Using Context to Infer meaning

Using Context to Infer meaning

Frindle Vocabulary Activities But Mrs. Granger didnt just enjoy this dictionary, she loved the dictionaryalmost worshipped it. Her weekly vocabulary list was thirty-five words long, sometimes longer. Based on the passage above, the word worshipped probably means _________. Admired Carried Wrote

Admired! Which part of the sentence below helps us know the meaning of worshipped? But Mrs. Granger didnt just enjoy this dictionary, she loved the dictionary -almost worshipped it.

What form of context clue is provided for worship? Definition-the author explains the meaning of the word right in the sentence or selection Synonym-the author uses a similar word Antonym-the author uses a opposite word Example-the author provides an example General-the author provides several words or statements that give clues to the words meaning

For each of your vocabulary words: Find the word from the story Read around the word Make a guess for a synonym Identify which type of context clue you

used to guess Give an example of something you worship. Act out what it might look like to worship. Do you have a good reputation or bad. Why? What is your reputation? What is the most essential thing you have in your desk? Why is that item essential? Give an example of someone who is an acquaintance. Give an example of a friend. Draw a picture of a balloon that has been

expanded. Also draw the balloon contracted. When reading directions you must follow the procedures. Why? What might happen? What would you look like while doing this? Would you guarantee your grade on the vocab test? Why? Which other words from the story are new, interesting or unusual to you? Make up the most new and interesting, yet

accurate definition for one of the following words:

Reputation Worshipped Essential Acquaintance Assignment Expanded Procedures Guarantee Fill in the table below with the vocabulary words: Do you notice a trend for the verbs, nouns,

adverbs? Verb Noun (thing) Noun Adjective Adverb (person) Do you know other variations of the words?

How do the variations change the words meaning? Reputation (repute) Worshipped (worshipper, worshipful, worshipfully) Essential Acquaintance Assignment Expanded Procedures Guarantee

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