Utah Studies - Mr. Wright's Class

Utah Studies - Mr. Wright's Class

BR: D21 Imagine that you are a Mormon who has just been kicked out of Missouri. How would you feel? What would you say to other nonmormons about your plight? Write a summary of your thoughts: Utah Studies Ch. 6.2: Their Faces Toward Hope: Moving to Nauvoo Now on to Nauvoo The Mormons found refuge with the people of Quincy, Illinois, on the banks of the Mississippi River, and took them in during the winter. In the spring, the Mormons headed north a bit, and tried to settle in a marshy swampland. Of course, they almost instantly got sick with malaria. But they drained the swamp, and those

that survived were able to persevere. They built a beautiful town called Nauvoo, which meant the beautiful. For a time, it was the largest city in Illinois! Vid Not everything was perfect however. Settlers nearby grew uncomfortable with the large number of Mormons in Nauvoo, and some Mormons left the church, and spread rumors about Joseph Smith, such Conflict in Nauvoo These ex-Mormons printed a newspaper, called the Nauvoo Expositor, and they used it to talk badly about the Mormons. The Nauvoo city council met, and ordered the press destroyed for libel (telling lies), and the press was destroyed. Others heard about this, and they said that the Mormons were halting freedom of speech with their actions. Angry mobs started attacking Mormon homes and settlements. Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were arrested, and taken to Carthage Jail, to await

trail. An angry mob attacked the jail. VID After the death of these martyrs, the church was in crisis. About 15,000 Mormons lived in and near Nauvoo, and they felt that they had to yet again leave. Exodus From Illinois Brigham Young took over as the Prophet, or leader of the LDS / Mormon Church. He directed them to make plans to leave, to avoid further conflict and death. People started making wagons, gathering food, etc., for a long journey to escape persecution. Young and his advisors read accounts about the west. They read Hastings Guide, and others, as well as irrigation methods they would likely need out West. They sent men to check on several locations they might relocate to, including Utah. In the meantime, the mobs got worse, and finally,

in February, the Mississippi River froze solid, and about 3000 Mormons traveled along it until it started to melt again. Later, the rest of the Mormons would follow, after gathering needed supplies. Some decided they would not join the rest of the Mormons, but the vast majority had left Nauvoo by September, 1846. VID HW: Option A: Editorial Letter See the handout for more info You are a concerned citizen watching the expulsion of the Mormons from Missouri. You may be a Mormon yourself, or not, that is up to you. Write a letter to the local newspaper (~3 paragraphs, typed / neat) Clarify who you are (make sure that anyone reading the letter would be able to identify you as the author;

e.g.: name, occupation, age, etc.) Explain what your thoughts are on the topic. Is it something that is good / bad / both? Explain why. Perhaps you, or others you may know, have suffered / benefited as a result of this issue...if so, explain why! Offer up some solutions, and changes you might suggest. Explain why you feel the way you do. Due: D4 Moving West: Lots of Options While most people were planning on taking wagons, one group of saints as the LDS called themselves decided to take a ship. Led by Samuel Brannan, they boarded the Brooklyn, and over 200 Mormons left New York headed for California.

After about six months of traveling by boat, including a stop in Hawaii, they arrived in July 1846 in Yerba Buena, later known as San Francisco. People learned that California was no longer controlled by Mexico, but by the United States; the Mexican-American War was raging. Brannon went to Utah, met the Saints there, and tried to convince them to return with him to California, but Brigham Young would not. VID Back in Iowa Meanwhile, the Mormons gathered, crossing Iowa in different groups at different times of the year. It was a hodge podge, and not well organized. They finally all met up in Winter

Quarters, Nebraska, along the Missouri River. They made over 1000 sod and log cabins, but it wasnt a great place. Disease was everywhere, and it was cold, and many people died. Most agreed that they should continue westward. Meanwhile, the Mexican-American War broke out in 1846, and the Army could see that the Mormons might provide some valuable men to help fight in the war. While somewhat reluctant (considering their treatment by other Americans), they knew that the money paid to the soldiers would help them buy wagons and provisions for the trip west. 500 Mormon men volunteered. VID HW - Option B Mormon Battalion Letter

Now, it is YOUR chance to share how you might have felt about the sacrifice that was asked of the Mormon Battalion. Write a letter, from the perspective of someone who was asked to go. Answer the following questions: How do you feel about the governments request to serve? Are you mad, angry, or happy with the request? Explain why: What are you going to do? Explain why What do you decide to do? What made you make that decision? DUE: D23 HW - Option C - Mormon Mini Saga

Throughout history there have Mormon Missionary Work been many examples of "sagas" or "epics"; literary works that spark the imagination, inspire, and uplift our spirits, telling us stories of real or fictional people overcoming immense odds. A mini-saga is a similar form of writing, but much more condensed, that uses 50 words exactly. It requires discipline and creativity. For more information on what a mini-saga is, and how to create one, please visit the link provided below entitled "Mini

Saga." I recommend you visit the Mini Saga Workshop link as well. It will take you on a step by step on how to write a mini saga. Be prepared to have to edit your Missouri Mormon War Misunderstandings & Conflicts with Mormons Nauvoo, Illinois Migration and Persecution Sailing on the Brooklyn Mormon Battalion Trek Westward Settling in Utah, etc.

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