Welcome and Introductions - University of Florida

Welcome and Introductions - University of Florida

PHHP College Faculty Meeting September 21, 2012 Agenda 1. Welcome and Introductions 2. State of the College 3. Faculty Council Update 4. CEPH Accreditation Update: College Mission, Goals, and Objectives 5. Other Business New Faculty Members Behavioral Science and Community Health Dr. Julie Christie Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Shalewa Noel-Thomas Clinical Assistant Professor Biostatistics Dr. Leslie Gonzalez-Rothi Professor, Department of Neurology, College of Medicine Interim Chair, Department of Biostatistics Biostatistics Dr. Eben Kenah Assistant Professor Dr. Yang Yang Assistant Professor

Clinical and Health Psychology Dr. Lisa Clifford Research Assistant Professor Dr. Crystal Lim Research Assistant Professor Dr. Nicole Whitehead Assistant Professor Environmental and Global Health Dr. Song Liang Associate Professor Health Service Research, Management and Policy

Dr. Madsen Beau de Rochars Assistant Professor Epidemiology Dr. Richard Hopkins Courtesy Faculty Dr. Maria Khan Assistant Professor Dr. Volker Mai Associate Professor Dr. Typhanye Penniman Research Assistant Professor Dr. Jonathan Sugimoto

Research Assistant Professor Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Glenna Ashton American Sign Language Instructor Karen Hegland Assistant Professor, Clinical Assistant Professor Audiology Dr. Christina Lobarinas Clinical Audiologist Dr. Ed Lobarinas Assistant Professor

Dr. Michael Maerten Clinical Lecturer Speech Pathology Dr. Nicole Rosaci Clinical Speech Pathologist University of Florida College of Public Health and Health Professions State of the College September 2012 State of the College Education Research Service Accolades

Review of Goals for FY2011-12 Setting of Goals for FY2012 -13 Education Our Students Number of degree seeking students = 2,070 The student body 83% women 62% White 12% Latino/Hispanic 10% Black/African American 9% Asian/Pacific Islanders

8% other/not reported New Additions to Our Educational Portfolio Self-funded option in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program One Health concentration in the Public Health PhD Program MHS in Environmental and Global Health with One Health concentration New certificate programs Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation Psychometry One Health Student Credit Hour Production (Unweighted and Weighted) by Course Level for

FY10-11 and FY11-12 Course Levels Undergrad Lower Division Undergrad Upper Division Grad 1 (Masters) Grad 2 (Doctoral) Total Unweighted Student Credit Hours

FY10-11 3,180 14,531 8,362 11,300 41,724 FY11-12 2,793 12,882

9,084 12,021 40,317 Change -12.2% -11.3% +8.63% +6.38%

-3.37% 5.90 7.12 Weights 1.05 4.16 Weighted Student Credit Hours FY10-11 3,339 85,733

49,336 80,456 218,864 FY11-12 2,933 76,001 53,596 85,590

218,120 Change -12.2% -11.3% +8.63% +6.38% -0.003% US News and World Report Rankings PHHP Academic Program

AAU Ranking National Ranking Audiology 4th 7th Speech Language Pathology 12th 15th

Clinical Psychology 17th 37th Health Care Management 13th 32th Occupational Therapy 5th

10th Physical Therapy 4th 12th Rankings of the College US News and World Reports PHHP ranked #29 among 49 accredited Schools of Public Health PHHP ranked #11 among AAU Public Institutions with Schools of Public Health Research

Extramural Research Funding ($M) 25 20 15 21.5 10 16.9 17.6 FY08 FY09 19.2

14.7 5 0 FY07 FY10 FY11 FY 2011-2012 Research Awards Among UF Colleges College Rank Total ($M)

Per fac. ($K) 1 Medicine 268.2 449 2 IFAS 92.6

185 3 Engineering 74.4 276 4 Liberal Arts and Sciences 40.6 77

5 Public Health and Health Professions 21.4 279 6 Education 14.6 178

7 Dentistry 13.9 231 8 Veterinary Medicine 11.1 166 9

Pharmacy 8.9 197 10 Design, Construction & Planning 5.1 85 11

Health & Human Performance 3.9 58 12 Business 1.2 15 13 Journalism and Communications

1.1 29 14 Nursing 0.8 47 15 Fine Arts


Institution JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY HARVARD UNIVERSITY COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY Amount $125,452,303 $119,404,260 $57,077,887 Rank 26 27 28 4



Institution UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS SUNY BUFFALO* OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY* Amount $3,204,148 $2,860,000 $2,665,856 29 UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO $2,631,692 $45,340,905

$42,947,723 $37,699,666 $34,334,085 30 31 32 33 UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS CUNY $2,575,338 $2,572,371 $2,405,060

