Vocabulary Unit #13

Vocabulary Unit #13 abet v.to encourage, assist, aid, support (especially in something wrong or unworthy) Synonym: assist, aid

To allow a man in his condition to get behind the wheel of a car is to abet a potential crime. aver v.to affirm, declare confidently Synonym: assert I will aver your ability to do the work to

any prospective employer who inquires. blatant Adj.noisy in a coarse, offensive way; obvious or conspicuous, especially in an unfavorable sense Synonym: flagrant, glaring Your comments showed a blatant

disregard for my feelings. broach v.to bring up or begin to talk about (a subject) Synonym: announce, introduce She opted not to broach the subject of the moldy smell in the bedroom for fear of

insulting her hosts. buttress v.to support, prop up, strengthen n.a supporting structure Synonym: reinforce; brace He has read so widely that he can produce facts to buttress any argument he

advances. I had to add buttresses on either side of my rickety shed to keep it from collapsing. carousal n.noisy revelry or merrymaking (often with a suggestion of heavy drinking) Synonym: binge; jamboree

Vikings are notorious for having enjoyed a carousal after each of their battles. collate v.to arrange in order for some specific purpose; compare critically in order to note differences, similarities, etc. Synonym: sort out; cross-check

We decided to collate the recipes according to how complicated they are. connoisseur n.an expert; one who is well qualified to pass critical judgments, especially in one of the fine arts Synonym: savant; expert

She was a connoisseur of both music and film. disconsolate Adj.deeply unhappy or dejected; without hope, beyond consolation Synonym: grief-stricken; inconsolable Macbeth hardly seems disconsolate

when his wife dies; instead, he bluntly says he has no time to grieve. encumber v.to weigh down or burden (with difficulties, cares, debt, etc.); to fill up, block, hinder Synonym: overload; clog

I feared that joining another club would encumber me with too many obligations. foment v.to promote trouble or rebellion; to apply warm liquids to, warm Synonym: incite; instigate; stir up Toward the end of the film, the peasant

leader attempts to foment a storming of the scientists castle. grisly Adj.frightful, horrible, ghastly Synonym: gruesome; gory Katherine Anne Porters novel Pale Horse, Pale Rider reveals the grisly effects of the

influenza virus during the epidemic that followed World War I. herculean Adj.characterized by great strength; very hard to do in the sense of requiring unusual strength; [Herculean is a reference to Hercules from mythology.]

Synonym: mighty; powerful We saw that getting the huge desk up the stairs would require a herculean effort. impassive Adj.showing no feeling or emotion; inanimate; motionless Synonym: emotionless; stoical

Since nervous laughter is the sign of an inexperienced actor, I tried to adopt an impassive expression on stage. inauspicious Adj.unfavorable, unlucky, suggesting bad luck for the future Synonym: unpromising; untimely

Our road trip got off to an inauspicious start when we ran out of gas within five miles of home. incontrovertible Adj.unquestionable, beyond dispute Synonym: indisputable The document was remarkable for its tact

yet also incontrovertible in its facts. nonplussed Adj.puzzled, not knowing what to do, at a loss Synonym: perplexed; stumped She thought she was prepared for all contingencies, but she was nonplussed

by the turn of events. opportune Adj.suitable or convenient for a particular purpose; occurring at an appropriate time Synonym: timely; appropriate If you intend to give that dog a bath, you

had better pick an opportune moment, and then pounce! prolific Adj.abundantly productive; abundant, profuse Synonym: fruitful Haydn was a more prolific composer

than Mozart, in part because he lived much longer. rejoinder n.a reply to a reply, especially from the defendant in a legal suit Synonym: response; retort When he explained where he had been

and what he had done, her rejoinder was sharp and critical.

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