Welcome to 5th Grade - LCISD

Welcome to 5th Grade - LCISD

WELCOME TO CAMPBELL ELEMENTARY Principal: Michelle Koerth Assistant Principal: Joe Imrie Counselor: Marilyn Stephens Camp Campbell ~ Adventure Under SCHOOL REMINDERS DRESS CODE REMINDERS Clothing

Item Navy or Khaki Bottom s Plain Navy, Red or White Polo Top

Acceptable (Shorts & Skirts need to be finger tip length) Not Approved (Too short) Health Spirit Shirts

NEW: The PE Department is selling Health Spirit Shirts for $10 to be worn on Field Day and ANY Friday, Field Day 2017 will be held on Friday, November 3, 2017. If you are considering volunteering on Field Day, feel free to purchase a Health Spirit Shirt as well to join in the Cougar spirit.

You may get an order form from your childs teacher, the front office, or Ms. Nesbitt (PE Teacher). If you have questions please contact Debbie Nesbitt at [email protected] Campbell Elementary 2017-18 Themed Spirit Shirts Camp Campbell T-shirts can be worn on any Friday during the

2017-2018 school year. SHOES Acceptable Not Acceptable SCHOOL DAY

7:00 Doors Open 7:20 1st Bell 7:30 Tardy Bell / School Starts (Students should be in their seats)

30 Minute Lunch 30 Minute Recess 2:40 Dismissal ABSENCES

If your child goes to the doctor, ask for a note so the absence does not count for ADA purposes. NOTE: 10 days to submit an absence note. Send a note to have the absence explained - Include: Students Name Teacher Grade Level

Date Cause Signature ABSENCES ILLNESS LCISD encourages all students to attend school every day unless prevented by an illness with these symptoms:

* Fever of >100 F * Contiguous health condition in association with diarrhea / vomiting STUDENTS MUST BE FEVER FREE & CLEAR OF DIARRHEA / VOMITING FOR 24 HOURS BEFORE RETURNING TO SCHOOL

See LCISD Handbook page 29 or contact the school nurse, Kathy Poncik, for more details! CLASSROOM DISRUPTIONS Please make every effort before school to help your child prepare for the day ahead. Back Pack = Lunch Kit = Water = Snack = Homework =

Classroom disruptions should be kept to a minimum so our kids can take every opportunity to learn and start their day in a positive way! LUNCH Lunch Schedule: 10:00 Kindergarten 10:30 1st Grade 11:00 2nd Grade 11:30 3rd Grade 12:00 4th Grade 12:30 5th Grade *All students are expected to bring a lunch or purchase one from the

cafeteria. If you want to exempt your child from lunch please send a note. New Information: Lunch Time Routines NEW ON LINE PAYMENT SYSTEM: www.parentonline.net. unavailable to pay for lunches anymore! https://www.schoolcafe.com/ View your student's cafeteria account balance and purchases. Plus place blocks on your childs account if you wish. The balances carried over from parent on line to the new school caf but you still have to set up your childs account. You will need your childs school ID# which is his/

her lunch #. NEW: We will continue to house the Cougar Caf but have added a table in the lunchroom for you and your child to visit! SNACK TIME Please bring a nutritious snack that does not require lengthy clean up. No drinks, except water. BIRTHDAY TREATS Point #1: State law does allow an exception to the FMNV restrictions and

recommends that birthday treats be served after the lunch period ends so that treats do not spoil student appetites for a nutritious meal. Point #2: The treats will be shared at a time designated by the campus principal. (End of the day) Point#3: The birthday treat exception does not constitute a birthday party; therefore other items cannot be brought to school. (party favors, treat bags, balloons, and flowers) Point #4: Because of the time constraints, the treat is limited to one item per classmate and it must be a store purchased single serve item (i.e. cupcake, cookie, etc.) so that it can be served, eaten, and cleaned up within a reasonable time. ARRIVAL:


TARDY! THIS PRACTICE IS NOT SAFE FOR DRIVERS NOR PEDESTRIANS! DISMISSAL Students and parents are required to exit the campus immediately after dismissal. It is the teachers responsibility to make sure students exit the campus safely. When large groups of parents gather around to visit, it makes it difficult for the teachers to account for all of the students matching up with their guardian.

DISMISSAL To avoid confusion at dismissal, it is HIGHLY recommended to keep your child on the same schedule for dismissal every day. CHANGE OF TRANSPORTATION Send a WRITTEN NOTE about any transportation changes. Dont rely on e-mail! Should you have an emergency and need to change transportation after the school day has begun, call the front desk by 2:00. Change of transportation notes are

delivered to the classroom at 2:00. Include Date Student Name Your Desired Change 2:00 REMINDER: No check-outs after 2:15 Any requested check out after 2:15 will require administrative approval

BUS Students are NOT allowed to ride the DISMISSAL bus home with a friend for Scouts, play dates, etc. Emergency situations will require a conversation with the principal and a principals signature of approval for the bus driver.

STUDENTS WALKING HOME AT DISMISSAL Please speak with your child about walking directly home and not stopping at a friends house to visit! DISMISSAL CONTINUED Day Care: Students will be supervised by a Campbell teacher until their day care van / bus arrives. If your child gets picked up early from school you must contact the day care facility to let them know your child will not be riding the van / bus after

school. If you do not follow their procedure, the van / bus will be delayed until your child is located. This results in many delays and much wait time for the students on the van / bus. Car Riders: Parents who wish to pick up their child from campus in the car rider line must have a decal posted with the childs name and grade level. Parking in the circle drive is not permitted at dismissal time. Rainy Day Dismissal: If Rainy Day dismissal is necessary, a decision will be made between 2:00-2:20.

An email and Remind will then be sent to parents. PRINCIPALS PAW PRINTS e-Paw Prints will be sent out via e-mail only on Sunday afternoons. PRINCIPALS TEXT REMINDERS TEXT @47FH69 TO 81010 DAILY FOLDERS

Each student will have a Cougar Code of Conduct chart in his/her daily folder. Infractions of rules will be recorded on the Code of Conduct. If there is a empty box for the days box, they had a good day! Most notes about our class, school or grade level will come home in Thursday folders.

If you send a note to school, please send it in your childs conduct folder. CURRICULUM GRADING POLICY CHANGES Teachers shall provide corrective instruction and a reasonable opportunity to reassess failure to master TEKS on major grades (tests). The highest possible grade that can be earned and recorded is a 70%. The following are not subject to reassessment: Minor Grades (classwork / quizzes)

Compositions Student Projects CURRICULUM GRADING POLICY CHANGES Reading / Language Arts / Math / Science / Social Studies A minimum of eight (8) minor grades and two (2) major grades will be taken each nine weeks. The report card will reflect a weight of 70% minor grades and 30% major grades. DATES TO SAVE WHICH COULD AFFECT YOUR

WORK SCHEDULE Field Day November 3 Parent Conferences Week of November 6th Holiday Parties December 22 End of the Year Awards June 7

Texas Public School Week Activity Week of March 5th Field Trips TBD CONTACTING THE TEACHER Send a note in your childs folder Call the office 832-223-1300

Email Address: Note: Conference Time is

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