Using ICT in your English classroom practical tools and ideas

Using ICT in your English classroom practical tools and ideas

Using ICT in your English classroom practical tools and ideas Ester Solomon Purpose of this session Give some practical tools for using free on-line

ICT materials in your classroom. Assign homework or tasks on-line. Can also be used for class work.

I will not discuss Galim, Ofek, Time to Know etc. At the end of this PPT are some useful links I didnt have time to discuss. YouTube channels English exercises Building on-line exercises for your classrooms.

Using the existing exercises there are available on the website. Homework or classwork. Pupils will be able to submit the exercise again and improve their results. Voki Allows your pupils to create speaking avatars of themselves.

Use it for ID card, class debates, other projects. Useful lesson plans are suggested. Embed in your school website, English corner in a classroom websites. OxfordOwl 250 ebooks for 3-6 grade (also before, if you teach the lower grades).

Free login. Allows you to create class login. Some of the Ebooks offer activities. Collaborated work Linoit looks like sticky notes. Can be used to introduce new theme or unit. Padlet

used to be wallwisher. Post a question about any subject. The pupils can log in and write a comment. Can be done simultaneously. Storyline on-line A beautiful colorful website that makes reading fun.

Use in Partani hours for advanced kids. One of my favorites. Some other useful links (partial list) d/sites/homepage/victoria/page1.htm theelectriccompany Some other useful links (partial list)


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