Warm up

Warm up

Warm up What are the 3 parts of the cell theory? What does each part mean? Cell specialization Notes Blue Whale- Largest living thing Bacterium- Smallest living thing

BOTH BEGAN LIFE AS ONE CELL Majority of cells that make up an organism are microscopic MORE CELLS=larger organism LESS

CELLS=smaller organism Human= 37.2 trillion cells on average Cell Division: One cell becomes two cells EX: Single celled organism Amoeba cell division= 2 Amoeba ( easy and quick) Ex: Mulitcellular organism Human cell division of skin cell= 2 skin cells(specialized cells)

Unicellular Organism Consists of single cell Some prokaryotes, some eukaryotes All functions carried out by cell Injury to cell cause death Simple cell division=new organism

Short life span Multicellular organisms Consists of many cells All eukaryotes Specialized cells and structures perform specific functions Injury can be repaired

Complicated cell division= growth and repair Longer life span Sperm Zygote Fertilizatio n Egg Cell Div. Cells have same

genetic info Activation Embryonic Development An embryo is a multicellular organism in an early stage of development. The zygote develops into an embryo as it grows through many cell divisions into a multicellular organism.

As the embryo develops, cells specialize in their structure and function=cell differentiation. Undifferentiated cells, or stem cells in embryos, can develop into highly specialized cells by turning on certain genes and turning off others Scientists have observed striking similarities in the appearance of animals as they undergo early embryonic development.

Look at embryo images below. Notice the many similarities between these animals. Can you tell which is a cat and which is a pig? Animal embryos look similar early in development because all animals share a common ancestor. From this ancestor, they have inherited a common pathway of development. For example, early in development, all vertebrate animals have a notochord, a rod made of cartilage that runs the length of the embryos body, and gill slits. The bones of these animals are very similar to one another. What do you think this suggests?

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