Welcome to 12th Grade Senior Parent Night!

Welcome to 12th Grade Senior Parent Night!

Welcome 12 Grade Senior Parents th Hosted By WFHS Counseling West Forsyth High School Vision Inspiring Innovative Leaders Mission To provide the students of WFHS a comprehensive education preparing them to inspire, innovate, and lead. Motto We Excel and Succeed Together

Vision: Success for all Mission: To create the ideal learning environment Motto: Putting smiles on faces Beliefs: Collaboration is essential to professional and personal growth. Instruction must be engaging. Relationships are the key to success. Communication with all stakeholders is vital. Serving others is first priority. Focuses for the 2017-18 School Year Building Relationships

Instructional / Peer Coaching Improving Communication Be awesome. Have fun. Make this the best day ever. I am West Forsyth! We are family! Senior Class Sponsor: Jenny Gilmore Senior dues ONLINE ONLY for the Class of 2018. Please pay Senior dues at www.gabalfour.com Dues:

$115 before September 15* $125 September 16-March 14* $150 March 15-April 28* $175 April 28-May 25- cap/gown will be shipped to student's home; additional shipping charges may apply *Cap/gown will be delivered to the school. Pick-up date will be announced in March. Senior dues: pay for Cap, Gown, Tassel, Senior gift, Senior breakfast, Senior baccalaureate reception, Graduation programs, Gwinnett Arena rental, diploma covers, and diploma. Senior Class Contacts Jenny Gilmore - Senior Class sponsor [email protected] Sean Smith - Balfour representative Maureen Farry - yearbook

[email protected] [email protected] Andy Coleman - yard signs/banners [email protected] WFHS PTO Involvement The PTO supports the students, teachers and staff with scholarships, teacher grants, and much more with your membership dues of ONLY $20! You can join online via our website: http://www.forsyth.k12.ga.us/Page/23290 or by printing the membership form and turning it into the main office in a labeled envelope with WFHS PTO. Opportunities to Get Involved:

Hospitality - Volunteer to make/serve food for student & teacher appreciation activities. Membership Committee - Help with membership activities and input of membership forms. Student Appreciation Committee - Help with planning student appreciation activities. Teacher Appreciation Committee - Help with planning teacher appreciation activities. Copy Mom/Dad Help make copies for teachers. Volunteer List - Cant commit to something in particular? We can use you for various one time projects. Emails will be sent when we need people and, if youre available, you can sign-up to help. To volunteer for the above opportunities, please contact us at: [email protected] and also stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 2017-2018 PTO Board Co-Presidents- Jessie Raymond and Kelly Wilson-Pellino VP of Communications- Lori Kneeburg

VP of Student Relations- Joy Burns VP of Teacher Relations- Melanie Bartholomew Treasurer- Kari Prinke Secretary- Laurie Vandergrift Parliamentarian- Jennie Jones We look forward to meeting you and welcome your participation, suggestions, and comments. Thank you for your continued support!! WFHS PTO Board Counseling Department Deven Eberhardt: A-CH

Jennifer Ciaccio: Ci-F Cassie Chumbler: G-Ka Donovan Hollis: Ke-Nel Kim Spence: Ner-Sh Allison Rinehart: Si-Z Administration Team Principal: Karl Mercer Assistant Principal: Molly Bradley

Assistant Principal: Bob Carnaroli Assistant Principal: Tom Fowler Assistant Principal: Tony Norce Assistant Principal: Matt Woodley Graduation Coach: Lindsey Needham Assistant Administrator: Aaron Archambeau Assistant Administrator: Judy Hollandsworth Athletic Director: Brett Phipps Graduation Requirements 4 English credits 4 Math credits 4 Science credits

3 Social Studies 3 Career/Fine Arts/World Language Health/Personal Fitness 4 additional electives 23 Total Units Pathway Recognition Career Tech Recognition Fine Art Recognition Advanced Academic Recognition World Language Recognition SAT/ACT Calendar

See handout for dates/locations and registration information. Prep Options Do you need to take SAT? Send scores to respective colleges directly. www.collegeboard.com www.act.org High School Code: 110929 SAT/ACT Calendar Type of Test

