Using MyMathLab - Purdue University

Using MyMathLab - Purdue University

Using MyMathLab Features You must already be registered or enrolled in a current MyMathLab class in order to use MyMathLab. If you are not registered or enrolled in a new class, see

another PowerPoint for directions for registration or enrolling in a new class. Open up an internet browser. MyMathLab especially likes Firefox. Go to Login with your login name and password. Click on your course name to get to the home page with the menu. Whenever you are ready to:

Do your homework View your textbook online View your MyMathLab grade book Use any other features of MyMathLab The next group of slides explain how to do all of the above.

If you want to work homework problems from your home computer, you will need to install any necessary software!!! Adobe FlashPlayer (11.9 or newer) is all that is needed on your home computer or laptop computer. (This is a free download.)

The following slides may look slightly different than what you may see in your current version of MyMathLab. (Some slides may have been copied from previous versions of MyMathLab or different mathematic courses here at

Purdue.) To access your resources, go to: www.pearsonmylabandmastering .com Under Returning Users, click Log In

After logging in, click on the course to get to the home page. Note: For those of you that have used MyMathLab (or originally CourseCompass) more than a few years ago, there is a new look to the home page

(as of summer 2010). This is the home page you will see. At the top is a weekly dateline. On the right is an overall score line

and information showing your progress throughout the semester. You may be able to see a few announcements at the lower left. **Click on

View All Announcements to see all announcements to date.** Several

announcements will describe how to enter some answers or give other hints that will help you complete your online homework.

The menu is on the left. Click homework to do your online homework, quizzes and tests to do a practice test, gradebook to view your online homework grades, study plan for possible extra practice, or chapter contents to view the online

Homework Never work more than 1 homework assignment ahead. You have unlimited tries of a problem, up to the deadline. Every student should be able to score a

100% on each homework assignment. When you wish to work homework, click on the DO

HOMEWORK link. Select which HW assignment and click on it. Click on the Problem # to view the problem. You do NOT

have to work all problems at the same time. Answers are automatically saved if you logout and return later to finish the HW. You can always see at this overview which problems are correct, incorrect, or not started (problems correctly answered are checked problems). Work your

problem on paper, then enter your answer. You will notice a toolbox at the left to help enter fractions,

exponents, roots, etc. Select Check Answer. If you give an incorrect answer, try again. Or use some helps listed at the right.

If you want to see a similar problem solution, click on View an Example. You can view how the problem should be worked.

You could also Ask your instructor for help. Just type your message and send. If you want to be given a hint to help you solve the problem, click on Help Me Solve This.

If you would like to print the problem to take to class, to the Math Help Room, or to an instructors (or coordinators) office hours for help; click on Print. Only that problem will be printed. You get immediate feedback. The

homework overview page keeps track of your progress. The check means you answered correctly. If you want to print ALL of the homework problems, click on the print icon from

this homework overview page. Your OnlineTextbook You have a soft covered textbook. You also have an online textbook. From the menu: Click on Chapter

Contents and select the chapter and lesson you want. (Or, there is a link to the textbook pages while working a homework problem.) Online Textbook

Online Book You will be given an opportunity to answer some orientation questions that may help you understand more clearly how MyMathLab operates. There is also a list of other resources that you can view.

You will have a drop down menu that lists all chapters. Select the chapter of the lesson you want to view. Notice on this page, it also gives the options of going to homework, quizzes or tests, or the study plan. You can also go to the chapter summary, review exercises, chapter test, or cumulative review exercises.

After selecting a chapter, you will then have to select a lesson from that chapter that you wish to view. A list of topics covered in that section are listed. Notice: There is a link to a student solutions manual online. Do not become dependent on this manual.

For each section of the online textbook, you can view the textbook pages (etext). There are also links to the study plan for extra practice and there is a video presentation of the lesson. This video could be

used in an emergency when missing class. IT IS BEST TO ATTEND CLASS HOWEVER. I may explain the material differently that the online instructor from Pearson.

The page forward and page back arrows will be at the top left. You can access all textbook pages from this site!! There is also a link to the textbook

while doing HW. Click on Textbook Pages. It takes you to the pages where this type of problem is discussed. Practice Tests There are two practice texts for each chapter.

One can be used as a pre-test and one as a post-test. The scores you receive for these practice texts do not count for or against your grade. There is also extra practice available if you click on Quizzes & Tests.

There are 2 practice tests for each chapter. From the home page of MyMathLab there is a link to quizzes&tests. There are 2 tests for every chapter. This can help indicate how well you understand the material in that chapter.

Click on I am ready to start when trying a test. You may take a practice test an unlimited number of times. These tests do not count as a grade. Study Plan The study plan allows you to practice more

problems. Any problems completed in the study plan will not score toward your grade. You can use the study plan to determine what objectives you have not achieved and show you what you need to study.

You can select a chapter. A drop down menu will then let you select a lesson. The problems are numbered corresponding to the numbers found in the textbook, not the problem numbers as listed in MyMathLab.

This is a great way to review and find what you need to study. When reviewing for an exam, look at the assignment list and work those cooresponding problems from the study plan. MyMathLab provides a Study Plan that offers lots of practice and feedback.

Here is where you click to see what you need to study. (You may have to complete a practice test first.) GradeBook

Click on Grade Book from the menu on the home page. You can view your most recent HW, the past couple of weeks, or all of the HW grades. If you did not attempt a homework assignment, it may read past due or there may be a zero with * if the deadline has

passed without you completing a problem. To check your scores for each assignment, click on GRADEBOOK. You can view your grades for the

past 2 weeks, past month, or entire course. The gradebook will keep track of your progress on homework problems; number correct, percent correct, time on task, and date/time. If you want to practice some homework problems after the deadline, click on review. (You may

have to ask for a similar example to re-do some problems. Your grade will not be changed.) Within the gradebook and after a deadline, you can practice all the homework problems you have completed earlier by clicking on the

word review. You can only use this link, if you have completed the homework problems. Any assignments that were scored zero will not necessary have a review link.

Click on a problem, just as if working an assignment. Your score will not be changed. There is a help and support link that may help

you. Problems??? Contact Student Support at 1-800-677-6337 for technical support 24 hours a day. For math tutoring at the Tutor Center call 1-800-435-4084 between 5 PM and midnight

Sunday through Thursday. You must use your MyMathLab course ID or student access code to register or receive help.

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