$2,116,000 $22,939,314 34 SUNY ALBANY $1,765,106 $22,082,486 35 UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA MED CTR $1,731,000

$21,186,047 36 UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE $1,337,742 $16,640,810 37 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA $1,304,059

$15,973,275 $15,322,161 38 39 UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO* LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY $1,267,934 $1,219,926 $14,336,590 40 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY

$1,140,530 $12,761,258 $12,441,154 41 42 UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA* $1,133,201 $1,099,000 16 17




$3,344,552 48 GEORGIA SOUTHERN $54,000 $3,281,890 $3,252,194 49 INSP MEXICO SOURCE: Blue Ridge Medical Institute (BRMI)

15 22 UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA HLTH SCI CTR 24 DREXEL UNIVERSITY 25 UNIV OF MED/DENT NJ RUTGERS* *AAU Member Institution. 23 0 PHHP Research: Key Comparisons PHHP research awards have increased 11.9% over

the prior year and 46.3% over the past five years PHHP ranks 2nd among UF Colleges in grant $ per tenure-track faculty member PHHP ranks19th in NIH funding among the 49 accredited Schools of Public Health Clinical Services & Self-Funded Programs Clinical Revenues ($M) 10 9 8.8 8

7.4 7.3 7 6 6 5.6 5 4 3 2

1 0 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 Clinical Revenues PHHP experienced a 6.6% reduction in clinical revenues over the previous year The State budget shortfall has led to elimination or

reduction in clinical contracts Reductions in both Medicare and Medicaid funding have occurred Private insurers have also reduced coverage or lowered rates of reimbursement The net effect is an extremely challenging environment to maintain clinical revenues Self-Funded Program Revenues ($M) 2 1.8 1.8 1.6 1.4

1.4 1.2 1.2 1 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.4 0.3 0.2 0

FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 PHHP Self-Funded Programs Our portfolio of self-funded programs includes: Degree programs (e.g., AuD, MPH) Credit bearing certificate programs (e.g., public health) Non-credit programs (e.g., Life Care Planning)

PHHP ranks 3rd among UF Colleges in revenue generation from credit-bearing online programs PHHP has demonstrated excellent growth in revenues from self-funded programs (28% in past year) Some Notable Departmental Achievements and Accolades Behavioral Science & Community Health Achieved a mean of 43% faculty salary support on grants or contracts Successfully recruited a highly qualified cohort of PhD students Contributed to the successful launch of the pre-public health track in the Bachelor of Health Science program Biostatistics

Received more than $2M in research awards Developed a comprehensive 5-year plan for doctoral program Admitted a cohort 7 new PhD students Developed a graduate student handbook for MS and PhD students Clinical and Health Psychology Received more than $5M in research awards Mobilized 3 training grant applications and 3 diversity supplement submissions Initiated the CHP Development Fund with a very successful opening event in Orlando Developed new linkages with the VA that will allow two faculty members to compete for Merit Review grant funding

Environmental and Global Health Received more than $2.75M in research funding Added a One Health concentration to the PhD Program Developed new MHS in Environmental Health with a One Health concentration Offering certificate program in One Health Established new research and training collaborations in Saudi Arabia and China Epidemiology Reorganized all aspects of departmental and academic program governance structures and functions Submitted more than 30 grant proposals and received over $4.4M in research awards Successfully launched HealthStreet

Established contacts with more than 1,000 residents (80% African American) Serving 28 different investigators, enrolled more than 100 people in research studies at UF Health Services Research, Management and Policy Recruited a highly diverse student cohort in each of its academic programs Developed a comprehensive go forward plan for the PhD program in health services research Reorganized the leadership of the MHA and MPH programs Occupational Therapy Received full re-accreditation by the American Occupational Therapy Association Accreditation Council

Achieved a 96% pass rate by entry-level students on the National Certification Exam Moved into the top 10 among the 189 OT programs in the U.S. Provided leadership for the $2.1M DoD-funded Florida Trauma Rehabilitation Center for Returning Military Personnel Physical Therapy Received more than $4.3M in research awards Achieved a ranking of 12th overall among PT programs Attained a 98% passing rate among Doctor of Physical Therapy students taking the national licensing exam Hosted several important conferences: Neuromuscular Plasticity (T-32) Excellence in Education and Practice Advances in Skeletal Muscle Biology in Health and Disease

American Society of Biomechanics Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Admitted a class of 6 new PhD students Instituted the role of Doctoral Student Advisor Developed a 2+2, self-funded bachelors degree program targeting graduates of 2-year colleges Successfully negotiated a new contract for clinical services with Shands Rehab Some Notable Individual Achievements and Accolades Dr. Mark Bishop Awarded tenure Promoted to Associate Professor