Test Dates Score Range Penalty for Wrong Answers Structure SAT ACT Test of critical thinking and problem solving

Content-based test August 26 October 7 November 4 December 2 March 10 May 5 September 9 October 28 December 9

February 10 April 14 June 9 400 - 1600 1 - 36 No No Critical Thinking

Math (through Alg. II) Writing English Math (through Trigonometry) Reading Science Reasoning Writing (Optional) Ready? Set? Go!!! What still needs to be done? Complete college research & college applications Understand the difference between being able to get into a college and being

able to AFFORD a college. Understand the difference between high school graduation requirements and college entrance requirements Understand that there are high school deadlines and college deadlines for admissions, scholarships, NCAA, HOPE, FAFSA Submit all requests for transcripts, evaluations and letters by the high school deadline Research scholarships and financial aid College Research Review What am I looking for? Size, location, costs, majors, clubs/groups, etc. How does the BIG 3 affect my admissions?

GPA, SAT/ACT, Curriculum Strength Have I narrowed my list down to 5-7 schools? 1-2 Dream, 2-3 Reach, 2-3 Safety Review Plan a visit to tour the campus Attend College Fairs Meet with the college representatives when they come to WFHS Calculate your academic GPA (most colleges only consider academic courses) where 90+ = 4, 80-89 = 3, 70-79 = 2, and 0-69 = 0.

** Always contact the college to verify how they actually recalculate your GPA. Important Resources GA Futures (www.gafutures.org) Bigfuture (https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org) University of Georgia and Georgia Tech University of Georgia Georgia Tech

Fall of 2017 PROFILE Fall of 2017 PROFILE Total Applicants : 24,500 Total Enrolled: 5,800 Middle 50% Core GPA: 4.0 Middle 50% (SAT) 1344 Middle 50% ACT: 30 Middle 50% AP/IB/DE Courses 4 9 Total Applicants: 31,504

Total Enrolled: 1,260 Middle 50%: A Average Middle 50% (CR+M+W): 1360-1490 Middle 50%: 30-34 Middle 50% AP/IB/DE Courses 8-13 EARLY ACTION: October 15th Foundation Fellowship: November 1st REGULAR DECISION: January 1st **You must submit your application before you request a transcript from the counseling office. **If you are applying for the Honors College, you will have to submit a separate application

and transcript. EARLY ACTION: October 15th REGULAR DECISION: January 1st **You will have to complete the Common Application . Other Four Year Georgia Schools Kennesaw State University Avg. GPA: 3.22 Avg. SAT: CR 490/MA 460 Avg. ACT: English 20/Math 19

Valdosta State Avg. GPA: 3.15 Avg. SAT: CR/540 Math/510 Avg. ACT: 22 Georgia State University Avg. GPA: 3.2-3.7 Avg. SAT: 1120 Avg. ACT: 24 University West Georgia Avg. GPA: 3.11 Avg. SAT: CR/485 Math/476

Avg. ACT: 20 University of North Georgia Avg. GPA: 3.62 Avg. SAT: 1120 Avg. ACT: 24 Georgia Gwinnett College Min. GPA: 2.0 SAT: CR 480/ MA 460 ACT: English 21/ Math 19 COMPASS: 32 ENG, 62 CR, 20 MA Georgia Southern University

Avg. GPA: 3.24 Min. SAT: 1010 Min. ACT: 21 Columbus State University Min GPA: 2.5 Min SAT: CR 440/ MA 410 Min ACT: English 17/Math 17 Two Year Schools in Georgia Oxford College Of Emory University Georgia Military College

Oxford, GA Avg. GPA: 3.69-3.98 SAT: 2010-2250 ACT: 20-34 Georgia Perimeter College Alpharetta, GA Min. GPA: 2.0 Accepting SAT/ACT or COMPASS

Milledgeville , GA Min. GPA: 2.39 SAT: 920 ACT: 19 University of North Georgia: 2-year College Oconee, Forsyth , Watkinsville SAT: MA 310, CR 330 ACT: MA 14, ENG 12 Technical Colleges in Georgia Gwinnett Technical College

