Vets Roll Training

Vets Roll Training

Vets Roll Training Introduction Welcome!! Vets Roll is constantly improving

Need for Training Chain of Command VetsRoll Inc CEO Medical Team Chief Blue Team Medical

Captain Green Team Medical Captain Bus Medical Team Leader Bus Medical Team

Leader Bus Medical Team Assistant Bus Medical Team Assistant Bus Leaders

Trip Assistants Roles Defined Bus Leaders (BL) are responsible for all activity on their bus, at the memorials and functions. This is including but not limited to accountability of all veterans, Rosie the Riveters & Assistants at all times, durable goods (i.e. wheel chairs, water supply, snacks, etc), and operations while at the hotels and rest stops.

Medical Team (MT) members are charged with the care and well being of all Veterans, Rosie the Riveters and Assistants. They must have the ability to work in highly dynamic environment monitoring the health conditions of those on the trip with preference given to those on your bus. A Trip Assistant (TA) is required to have the ability to function in a highly dynamic environment. It is imperative that we maintain a high

level of care and compassion for the veterans on this trip. The TA will be required to take instruction from the BL & MT Leader. Good Samaritan Act Vets Roll Inc. medical team staff will operate under this law. Medical staff must stay within their

scope of practice; acting in good faith under the act. The Samaritan Act is outlined in the SOG. Identification All buses are color coded and numbered. You can identify the people of your bus

by the color of the wrist band. You will also get to know them personally. All equipment associated with your bus will have the same color of banded identification. Medical team staff is required to wear yellow safety vests in conjunction with their color code. Mechanism of injury & the elderly ~ Falls are the leading cause of injury &

trauma death in the elderly. The elderly are at risk for falls due to instability, decreased coordination, motor strength & balance. ~ Other factors are medications & fatigue. Mechanism of injury & the elderly We must be thorough upon assessing falls that may occur. Be aware that the person involved in a fall

will be embarrassed and want to get back to normal as quickly as possible. Please reassure them that you want to assess their condition prior to resuming normal activity for their own safety. Even if this has them staying down for a minute or two to complete a proper evaluation. Elder Injuries Spine and hip injuries most common in the elderly. Why did the fall occur?

What do they remember? Head injury could equal a neck injury. Fatigue will be the number one potential injury cause. High alert at these places

Rest stops and eating establishments will be a factor. While we are at these places there will be a large population in a small area and in some cases limited mobility. This will increase the potential of tripping and falling. Please watch for the one that separates themselves from the group!

Our Priorities! At all eating establishments, rest stops and activities the Vets and Rosies needs will be tended to first. Give assistance to those from your bus first. Once your bus Vets and Rosies have been cared for please proceed to take care of your needs (food, drink, etc) Please keep a watch during these times for potential distress of a Veteran or

Rosie. (choking, confusion, fatigue) Our volunteers are awesome!!

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