Received the UF Provosts Office Excellence Award for Assistant Professors Dr. Giselle Carnaby-Mann Received the Head and Neck Cancer Alliances 2012 Investigator of the Year Award Dr. Sherrilene Classen Elected to the American Occupational Therapy Foundations Academy of Research Dr. Michael Crary Received UFs Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Award

Patricia Durning Promoted to Clinical Associate Professor David Fuller Named Director of the Rehabilitation Science Doctoral Program Achieved perfect scores of 10 on two RO1s Steven George Received the Ulf Lindblom Young Investigator Award for Clinical Science from the International Association for the Study of Pain

James Hall III Received the American Academy of Audiologys Distinguished Achievement Award Alice Holmes Received the William R. Jones 2011 Outstanding Mentor Award from the Florida Education Fund David Janicke Awarded Fellow status from the American Psychological Associations Division 54 (Society of Pediatric Psychology) Colleen Le Prell

Named Director of Education of the National Hearing Conservation Association Michael Marsiske Awarded UF Research Foundation Professorship (2012-2015) Jamie Pomeranz Promoted to Clinical Associate Professor Michael Robinson Received the 2011-2012 UF Graduate Schools Doctoral Mentoring Award Dorian Rose Received the Dorothy Briggs

Memorial Scientific Inquiry Award from the American Physical Therapy Association John Rosenbek Received the Kawana Award for Lifetime Achievement in Publications from the American Speech-LanguageHearing Association Ronald Rozensky Received the American Psychological Associations 2011 Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Institutional Practice Claudia Senesac Promoted to Clinical Associate

Professor Debra Shimon Promoted to Clinical Associate Professor Lori Waxenberg Promoted to Clinical Professor Mary Ellen Young Named PHHP Teacher of the Year Special Thanks Dr. William Mann More than a decade as RSD Program Director Largest of its kind in the nation Graduates achieve positions at top institutions

Ranked in top quartile of UFs PhD programs Dr. Krista Vandenborne Three years as Associate Dean for Research and Planning Expanded Grants Core to provide coverage to all 9 departments Revamped and enhanced PHHP Research Day

Guided PHHP to a 24% increase in awards over 3 years Deans Citation Paper Award Winners Deans Citation Paper Award Winners Dr. Afsar Ali Department of Environmental and Global Health Ali A., Chen Y., Johnson J.A., Redden E., Mayette Y., Rashid M.H., Stine O.C., and Morris J.G. (2011). Recent clonal origin of cholera in Haiti. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 17 (4).

. Dr. Tracey Barnett Department of Behavioral Science and Community Health Barnett T.E., Curbow B.A., Soule E.K.*, Tomar S.L., Thombs D.L. (2011) Carbon Monoxide levels among patrons of hookah cafes. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 40 (3): 324-328 Dr. Myron Chang Department of Biostatistics Chang, MN, SH Jung, and S Wu (2011). Twostage designs with additional futility tests for phase II clinical trials with heterogeneous patient population. Sequential Analysis, 30:338-349.

Dr. Sherrilene Classen Department of Occupational Therapy Classen, S., Nichols, A.L., McPeek, R.W, & Breiner, J.F. Personality as a Predictor of Older Driver Performance: An Exploratory Study. (2011). Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behavior, 14, 381-389. Dr. Linda Cottler Department of Epidemiology Cottler LB, Ben Abdallah A, Cummings SM, Barr J, Banks R, Forchheimer R. Injury, pain, and prescription opioid use among former National Football League (NFL) players. Drug Alcohol Depend 2011; 116:188-94. PMID: 21277121.

Dr. Jeffrey Harman Department of Health Service Research, Management and Policy Harman JS, Lemak CH, Al-Amin M, Hall AG, Duncan RP, "Changes in per member per month expenditures after implementation of Florida's Medicaid Reform Demonstration," Health Services Research, 46(3):787-804, 2011. Dr. A. Daniel Martin, III Department of Physical Therapy Martin, A. D., B. K. Smith, et al. (2011). "Inspiratory muscle strength training improves weaning outcome in failure to wean patients: a

randomized trial." Critical Care 15(2): R84. Dr. William Perlstein Department of Clinical and Health Psychology Sozda, C., Larson, M., Kaufman, D., Schmalfuss, I., Perlstein, W. (2011). Errorrelated processing following severe traumatic brain injury: An event-related functional magnetic responance imaging (fMRI) study. International Journal of Psychophysiology. Dr. Michelle Troche Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Troche MS, Huebner I, Rosenbek JC, Okun MS, Sapienza CM. (2011). Respiratoryswallowing coordination and swallowing safety in patients with Parkinson's disease.

