Vocabulary in Context

Vocabulary in Context

Kinds of Context Clues Compiled by Aj. Metchawin 1. Antonym or Contrast Clue Definition: Phrases or words that indicate opposite Signals: but, in contrast, however, instead of, unlike, yet Examples:

Unlike his quiet and low key family, Brad is garrulous. 2. Definition or Example Clue Definition: Phrases or words that define or explain Signals: is defined as, means, consist of, refer to, be called, may be seen as Examples: -Sedentary individuals, people who are not

very active, often have diminished health. -A ship that can travel under the surface of the ocean is a submarine. 3. General Knowledge Definition: The meaning is derived from the experience and background knowledge of the reader; "common sense" and logic. Signals: the information may be

something basically familiar to you Examples: -Anna is always sucking up to the boss, even in front of others. That sycophant just doesn't care what others think of her behavior. 4. Restatement or Synonym Clue Definition: Another word or phrase with the same or a similar meaning is used.

Signals: in other word, that is, also known as, sometimes called, or Examples: -The dromedary, commonly called a camel, stores fat in its hump. -These two circles are concentric. In other words, they gave the same center.

5. Cause-Effect Type Definition: The clues indicate the cause and effect relationship of the situation. Signals: because, so, hence, due to, as a result, cause, as such, so that Examples: -We can see things through a piece of glass because it is transparent. -I did not have time to take his clothes to the laundry, so he had to wash and iron

them himself. Examples 1.Definition context clue The people of the town were warned not to eat the tainted fish. The local newspaper published a bulletin in which readers were

clearly told that eating fish that had a disease could be very dangerous. This was especially true for fish caught in Lake Jean. 2.Synonym context clue After seeing the picture of the starving

children, we all felt compassion or pity for their suffering. 3. Antonym context clue Joe was reluctant to take on the position of captain of the basketball team. He was afraid that the time it would take would hurt his grades. On the other hand, Billy was eager for the

chance to be captain. He thought that being captain of the team would make him very popular in school. 4. Description context clue John Fitzgerald Kennedy, our 35th president, improved human rights and equal rights for all people. He was a very charismatic president. People

were attracted to his charm and enthusiasm. His personality was described as magnetic. 5. Summary context clue Andrea was a very impertinent young lady. She was so rude that she talked while her teacher was explaining a lesson. She showed no respect for other students. Her

manners were very poor. Even her parents thought that Andrea was impolite. 6. Visual context clue The author includes a picture, drawing, chart, graph, or other type of visual to help the reader understand the meaning of a word. In the following example, the picture and its caption that is close to the

sentence helps the reader understand that exultant means great joy. Peggy had an exultant look on her face.

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