Welcome to First Grade Curriculum Night

Welcome to First Grade Curriculum Night

Welcome to First Grade Curriculum Night Language Arts We are implementing the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts. Implemented through a balanced approach to literacy including guided reading, shared reading, read alouds with accountable talk, structured word inquiry, writing workshop, and shared and interactive writing Common Core Standards include:

Reading: Literature Reading: Informational Text Reading: Foundational Skills Writing Speaking and Listening Language Resources We have a variety of resources to teach each of these areas. Good Habits, Great Readers Structured Word Inquiry

Units of Study in Opinion, Information and Narrative Writing Comprehension Toolkit Leveled books Writing Workshop

Method of writing instruction Mini-lesson, Write Time and Confer, Share Time Students write about their own lives, knowledge, and experiences Students cycle through the writing process Collecting, drafting, revising, editing and publishing Students work in authentic ways Students build independence Structured Word Inquiry

Instruction that builds an understanding of word structure as a tool for investigating the interrelation of spelling and meaning. Students investigate the meaning, structure and history of words through word webs, word matrices and guided inquiry. Word Matrix Word Sums Real Script

Focus on correct letter formation Students learn letters with the same pathway together (a, c, o, d,) Lowercase letters are taught first Students learn phonemes as they learn letter pathways SEL (Social Emotional Learning)

Second Step SEL Researched based program 30 minute lesson once a week Engaging activities fun songs and games Children learn how to make new friends, manage their emotions, solve problems, and deal with peer pressure Eureka Math The Eureka Math resource was built around the core principle that students need to know more than just what works when solving a problem they need to understand why it works.

Why Eureka? Eureka has received high ratings from educators nationwide and school districts are seeing growth and impressive test scores after just one year of implementation. Eureka with Growth Mindset Students with a Growth Mindset arent afraid to make mistakes. Brain research shows that mistakes are good and help you to learn more. Kids with a Growth Mindset achieve more. What will Eureka look like in the classroom?

Typically, there are 6 components to each lesson: Fluency Daily math fact practice which is used to maintain skills, prepare for the current lesson, and/or anticipate skills used in future lessons Application Problem Word problem which can lead into the concept development or review a concept from the previous day Concept Development Majority of the lesson which teaches a particular skill. Can include a variety of activities (whiteboards, manipulatives, partner work) Problem Set Independent practice to apply the skills taught from the concept development. Sometimes students will work on only a few problems Debrief Reflection after problem set to review as a whole class a few areas Exit Ticket Quick gauge of student understanding of the days skill

Eureka School/Home Connection Problem Sets Problem Sets can come home unfinished and that is okay. It is encouraged to review and complete the Problem Sets with your child at home.

Exit Tickets Exit Tickets will be coming home frequently and it is encouraged to review the Exit Tickets with your child at home. Assessments/Rubrics Assessments can be informal observations, exit tickets, mid-module assessments, and end of module assessments. Rubrics will be used to grade and inform you of your childs progress on the mid module and end of module assessments.

Eureka School/Home Connection Daily Extra Practice The purpose of daily practice at home is to reinforce skills taught at school and increase the home/school connection. The expectation is that your child will be logging into Zearn and/or completing an extra practice sheet sent home in the fluency bag. Letter/Login Please refer to your parent informational letter with your online account login information.

Outcome Assessments FASTBRIDGE is the district adopted assessment in ELA and Math FASTBRIDGE will be administered 3 times per year in first grade Our first assessment starts on September 28th FASTBRIDGE results will be used for third grade Advanced ELA placement (students must be in the 95%ile or above in their school) Any questions, please contact Kirsten Frankovich (GP Principal) or Janet McClarence (Director of Curriculum and Instruction)

Where can I see what my kids will be learning?

www.fsd157c.org District office tab Curriculum tab ALL curricular expectations are listed for parents Homework Grand Prairies homework focus will be on building reading fluency and math fluency. Daily reading from fluency bags Daily math practice (Zearn or extra practice page from Eureka) Logins and passwords for Raz-Kids, Tumblebooks, and Zearn

are included in your folder. TIGER Schedule We do not have specials on a set day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc). Instead, we have a TIGER schedule, which means that each special falls on a T, I, G, E, or R day. Below is our class schedule for specials: T Day- P.E. I Day-Art, P.E. G Day-Music, P.E. E Day- Tech, P.E.

R Day- Library, P.E. Lunch 12:05-12:25- Purple Lunchroom (Original) Recess 12:25-12:45 Communication Weekly newsletters and other information will be provided in a variety of formats. Email Teacher Page Seesaw App- look in curriculum folder for details regarding how to sign up via your phone. Seesaw is similar to remind texts,

but Seesaw allows for videos and updates to watch what we are doing! Contacting me Email- [email protected] is the best way Notes Seesaw app Transportation changes- MUST be sent in the form of a note, not an email! Phone-goes to voicemail during school hours

Parent Teacher Conferences Parent teacher conferences are on November 25th and 26th. Sign up sheet is available tonight to sign up! Holiday Parties Fall, Winter, Valentines

5 person limit to the number of helpers. An email will be sent out well in advance of each party asking for helpers. Party helpers will then be asked to assist in planning and facilitating the party. The FSP is the Parent Teacher Organization for District 157-C. Our mission is designed to strengthen the partnership between home and school through parent volunteer opportunities, student enrichment activities and fun family events. Some of the ways that we have enriched and supported the curriculum include: Funding for field trips

Sponsoring special assembly programs Providing scholarships Providing curriculum enrichment funding to each school Coordinating volunteers for all our events and programs Each year we also hold FREE fun family events such as: Fall Family Fun Night and Creative Arts Showcase at Grand Prairie Exploration Night and Family Fitness Night at Chelsea Come visit our table at Curriculum Night and visit us at www.fsp157c.org Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/FamilySchoolPartnership157c Contact us via email at [email protected]

give. grant. grow. MISSION: Raising funds throughout the year to fulfill teacher written grants. Over $2 million granted to date. GRANTED TO: Grand Prairie, Chelsea and Hickory Creek FUNDRAISERS: Annual Dinner Auction, Golf Outing, Coin Drive, Frankfort Fall Fest BETA Tent

RECENT GRANTS: SMART BOARDS in 20 classrooms at Chelsea Rebecca Caudill, Blue Stem and Monarch Book Programs Electronic Signage at Chelsea Razkids and Math Fact Programs at Grand Prairie Hickory Creek guitars, music, green screen and PE Equipment Netbooks and Tablet PCs at Hickory Creek For more information and volunteering opportunities visit our website at www.ef157c.org Thank you for

coming! Welcome to First Grade! Please sort supplies according to signs on the counter and tables. (Take everything out of packages, except for crayons and Crayola markers) Items needing your childs name: folders, notebooks, headphones, scissors, & supply box Inside supply box: 2 sharpened pencils, 1 big pink eraser, 1 box of crayons, 1 box of markers, 1 dry erase marker, scissors, 1 highlighter, & 1 glue stick

Verify email address with Ms. Mikrut. Put supply box in cubby. Take bus tag and zip tie for backpack! Feel free to look around Grand Prairie!

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