Atlanta Technical College Lawrenceville, GA Atlanta, GA Accepting COMPASS if you do not meet the min. SAT/ACT SAT: MA 410, CR 410 ACT: 18

Chattahoochee Technical College Lanier Technical College Marietta, GA Cumming, GA ACT: 19 SAT: CR 460, MA 440 or COMPASS Accepting COMPASS if you do not

meet the min. SAT/ACT Military Options in Georgia Georgia Army National Guard SSG WYCHE [email protected] 706-974-9199 US ARMY John C. Hughes Sergeant First Class [email protected] 770-503-1126

NAVY Keith Bostick EM1 770-532-3124 [email protected] MARINES SSGT Mitchell Hamilton [email protected] 678-229-7313 College Applications #1 Complete your applications

Online is best option. Common App (www.commonapp.org) allows you to apply to over 400 colleges with one application. You will need to invite your counselor to complete your evaluation by submitting their email address. Make sure you have their correct email address! **Make sure you verify the application deadline for each individual college that you are applying to. College Applications #2 2017-2018 TRANSCRIPT REQUEST PROCESS: Please visit www.mypaymentsplus.com to pay for your transcript. Each transcript request is $4. Instate: Transcripts will be submitted electronically.

Out of State: you must submit payment through www.mypaymentsplus.com AND get an envelope from the counseling office, address it to the college admissions office, and provide 3 stamps. **For Common App, you only need to make one transcript request for the schools that you applying to through that site. College Applications #2 (cont.) Very Important! There is a two week (business day) notification period for transcripts that require counselor recommendations or evaluations to be submitted with your transcript request. Example: Any one applying to UGA or Tech early application (deadline Oct. 15th) should

have their transcript request in by Sept 22nd at the latest! Example: For any January 1st deadlines, request should be into the counseling office by December 4th at the latest! College Applications #3 Counselor Evaluations and Recommendations: These are not required for every school, so check the colleges application requirements to verify if you need these or not. If needed, turn in to your counselor a completed Senior Profile Sheet that can be found on the WFHS Counseling website (please save a copy of this for your records). **Reminder: request should be made at least two weeks prior to the application deadline.

College Applications #3 cont Very Important! If the recommendation or evaluation request is going to be made electronically, it is your responsibility to check with your counselor to make sure that they have received the email notification. Make sure you have their correct email address! College Applications #4 Teacher recommendations: If a teacher recommendation is needed, please give them a 2 3 week notice, you will submit to your recommender stamped and

addressed envelopes for each of the schools that you would like a letter sent to. Just as with your counselor, if the request is made electronically you will need to verify with your recommender, that they have received the request. Make sure you have their correct email address! College Applications #5 Make sure that you have sent your ACT, SAT, or both scores to each of the schools that you are applying to! SAT www.collegeboard.com ACT www.actstudent.org

Step By - Step For your convenience, all of the steps of the application procedures are posted on the WFHS Counseling Website. All Done? Check all of your application requirements to make sure that you have submitted all needed documentation! Some colleges or programs may require supplemental information (Common App), portfolios, interviews, etc. Please see your counselor for any questions! Continue to work hard in school because college acceptances are

not guaranteed and can be rescinded. Start thinking about which school you will attend if you are accepted. Find some scholarship money! Early Action/Early Decision Early Action Not binding if student is accepted, not obligated to attend. Early Decision Binding if student accepted,

obligated to withdraw all other applications. HOPE Scholarship Graduate from a HOPE-eligible high school Be registered for Selective Service (males only) Meet Georgia residency requirements 3.0 CORE GPA (all academic courses only) **English, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Language

AP quality pts. (only .50 given for AP, nothing above a 4.0) RIGOR Requirement - FOUR rigor Courses. Middle school credit is not calculated in the HOPE GPA All calculations are done by the Georgia Student Finance Commission, and not by WFHS or Forsyth Co. Schools. HOPE GPA is not rounded up, so 2.99 does not qualify. WFHS Cumulative GPA HOPE GPA https://www.gafutures.org/hope-state-aid-programs/hope-zell-miller-scholarships/hope-scholarship/eligibility/

