Welcome To Cinco Ranch High School- Class of 2014

Welcome To Cinco Ranch High School- Class of 2014

Freshman Counseling Staff Laury Good Last Names A - K Angele Fowler Last Names Cathy Bannert

Administrative Asst. L-Z Semester Grades All daily grades, quizzes, and test grades will be recorded as numbers in the grade book. Six weeks and semester grades will also be averaged and recorded on the report card numerically. At this time, the final exam counts 15% of the semester grade. The three 6-weeks count for 85% total.

Semester Grade Note: This is subject to change based on legislative decisions. Profile of a Successful Pre AP Student Professes interest in subject selected Maintains excellent study habits Plans ahead on long term projects Asks questions and participates in class Perseveres when faced with challenging material.

Refuses to give up when the going gets tough. Balances academic load with outside commitments Meets Pre AP entry guidelines New Exit Guidelines for Pre AP/AP Courses

Students petitioning to exit a Pre AP or AP course must meet the following criteria: conference with the teacher, completion of course assignments and attendance at recommended tutorials. The petition for exit may or may not be granted by the campus. Granting the petition is based on input from the teacher, student performance in the course, availability of space in other courses and the timing of the request. Students experiencing success (able to maintain a C or better SEMESTER AVERAGE) in the course should remain in

the course for the semester. Refer to the course catalog for more details. English 1 0101 English 1 0111 English 1 Pre-AP 0107 English 1 Pre-AP/GT Math 0211 Algebra I

0223 Geometry 0224 Geometry Pre AP 0226 Geometry Pre AP/GT 0261 Algebra II 0262 Algebra II Pre AP 0263 Algebra II Pre AP/GT *Algebra I is the prerequisite for Geometry **Geometry is the prerequisite for Algebra II Suggested Requirements for

Entrance into Pre AP Geometry Recommended minimum 8th grade Algebra average of 90% Students should have a good work ethic Students should be able to apply concepts on tests and quizzes which require higher level thinking Students should enjoy math or be interested in math Students learn math concepts quickly Science

0411 Biology 0412 Biology Pre-AP 0410 Biology Pre-AP/GT Suggested Requirements for Entrance into Pre AP Biology 85 or above in all junior high science classes Highly recommended to have taken Algebra I in 8th grade This is a time intensive course that requires a great deal of studying

Organized and self-motivated learner with good study habits Social Studies 0341 World Geography 0343 World Geography Pre-AP 0344 World Geography Pre-AP/GT Choose World Geography even if planning to take in summer school. Student must indicate ss on course selection sheet so the counselor is aware and will place student in one of the

chosen alternate courses once grades have been received. Study Hall May take for NO credit Course number 0020 Foreign Languages 6110 French 1 6210 German 1 6310 Spanish 1 6320 Spanish 2

6361 SpSpSp 1* (1st sem. =1 credit) 6362 SpSpSp 2* (2nd sem. =1 credit) *Native speaker class Foreign Languages 6710 American Sign Language 6410 Japanese 6810 Chinese Foreign Language credit may also be earned through Credit by Exam. See your 8th grade counselor for application

and spring testing times and days. Athletics Football Track Soccer Volleyball Softball Golf Tennis

Basketball Diving Cross Country Wrestling Swimming Trainer Baseball Alternate Electives Choose 3 alternate courses in case a course you have selected is unavailable. Choose wisely as staffing is determined

by your selections. Students will be held responsible for their course selections. Course availability is determined by students course selections. Following verification of course selections, changes for the 2015-2016 school year will be allowed only in the following cases: 1. Error in scheduling by the school (data entry error); 2. Student has not met course prerequisites; 3. Student has already earned credit for the course;

4. Change in program (athletics, fine arts, etc. ); 5. Level changes as recommended by the teacher/counselor, with parental and principal approval; 6. Student did not meet standard on the STAAR/EOC Exam. *Please make your selections carefully. Many changes will not be possible due to class availability and scheduling conflicts. A Successful Cougar

HOMEWORK Counts! Academics Count! Studies each night and read textbooks. Gets involved in school activities. Tries out for an athletic team. Joins a club, does volunteer service hours for the CATS program. Respects CRHS traditions and rules! Talks with their teachers, counselors, and

principals. Junior High Course Selection BJH-January 20th CRJH-January 22nd Students will receive course catalogs, and course selection sheets at that time. For student specific questions, please contact your students 8th grade counselor. Endorsements

It is very important that you choose an endorsement. Refer to page 11 of your course catalog for endorsement options. STEM Business and Industry Public Services Arts and Humanities Multidisciplinary Studies

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