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Web Parts Navigation Office Wrap-Up Transportation About Views In SharePoint, you can sort and filter a list or library, but those ad hoc results disappear when you navigate elsewhere A SharePoint view is a permanent setting that controls the way items or files are displayed

Creation of views is very similar for lists and libraries 2 Transportation Default View All lists and libraries have a default view, which is the view that users first see The default view is usually All Items for lists and All Files for libraries 3

Transportation Other Views Some list and libraries have additional views that are automatically created Calendar Calendar, Current Events Discussion Board Recent, My Discussions, Features, Unanswered questions, Answered questions If Content Approval is enabled Approve/reject Items, My submissions 4

Transportation What Views Are Available? Up to three views are listed at the top of the list or library; select the ellipsis to see if there are more The LIBRARY or LIST tab also displays available views 5

Transportation Lets Learn How to Create a view 6 Transportation Create a View 1. LIST or LIBRARY tab > Create view 2. Choose view type

3. Enter view name > Complete additional settings > OK OR 4. Sort or filter current view > SAVE THIS VIEW 5. Enter view name > Define audience > Save 7 Transportation View Type: Standard View This view displays items and files in rows A standard view of all items or files is the default for most lists and libraries

8 Transportation View Type: Calendar View This view is automatically created for calendars; it is available for any list or library with a date and time column 9 Transportation

View Type: Access View Use Microsoft Access to view and change library content; it is not available for lists 10 Transportation View Type: Datasheet View

11 This view displays a list or library in a spreadsheet format It is the same as Quick Edit It is an efficient way to change multiple rows at a time You cannot create a grouped view in View Settings Transportation

View Type: Gantt View This view is used in project management to track progress and tasks 12 Transportation View Type: Start from Existing View You can use an existing view as a starting point for a new view This is very useful if you need multiple views that do not vary greatly, such as the same information for different countries

13 Transportation View Setting: Name Make the name meaningful Make it the default view if desired Use a name with no spaces (GroupedByUnit), then edit it later to add spaces for readability 14

Transportation View Setting: Audience Personal view A view only you can see. You can use it as the starting point for other personal views, but not for public views. Public view A view that anyone can see. You can use it as the starting point for personal or public views. You can set any public view to be the default view. Choose carefully! It cant be changed. 15

Transportation View Setting: Columns Check the columns to hide or display and define their order 16 Transportation View Setting: Sort Sort a view by one or two columns in ascending or descending order If you keep sorted columns to the left of the view, users can more easily

determine the sort criteria 17 Transportation View Setting: Filter

18 By default, all items are shown in a view The maximum number of items in a view is 5000 Filters are one method to limit the number of items in a view If there are many items, set your filter on an indexed column (an option under List or Library Settings) Transportation View Setting: Filter 1. Choose column to filter

2. Choose operation Equal, greater, less best for numbers Begins with, contains best for text 3. Enter value for comparison If you filter on two values And filter meets both criteria Or filter meets one or both criteria

Select Show More Columns to add up to 10 filters 19 Transportation View Setting: Filter Special values include [Today] Shows items for the current date [Me] Shows items for the current user

You can use these values in simple equations For example, to show items created in the last seven days Filter on Created column Set operator to is less than Set value to [Today]-7 (no spaces) 20 Transportation View Setting: Tabular View This view places a checkbox by each item or file

Use checkboxes to perform bulk operations, such as checking out or deleting multiple items or files Must be on for Quick Edit to work in that view 21 Transportation View Setting: Group By Group content by values in one or two columns Grouping by two columns creates a nested grouping

Choose Ascending or descending Expanded or collapsed Number of groups per page 22 Transportation View Setting: Totals Text columns: Count

Number columns: 23 Count Average

Maximum Minimum Depending upon the type of data, a number column can also have a sum, standard deviation, and variance Transportation View Setting: Style

24 Basic table Boxed, no labels

Boxed Document details Newsletter Newsletter, no lines Shaded Preview pane Default Transportation View Setting: Style Basic Table

25 Transportation View Setting: Style Boxed Only available for lists 26 Transportation View Setting: Style Boxed, No Labels

Only available for lists 27 Transportation View Setting: Style Document Details Available for most libraries, but not lists 28 Transportation

View Setting: Style Newsletter Displays items in rows with lines in between 29 Transportation View Setting: Style Newsletter, No Lines Displays items in rows with alternate shading 30

Transportation View Setting: Style Shaded Displays items in rows with alternate shading 31 Transportation View Setting: Style Preview Pane Displays items on left

Hover over name to display properties on right 32 Transportation View Setting: Style Default Default style varies, depending on type and configuration of list or library This example is for a document library 33

Transportation View Setting: Folders Select Show items inside folders to display folders in the view. Open the folder to see the items within it. Select Show all items without folders to display all the items or files. This flat view does not show the folders. 34 Transportation

View Setting: Item Limit Like filters, item limit is a method to restrict the number of items in a view The maximum number of items in a view is 5000, with a default of 30 per page You can display only one page of results or as many pages as needed For example, if you set the number of items to display as five and limit the total number of items returned to five, only one page with five items appears in the view This option is useful if you want to limit the number of items in web parts, such as the five most recently updated files 35

Transportation View Setting: Mobile NCDOT does not use the Mobile settings, so do not change this last section 36 Transportation Lets Learn How to Edit a view

Delete a view 37 Transportation Edit a View 1. LIST or LIBRARY tab > Modify View 2. Change settings 3. OK 38

Transportation Delete a View 1. LIST or LIBRARY tab > List or Library Settings 2. Select view > Delete OR 3. LIST or LIBRARY tab > Modify View > Delete You cannot delete the default view and you cannot delete a view if it is the only one. 39

Transportation Plan Your View Use meaningful names for public views so all users can understand them If you only need a view for your own use, create a personal view so the list of views isnt cluttered If you only need a view for use in a web part, create the view within the web part so the list of views isnt cluttered (more on web parts later) Display the most useful information in the view so users dont have to open items or files

40 Transportation When Do View Changes Go Live? Inside Immediately Connect team/project sites Immediately Unauthenticated (public) area of Connect

Make changes on a staging server; changes are copied to a production server at :42 after the hour There may be review or approval processes in your area 41 Transportation Exercise 4: Views 1. Go to the Designer Class home page 2. Click Exercises for the links youll need

42 Transportation

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