HOPE Scholarship Covers a percentage % of tuition (based on Lottery Funds) Award Amounts: $$$ varies and depends on the type of institution you are attending (public/private). https://www.gafutures.org/hope-state-aid-programs/hope-zell-miller-scholarships/zell-miller-scholarship/award-amounts / Zell Miller Scholarship Covers 100% of tuition (based on Lottery Funds) Requirements:

Must meet all the requirements to be eligible for the HOPE Scholarship, plus: Core GPA of 3.70 1,200 SAT (CR+MA) on a single test administration or a 26 composite on the ACT RIGOR Requirement FOUR rigor Courses. https://www.gafutures.org/hope-state-aid-programs/hope-zell-miller-scholarships/zell-miller-scholarship/eligibility/ How to Keep HOPE/Zell Miller HOPE: Students must maintain a 3.0+ GPA in college to receive HOPE Scholarship. If a student falls below 3.0 they may only regain the HOPE Scholarship one time, if their GPA returns to 3.0+ or

higher. Zell Miller: Students must maintain a 3.3+ GPA in college to receive Zell Miller Scholarship. If a student falls below 3.3 they may only regain the Zell Miller Scholarship one time, if their GPA returns to 3.3+ or higher. (As long as students GPA does not fall below 3.0, this student is still eligible to receive the HOPE Scholarship) All HOPE is Not Lost! Did you know that if you graduate from high school with less than a 3.0 GPA, you could still earn HOPE once you get into college? At 30, 60, or 90 hours, if a once ineligible student earns a 3.0+, they become HOPE eligible. This does not apply to Zell Miller. Students have to be eligible for

Zell Miller upon graduating from high school, to receive the award at any point in college. HOPE at Private Institutions HOPE Scholarship (Enrolled Full-Time) $4,056 per year award ZELL MILLER (Enrolled Full-Time) $4,480 per year award HOPE Grant Pays a percentage of tuition at all Georgia Technical Colleges Graduate from a Hope-eligible high school

NO GPA requirement Technical College System (based on 12 hours per year) $1,680 (HOPE) and $2,136 (Zell) https://www.gafutures.org/hope-state-aid-programs/hope-zell-miller-grants/hope-grant/eligibility/ How to Apply Apply for the HOPE Applying for HOPE, Zell Miller, or HOPE Grant Complete FAFSA starting October, 2016. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) - www.fafsa.ed.gov View your HOPE average Go to www.gafutures.org and login to your account. There is a link titled calculate my HOPE GPA. For Additional Information on HOPE

Contact Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) 770-724-9000 or www.gsfc.org Other Scholarship Options College based: check college financial aid websites for criteria and categories. Community based: church, civic groups, local organizations. Private based: parents place of work, FREE scholarship search through websites. Visit the WFHS Counseling Website. www.scholarships.com www.fastweb.com www.gacollege411.org

www.gsfc.com NCAA Initial-Eligibility Center If you are planning on participating in intercollegiate athletics at an NCAA Division I or II institution you must register with the NCAA InitialEligibility Center Access the registration materials by visiting the NCAA website www.eligibilitycenter.org When taking the SAT/ACT, enter 9999 for scores to be sent to NCAA Students and parents are responsible for determining NCAA eligibility to Division I and Division II schools Counselors are neither responsible nor allowed to determine eligibility

Senior Reminders Wednesday, October 11th is the PSAT OPTIONS: Utilize as a college visit day Participate in planned morning activity (early release day) Scheduled college representative visits on WFHS campus. Listen to the announcements and check the website! Check out the senior bulletin board on the main hallway by the food court Sign in the Blue Book to have your colleges added to the WFHS Seniors Are Going Places board.

Financial Aid Night Date: November 7th Time: 6:30pm Location: WFHS Cafe FAFSA Apply for PIN # www.FAFSA.ed.gov www.gafutures.org Annual Apply to College Night Date: October 5th Time: 2:00pm-6:00

Location: WFHS Media Center Please reserve your spot by going onto mypaymentsplus.com and make your $10 payment Follow us on Twitter @WFHS_HS Visit the WFHS Counseling website! Questions

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