US and NJ Regions

US and NJ Regions

US and NJ Regions By Brooke Elwell Region s A region is an area that shares common characteristics with each other. In the United States, there are five regions. They are the

northeast, southeast, middle west, southwest, and the west. In New Jersey, there are four regions. They are the Atlantic Coastal Plain, Piedmont, Highlands, and Ridge & Valley. Northeast

The ________ is where we live. The Appalachian Mountains are found in most of the states in this region. The ________experiences the four seasons-winter, spring, summer, and fall. The Coastal Plain is a flat lowland along the edge of

the Atlantic Ocean. Southeast The _______ is warm all year, and it is crisscrossed with rivers. The Davis Bayou is a marshy, slow moving stream that is located in

this region. The ________ has a large area of wetlands such as swamps, marshes, and bayous. An example is the Everglades. Middle-West The _________ produces corn and wheat. It is made of the Interior

Plain. The Interior Plain is separated into the Central Plain and the Great Plains. The Central Plains produce corn, and the Great Plains produce wheat. Southwest This region shares the Great Plains

with the Middle West. One of the most famous landforms in this region is the Grand Canyon. The ________ is made of mostly high plains, plateaus, and deserts. The Rocky Mountains appear in this region as well as the West.

West The landforms of the ________ include mountains, plateaus, and valleys. The Great Basin is in this region. The redwood trees that grow in Oregon and California are the tallest trees in the world.

NEW JERSEY'S REGIONS Atlantic Coastal Plain We live in this region of New Jersey. The __________ is the largest

region and it covers more than half of New Jersey. It is home to the Pinelands. Highlands Most of New Jersey's lakes are found here. The town of Franklin is known for its "glowing" rocks.

Piedmont The ________ has New Jersey's greatest population. It boarders NYC. It is located at the foothills, and it is shaped like a foot. The Palicades form the eastern border of this region. The fall line

separates this region from the Atlantic Coastal Plain. Ridge & Valley ___________ is home to the Delaware Water Gap and High

Point State Park. Dairy farming is an important business in this region, and the Appalachian Mountains run through this region. THANK YOU

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