Welcome to Fourth Grade! - Loudoun County Public Schools

Welcome to Mrs. Olsens Spanish 2 class Course Description Students review, strengthen, and amplify the basic principles of Level I. Focus On 4 Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing through in-class activities pertaining to daily

life, geography, and history of Spanish-speaking countries. Credit: This course provides one credit toward fulfilling the foreign language requirements for an Advanced Studies Diploma (three years of one language or two years each of two languages.) MAIN TOPICS: 1st Quarter

Unit I: Tu da escolar Classroom items, activities, and rules Extracurricular Activities Unit II: Un evento especial Daily Routines and Getting Ready for an Event Describing What You Wear, Pricing 2nd Quarter Unit III: De compras Clothing, shopping, and prices Gifts, accessories, buying,

and shopping Review for Midterm The reader Casi Se Muere by Blaine Ray will be read throughout the 1 st semester How do I find out what/how my child is doing in Spanish class? Ask him/her. Check Mrs. Olsens LCPS Staff Webpage: http://www.lcps.org

CLARITY Available to parents within the 1st quarter: grades, upcoming assignments, missing assignments, teacher comments E-mail Mrs. Olsen @ [email protected] Grading and Assessment Practices Summative: 70% Essays, CPAs (Communicative Performance Assessments),

oral presentations, projects, unit tests and quizzes. Formative: 30% Classwork, journals, debates, exit tickets, homework, binder checks, oral participation, use of target language, warm-ups. EXTRA CREDIT? Grading and Assessment Practices Summative: Projects Expect 1 per quarter. Students will be given 1 month to complete.

Formative: Homework Homework is graded for completion. EXTRA CREDIT? Expectations Work hard in class = a lot less homework Participate Be respectful of yourself and others Have a good attitude and do your best Utilize classroom time wisely Expect to work in groups often and IN SPANISH

Expect use of technology No pop quizzes. All graded work will be announced in advance in class and on website. Students have been issued 2 textbooks and a workbook. No using cell phones, no texting in this classroom. If you do, Mrs. Olsen will take it to the office and your parents will pick it up. Cell phones are not allowed on desks in this classroom.

Gracias Thank you for trusting me with your childs education. My goal in teaching Spanish is to further develop each students ability to express him(or her)self in an articulate and intelligent manner. My background

I have been teaching foreign languages since 2007. This year, I will be teaching Spanish 2, AP Spanish, French 5 and AP French at Loudoun County High. Prior to teaching in Loudoun, I taught in Fairfax and was a proposal manager for a telecommunications firm. I have spent many years living abroad in Africa, East and Western Europe, the Caribbean and Central America. BA from Penn State MS from Johns Hopkins University Please feel free to contact me as needed at [email protected]

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