Unit 5 and 6 Review Modern 1750-1900 and Contemporary 1900 ...

Unit 5 and 6 Review Modern 1750-1900 and Contemporary 1900 ...

Unit 5 and 6 Review Modern 1750-1900 and Contemporary 1900- Present 5. Modern 1750-1900 6. Contemporary

1900- Present SAQ Use the excerpt below and your knowledge of world history to answer all parts of the question that follows. We are, moreover, neither Indian nor European, but a species midway between the legitimate proprietors of this country and the Spanish usurpers. In short, though Americans by birth we derive our rights from Europe, and we have to assert these rights against the rights of the natives, and at the same time we must defend ourselves against the invaders. This places us in a most extraordinary and involved situation The role of the inhabitants of the American hemisphere has for centuries been purely passive. Politically they were nonexistent. We are still in a position lower than slavery, and therefore it is more difficult for us to rise to the enjoyment of freedom We have been harassed by a conduct which has not only deprived us of our rights but has kept us in a sort of permanent infancy with regard to public affairs. The Jamaica Letter, Simn Bolvar, 1815

1. Answer parts a, b, and c. a) Identify and explain ONE example of how Bolvars Jamaica Letter represented Enlightenment ideals. b) Identify and explain ONE issue seen in the Jamaica Letter that caused the Latin American Revolutions. c) Identify and explain an ADDITIONAL cause of the Latin American Revolutions. Mind Map

Napoleon Muhammed Ali Jose de San Martin Berlin Conference Reign of Terror Raj Nationalism Abolitionist Bourgeoisie Otto von Bismarck Tropical Simon Bolivar dependency Australia Isolationist

Conservative Daimyo Liberal Scramble for Radical Africa Steam engine Sepoy French Revolution Cecil Rhodes American RevolutionSuez Canal Haitian Revolution Imperialism Latin American Caudillos Revolution

Monroe Doctrine Industrial Revolution Interchangeable parts Laissez-faire Karl Marx Adam Smith Proletariat Socialism James Watt Boxer rebellion Catherine the

Great Duma Meiji Opium Wars Spanish American Matthew Perry War Green Revolution Petroleum Nuclear power Ottoman collapse Russian collapse Qing collapse Holocaust

World War I World War II Total war Fascism Nationalism Deng Xiaoping Ronald Reagan Mohandas Gandhi Margaret Thatcher Ho Chi Minh Tiananmen Square Apartheid

Kwame Nkrumah Communism Great Depression Cold War United States Soviet Union NATO Capitalism Warsaw Pact Proxy Wars Non-Aligned Movement

Communist China Free-market economy Nelson Mandela

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