VOCAB FINAL PREP - Central Bucks School District

VOCAB FINAL PREP - Central Bucks School District

THE FINAL Researchers have stated that vocabulary deficiencies are a primary cause of academic failure in grades 3 through 12 (Baumann and Kameenui 1991; Stanovich 1986; Becker 1977). These researchers profess that direct

and explicit instruction of a set number of vocabulary words will improve academic success in all content areas. Stahl and Fairbanks (1986) suggest that teaching students 350 words each year may improve learning by as much as 10 to 30%. Over the course of the year, we have explored a few vocabulary activities

designed for the various ways a person learns: flashcards, sentence writing, pictographs, vocab squares, vocab cartoons, and quiz a partner. Your final task is to choose the study

method(s) that you found most effective for you. Beginning tonight, you are to then employ your chosen strategy(ies) to demonstrate word understanding. Focus on words you havent fully

embedded into memory and use the strategy or some combination of strategies to demonstrate word study. Remember, you get out what you put in. And, now, its time for me to back that up. If you are willing to put in the work this weekend, you will be

rewarded on next Thursdays final. For every 20 ideal sentences or 20 pictographs or 10 squares or 2 cartoons or 1 quiz (10 qs each) you will earn a vocab skip. Earn up to 10 skips on the final.

Poor- The man was abominable for what he did.

Ok- The abominable man knocked the old lady down. Ideal- The mans actions were abominable, for he first stole a gun then used it to hold up a bank. S Picture connection (visual reminder)

word connection (synonym/def) WORD Context connection (in another form)

personal connection (I think of) Basic chart stuff A link this is where the depth comes in usually a witty pun, a mnemonic, or cultural connection

A well-drawn graphic A sentence that connects them As a continuation of quiz-a-partner, this time you will create a vocab quiz that will mimic the actual quiz.

Minimum of 10 questions 4 multiple choice qs that focus on pos, syn/ant, and connotation 4 true-false to test definition, context, and connotation 2 completion tasks to transfer to writing

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