Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) German Expressionist Painter

Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) German Expressionist Painter

What do you think is the difference between abstract art and non-objective art? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7d6zs cZF5I

As we prepare to begin our lesson, write your initial thoughts in your sketchbook today and date your entry. Standards for Geometric Design

Project Standards: Plans and creates artworks using the principles of design to organize the elements of art for creating a composition. Creates artwork primarily concerned with

design & composition (called Structuralism/Formalism Kandinsky (1866-1944) was a Russian Expressionist painter who was instrumental in forming the art movement Der Blaue Reiter.

The Blue Rider was a group of Expressionist artists led by Franz Marc and Wassily Kandinsky. One of the group's primary goals was to use art to express spirituality. Understanding

Abstract Art and Non-Objective Art Abstract art initially begins with a subject. As the subject or scene is simplified, the work becomes more abstract. Non-Objective art is created using the elements and principles of art. The artist does not

necessarily begin with a subject or object in mind. Geometric abstraction is a form of abstract art based on the use of simple geometric forms placed in non-illusionistic space and combined into non-objective compositions

One of the most famous 20th-century artists Kandinsky: credited with painting the first modern

abstract works. He enrolled at the University of Moscow in law and economics. Although quite

successful in his profession, he started painting studies (lifedrawing, sketching and anatomy) at the age of 30.

The term "Composition" can imply a metaphor with music. Kandinsky was both fascinated, and convinced, of music's emotional power. Music can respond and appeal directly to the artist's "internal element" and express spiritual values.

Kandinsky, one of the forerunners of pure nonobjective painting, was among the first modern artists to explore this geometric approach in his abstract work . Early representational work

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abstract art Piet Mondrian (Dutch) 18721912 Like Kandinsky, his early

work was not abstract. He was later famous for abstracted

shapes, line and color. He evolved a Non-Representational form of art which he termed Neo-Plasticism.

After moving to Paris, Mondrian was heavily influenced by Cubism, a style of art invented by Picasso and Braque.

Initially, paintings such as his various studies of trees still contained a measure of representation; however, they were

increasingly dominated by the geometric shapes and interlocking planes commonly found in Cubism.

Kandinskys tree began realisticallycheck out the progression in the next two slides Red Tree by Mondrian

Gradual abstraction of the tree shows a Cubist influence

Broadway Boogie-Woogie, 1943 This painting represents the city grid of Manhatten and the boogie

woogie music to which Mondrian loved to dance. This work is seen as a culmination of his life work.

Review: 1. What is abstract art? 2. What is non-objective art? 3. How are they different?

4. What is geometric art? 5. Who was Kandinsky? 6. Who was Mondrian? Sketchbook notes

Geometric Design Assignment Supplies you will need: A well sharpened pencil Compass Ruler

Paper (11X17white paper) Paint Oil Pastels Geometric design examples

Geometric Construction: Non-Objective or art Abstract Art

Make 4 dots anywhere on your paper.

Put your compass point on each of the dots and make circles of any size/sizes on top of the dots with your compass. Make one equilateral triangle anywhere, any size, on the paper. Create 2 right angles and extend each of them off of the pagethey can be tilted at an angle and, of course, can be any size. Make 3 parallel lines and extend to the edge of the paper.

Make 2 perpendicular lines on your paper. Make one diagonal line anywhere on the paper. Make one acute triangle on your paper. Make one obtuse triangle. Now look at your design. Do you see some interesting areas to develop? Find a place to call your focal area. It should be slightly off center near any of the rule of

3rds intersection. Use line and or color to create emphasis in this area. Find a counter balance to the focal pointit should be on the opposite side of the drawing (diagonally across). Create an interesting area that is not as bold or large as the previous area. This could be accomplished through line, color, or both. Select a color theme to use when embellishing your non-objective work. MUST BE COOL OR WARM

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