We are looking in the wrong place. - MrD Classified

We are looking in the wrong place. - MrD Classified

THE FERMI PARADOX Where are the little green men? Are they out there? Fermis Paradox Back in the 1940s, a group of scientists were discussing extraterrestrial life.

Fermi asked So? Where is everybody? What did he mean? Fermis Paradox Meaning: If there are billions of planets

capable of supporting life. The law of large numbers indicates that extraterrestrial life should not be rare. Why havent any visited Earth? Fermis Paradox He realized that any civilization with modest rocket

power and some initiative could colonize the galaxy within a few million years Fermis Paradox Aliens have had more than enough time to colonize the galaxy So, where were they? Question: If OUR civilization is so advanced, where are the other advanced life forms?

Solutions to Fermis Paradox I. They exist but have not yet communicated They have not had time to reach us Still only travel speed of light Problem: civilizations forming before us They ARE signaling, but we dont know how to listen

Exotic signaling methods we dont know about Problem: If they are so advanced, they should also use primitive methods to communicate with us Exist but not communicate (cont.) No desire to communicate Advanced civ. doesnt want to communicate with lesser beings

Problem: Curiosity Berserkers Killer robots searching the galaxy, so aliens are keeping it on the D.L. Problem: Why havent berserkers come after us yet? We are looking in the wrong place.

The Singularity hypothesis: computers improve at exponential rate next phase of evolution might be conversion from biological to softwarebased life artificial intelligence and/or uploaded biological intelligence silicon-based life would not appreciate terrestrial conditions oxygen and water nasty stuff if youre a computer

Solutions to Fermis Paradox II. They do not exist We are the first life forms, evolution takes time Problem: Sun is average, and young. This view very American Life is rare

Lifes Genesis is rare Intelligence / tool making rare Technology / Science is not an inevitable outcome They do not exist (cont.) Planets with right conditions are rare Space is a dangerous place Habitable zones Moon stabilizes the earths orbit. A magnetic field which protects us from radiation. We have abundant liquid water. Jupiter broom protects us from

impacts. They do not exist (cont.) Catastrophes Civilizations only have a limited lifetime. They are all dead. Overpopulation War It is the destroy

It is the destroy nature of intelligent life to itself. nature of intelligent life to others. Solutions to Fermis Paradox III. They are here! They were here and left evidence

UFOs, Ancient Astronauts, Alien Artifacts. Problem: No evidence. (Stonehenge not withstanding) They are us! Humans are descendants of aliens We are the result of their contamination (Panspermia). Problem: Where are the original aliens? I. They are here! (Cont.)

Zoo scenario Aliens are keeping us in a well designed zoo, cut off from contact. o The aliens are cloaked. They visit to study us w/o interference. They visit to experiment (alien

abductions wars, pandemics etc.). We are for their amusement (pets). Problem: Cant test this hypothesis. Only one alien showing his face would break the illusion We do not exist. If humanity is destined to develop into a post-biological computer-based culture they might well wish to study their ancestors they might choose to do this through computer simulation

with near-unlimited computing power, their simulated personalities would be conscious There is only one real past, and presumably many simulations, so... Fermis Paradox Solutions Basically comes down to 2 possibilites:

1. Life is difficult to start or evolve 2. Advanced civilizations destroy themselves before colonizing space We are looking for them! Searching is limited by great distances. We look for direct planetary

observations (exoplanet hunters). We look for alien constructs (probes, colonies, or artifacts (Dyson spheres). What have we found? NOTHING ! We have signaled them.

Pioneer 10 was launched on 2 March 1972. Pioneer 11 was launched on 5 April 1973. First man made objects to leave the solar system Pioneer plaque. The Golden Record

Voyager I launched on September 5, 1977. Voyager II launched on August 20, 1977. Explains the origin of the spacecraft.

115 images and a variety of natural sounds. spoken greetings in many languages. We are sending radio signals (Arecibo message ) Beamed into space in 1974. Aimed at the globular star cluster M13 some 25,000 LY away.

1679 binary digits. We are leaking signals to space. TV shows from the 50s are now 5,860,000,000,000 mi. out there. WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF US? Stars within 50 light years

Can They See Our Lights? WHAT DO YOU THINK? PBS Nova Poll results: 16% think that we are alone in the universe. 77% think that there is other intelligent life somewhere in the universe. 7% undecided.

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