Vocabulary Done By: Ibrahim Essam, Mahmoud Shream 1-Altruistic: (adj.)Unselfish, concerned with the welfare of others. -Most people support altruistic programs to help the less fortunate of this world.

-Synonym: selfless -Antonym: selfish 2-Assent: (v.)to expert agreement; (n.)agreement. -Workers hope that the threat of a long strike will force management to assent to their demands.

-Synonyms: concur -Antonyms: disagree 3-Benefactor: (n.)one who does good to others. -Without the help of many benefactor, most charities would be unable to carry out their work.

-Synonyms: patron -Antonyms: malefactor 4-Chivalrous: (adj.)marked by honor, courtesy, and courage. -Knightly in today's busy world, where people are often heedless of others, a chivalrous act is admired by all.

-Synonyms: civil -Antonyms: uncouth 5-Clemency: (n)mercy, humaneness; mildness, moderateness. -Many judges are willing to show clemency to first offenders who express regret for their wrongdoing.

-Synonyms: gentleness -Antonyms: harshness 6-Dreath: (n.)a lack, scarcity; a famine. -An employer may complain of a dreath of qualified applicants for available jobs. -Synonyms: want Antonyms: oversupply

7-Diffident: (adj.) shy, lacking selfconfidence, modest, reserved. -Many a diffident suitor has lost his beloved to a bold rival. -Synonyms: timid -Antonyms: bold 8-Discrepancy: (n.)a different; a lack of

agreement. -Discrepancy in the testimony of witness to a crime can have a decisive impact on the outcome of a trail. -Synonyms: disagreement -Antonyms: agreement 9-Embark: (v.)to go aboard; to make a start,

to invest. -Columbus spent years raising money before he was able to embark on his perilous ocean voyage in search of a passage to the far east. -Synonyms: Commence 10-Facile: (adj.)easily done or attained;

superficial; ready, fluent. -Writing is a facile process for some authors but a laborious task for others. -Synonyms: effortless -Antonyms: labored 11-Indomitable: (adj.)unconquerable, refusing to yield.

-All who hear of the remarkable deeds of Harriet Tubman admire her indomitable courage in the face of grave danger. -Synonyms: unbeatable -Antonyms: surrendering 12-Infallible: (adj.)free from error; absolutely dependable.

-Some critics seem convinced that their expert knowledge makes them infallible judges of the quality of an artist's work. -Synonyms: certain -Antonyms: imperfect 13-Plod: (v.)to walk heavily or slowly; to work slowly.

-After the blizzard, we had to plod through deep snowdrifts to reach the nearest stores. -Synonyms: lumber -Antonyms: skip 14-Pungent: (adj.)causing a sharp sensation; stinging, biting. -The kitchen of the French restaurant was

filled with the pungent aroma of onion soap. -Synonyms: sharp -Antonyms: colorless 15-Remiss: (adj.)neglectful in performance of ones duty, careless. -When I am remiss in doing daily chores, I have to spend a big part of the weekend

catching up. -Synonyms: lax -Antonyms: punctilious 16-Repose: (v.) to rest; lie; place (n.)relaxation, peace of mind, calmness. -The mortal remains of thousands who fell in Americas wars repose in Arlington National

Cemetery. -Synonyms: (v.)sleep; (n.)respite -Antonyms: (n.)wakefulness 17-Temerity: (n.)rashness, boldness. -Few of his subordinates had the temerity to answer the general back. -Synonyms: recklessness

-Antonyms: fearfulness 18-Truculent: (adj.)fierce and cruel; aggressive; deadly, destructive; scathingly harsh. -People with truculent dispositions can make life miserable for those who have to work with them.

-Synonyms: savage -Antonyms: gentle 19-Unfeigned: (adj.)sincere, real, without pretense. -The novelist won high praise for her ability to portray the unfeigned emotions of children.

-Synonyms: genuine -Antonyms: stimulated 20-Virulent: (adj.)extremely poisonous; full of malice; spiteful. -The first Amendment protects the right of free speech for everyone, even those with virulent views that are repugnant to most

people. -Synonyms: hateful -Antonyms: harmless

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