - The Grove Primary School

Ufton Court 2018 - The Grove Primary School

5th Ufton Court -7th February 2020 Ufton Court An inspirational Centre for Schools Grove Primary School

Year 4 Residential Visit. A Grade 2 Listed Tudor Mansion in extensive grounds Using the grounds every day

Activities that cover a wide range of curriculum subjects The Roman Banquet Why do we run a residential trip? A chance to experience different

activities within a different environment Building relationships with peers and adults Why do we run a residential trip? Collaboration, co operation and challenges

Being away from home, within a supportive setting Why do we run a residential trip? Building independence What curriculum areas do the 3 days

cover? The trip covers a wide range of subjects including History [Celts and Romans] DT PSHE: developing friendships/relationships, social and life skills Geography mapping skills

A Typical 3 day stay at Ufton Court WednesdayLeave school 9.00 am Arrive at 10 am. Arrival and welcome. Straight into activities, settling into rooms and evening activity. Thursday Further activities all based within the centre grounds e.g.

Archery , Roman military manoeuvres, building a trebuchet. Then finishing the day with a historical Banquet. Friday Roman Raid, Roman games, photo mapping. Leave centre at 2pm. Exploring the grounds Meals

Breakfast Cereal and toast, beans and fresh fruit.as much as they can eat. Lunch A cooked lunch is served. Dinner Again the children are provided with a cooked meal. Desserts are provided after lunch and dinner.

On one night they will have a full historical banquet in the Tithe Barn. On the last day the children will have a picnic lunch in the grounds or the dining room (dependant on weather) Drinks and snacks mid morning/afternoon.

Meals All meals are catered for by the Centre. Each day the children have to set the tables for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are also expected to serve food to each other and to clear away. Vegetarians and Vegans, nut allergies, wheat and dairy intolerances and

allergies can be fully catered for. Mealtimesa chance to catch up Accommodation There are 3 dormitory wings. These are split into different rooms. The children will sleep in single/bunk beds with fixed

ladders and fixed three quarter length guard rails for safety. Toilet/showers nearby. Night lights in all rooms/ corridors lit at night The children will be separated into boys and girls. Each dormitory wing has space for two adults in separate rooms.

All rooms are fire alarmed and the entire house is also fitted with heat and smoke detectors. Costs: Last years cost 176.00 Working on 42 children attending

and 5 teachers: Coach Accommodation and all meals Fully qualified instruction by the centre staff and hire of appropriate

equipment [Archery, building a trebuchet] Historical Banquet, dancing and full costume provided. A payment plan will be set up with final numbers and divided into 5 monthly payments of approximately Thank you for coming.

If your child would like to go to Ufton Court forms will be sent out within the next 2 weeks. They need to be completed and accompanied by a deposit of 30. If you wish to pay the deposit straight away scopay is now live.

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