Dysphagia. 26(3):218-24. Other Notable College-wide Accomplishments PhD Program Reviews Comprehensive assessment of all PhD programs Development of 5-year go forward plans

Review and revision with input form College PhD Assessment Team Presidents Blue Ribbon Panel PhD Report Several PHHP program received high marks None were cited for substantial weaknesses Training Grants Achieved a change in UF policy regarding portion of tuition not covered by T-32 training grants

The Office of VP for Research will provide waivers for uncovered portion of tuition for students on T-32 training grants Commitment of support from PHHP Funds equivalent to of the support for trainees (for one year)

Example: Grant covers 4 trainees, then PHHP provides $ = support for 2 trainees Increase in number of training grant proposals with several funded and others receiving good scores PHHP Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series Dan Shapiro, PhD Lisa Iezzoni, MD Adewale Troutman, MD, MPH Murray Grossman, MD, EdD

PHHP Development Activities UF Capital Campaign Goal for PHHP = $9M UF Capital Campaign Total for PHHP = $10.3M Exceeded our goal by 14.5% PHHP Haiti Initiative Constructed PHHP

Public Health Field Laboratory Attracted NIH and DoD funding for cholera and malaria research Initiated education and research experiences for UF students, including 3 MPH projects Established four, school-based wellness clinics Changes in PHHP Incentive Plan

Doubled the amount of money in the pool from $210K to approximately $420K Increased maximum allowable per faculty member from $10K to $15K Research: Added $100 for each percent of salary covered on extramural research grants

Teaching: Doubled the teaching incentive pool from $75K to $150K Clinical: Faculty to receive 2% of fees collected up to target and 4% of collected fees exceeding the target Accelerated timeline for payouts Review of Goals for FY11-12 o Recruit and appoint an outstanding candidate as chair of biostatistics Develop strong plans for the enhancement of the PhD programs in the College

Increase the number of training grants in the College Gain approval for the MHS One Health proposal o Update the Colleges guidelines for tenure and promotion o Re-evaluate our space usage and allocation methods Increase our self-funded and development activities Continue the growth and expansion of our research enterprise Goals for FY12-13 Recruit and appoint outstanding chairs for Biostatistics and HSRMP Implement best practices for enhancement of the PhD programs in the College Explore innovations in our teaching methods Continue the growth and expansion of our research enterprise Develop closer ties with Shands to enhance clinical

education activities Diversify and increase non-state revenue streams Re-evaluate our space usage and allocation methods Conclusions We have demonstrated high levels of productivity in teaching and research: PHHP ranked in the top quartile at UF with respect to changes in weighted student credit hours Extramural research funding increased by 12% PHHP faculty ranked #2 at UF in per capita research funding Nationally PHHP ranked #19 in NIH funding among accredited schools of public health Conclusions Beyond the metrics, it is clear that we are making

important contributions Educating students will be leaders in public health and the health professions Creating new knowledge that will help solve critical health and public health problems Providing beneficial services to individuals and communities The Bottom Line PHHP has had a great year! The success of the College is due to the collective efforts of our dedicated faculty, staff, and students!! Thank you!!! Faculty Council Update Dr. Dawn Bowers

CEPH Reaccreditation Timeline for PHHP Preliminary self-study due: September 3, 2013 Comments from preliminary reviewers: November 4, 2013 Final self-study due: January 3, 2014 Site visit: February 3-5, 2014 Decision: Fall 2014 Mission, Goals, and Objectives Revised in 2008 for CEPH accreditation Revised slightly 2010 for UF Health Science Center Strategic Plan Time to re-examine College Mission Statement The mission of the College of Public Health and Health Professions is to preserve, promote, and improve the health

and well being of populations, communities, and individuals. To fulfill this mission, we foster collaborations among public health and the health professions in education, research, and service. Goal I: Provide excellent educational programs that prepare graduates to address the multifaceted health needs of populations, communities, and individuals. Objectives: Enroll a strong and diverse student body Recruit and retain outstanding diverse faculty Maintain and enhance excellent academic programs that emphasize current knowledge, discovery, and practice Prepare students who, upon graduation, are competitive in the public health and health professions employment markets

Goal II: Address priority health needs by conducting quality research and disseminating the findings. Objectives: Address priority health needs by conducting quality research and disseminating the findings Recruit Compete successfully for research funding, thus contributing to greater national prominence Promote collaborative research within the College and across the University Produce and disseminate new knowledge that contributes to the health of communities and individuals Goal III Lead and actively participate in serving our university, our professions, and individuals and

communities Objectives: Develop and maintain partnerships with community organizations to promote health Provide professional service to the community Provide professional service to the College and the University Provide educational programs that meet workforce development needs

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