Using Online Video Examples in Introductory Statistics

Using Online Video Examples in Introductory Statistics

Using Online Video Examples in Introductory Business Statistics Monnie McGee, Jing Cao, Lynne Stokes Department of Statistical Science Robert Skinner, Ian Aberle, and Steve Snider Academic Computing Services, Office of the Provost November 9, 2005 Outline

Motivation Static vs. Dynamic Examples Equipment Recording the Videos (live!) More Example Videos Going Further SMU Teaching Techn 2 The Problem She never gave us enough examples on how to work the homework problems I fail to see how this course will ever be

useful to me in the future SMU Teaching Techn 3 Possible Solutions Class example day Teach by example Work all homework problems in class Get creative

SMU Teaching Techn 4 Why Videos? Solutions posted on course website are not dynamic Important for students to see thought processes involved in working the

problem Digital video allows placement on the course website SMU Teaching Techn 5 Typical Problem and Solution Employers may ask job applicants to take an IQ test if the test has been shown to predict performance on the job. Score on one test for the 20 to 34 age group are approximately Normally distributed with mean of 110 and standard deviation of 25. Use the Empirical Rule to answer the following questions: a) About what percent of the people in this age group have score above 110? Since 110 is the mean, and the mean is

equal to the median for a normal distribution, 50% of the people in this group will have scores above the mean. b) About what percent have scores above 160? 160 is 2 standard deviations from the mean. That means that there are 2.5% (5%/2) of the scores above the mean. SMU Teaching Techn 6 Video Version Equipment Current Implementation

Headset microphone Macintosh Computer Snap Z Pro software Digital Writing Tablet Original Implementation Document camera (Elmo Desktop Presenter) Sony Media Converter & audio mixer iMovie software (free with mac)

SMU Teaching Techn 8 Document Camera Elmo DT-150AF PAL Desktop Presenter Portable (1.9 kg)

Zoom capability Remote Control $ SMU Teaching Techn 9 Snap Z Pro Software Captures activity on screen Used to capture Excel and PowerPoint

$69 SMU Teaching Techn 10 Recording the Videos A simple work by hand problem

Concept problems Incorporating PowerPoint slides Incorporating Excel SMU Teaching Techn 11 Going Further Assessment of student attitudes Creating a CD of examples that

students can purchase with their textbooks Virtual Guest Lecturers SMU Teaching Techn 12

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