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WELCOME TO Stingrays English 6 Mary Foley, M.Ed A Few Words About Me Teaching at TJ since 2011 B.A., English Literature, University of Maryland M.Ed., Secondary English Education, George Mason University

VA Teaching License, English/Social Studies Grades 6-12 Over 30-year resident of Northern Va., married with three teen/young adult children A career switcher: former journalist and Capitol Hill staffer Focus of English

6: Reading/Vocabulary Writing Speaking Listening These critical skills transfer to every other academic subject...and beyond Reading Independent reading is the backbone of this class! Reading homework will be a weekly reading log. Students should read at least 100 pages a week in a book of their choice. Reading logs must be signed by an adult

family member each week. Students will also read selected novels and short stories in class. Vocabulary We will study batches of word partsprefixes, suffixes, and root words-- all year

These word parts will help students expand their vocabularies and decipher the meanings of new words as they read Students will have word-part homework every week, with a mini quiz every Monday morning Writing Writing instruction is highly personalized, aimed at taking student writing to a more advanced level Writing workshop: students will write all assignments in class so that I can assist them while they are working. Major writing assignments:

Personal narratives Argument (persuasive) writing Information (expository) writing --one poetry booklet Grammar and Spelling We will study grammar throughout the year in context, as opposed to a grammar unit. I will also give one-on-one instruction as needed during writing workshop

Does spelling count? Yes! Students who cannot spell well may confuse words when reading or writing. Sorry, spell-checker fans: it does not catch all errors. We will not have spelling tests, but I do expect students to both proofread and make requested revisions before turning in final products.

Speaking/ Listening Students will learn to use accountable talk to share views, and participate in a Socratic Seminar, a roundtable discussion format used in high school, college, and beyond Students will present original poetry to the class during our spring Poetry Cafe Active participation encouraged Students expected to listen politely to all speakers, including other students Grading

Tests and major writing assignments: 60 percent of your students grade Classwork: 30 percent Homework: 10 percent. Extra credit is given to students who consistently read more than 100 pages a week for their logs Grades are posted on StudentVue/ParentVue and updated at least once a week

Grading: Missing Work Missing work will be given 50 percent instead of a zero (NOTE: this is still an E grade) Late work is accepted Very late work will be penalized one letter grade If Your Student Misses Class

Please ask them to check in with me via email or when they return to see what they missed If a student is sick for several days, families may contact me via email to see if any work can be done at home. If Your Student Needs Help. If your student doesnt understand something, or needs extra help, they can come see me during:

--TA --Lunch --After school (please make an appointment first) OR email me at [email protected] My Contact Information The best way to reach me is email: [email protected]

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns Im looking forward to a great year with your child!

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