Welcome to McGill

Welcome to McGill

SIS INTRODUCTION MASTER OF INFORMATION STUDIES MISt AGENDA This morning: This afternoon: Welcome (Dean Maioni)

Faculty and Staff Introductions (Prof. Dalkir) Pizza lunch: Overview of MISt program (Profs. Bartlett & Menard) Afternoon Social:

Library Services and Resources (Ms. Hanz) Introduction to MISSA & other student groups (Mr. Schlosser) 12 13:30 @ SIS 13 16h @ Thompson House Everyone welcome!

Profile of the incoming class: What part of the world are you from? China? Australia? US? Africa? Europe? South America? Scandinavia?

Canada? What was your undergraduate degree? Agriculture/Environmental Science Arts Computer Science Education Engineering/Architecture/Urban

Planning Law Management Medicine Music Nursing/Phys & Occup Therapy Religious Studies/Theology Science Social Work

Other? Introduction to the School of Information Studies History Over 100 years old and there have been a few changes since then... Key milestones include: a new name (SIS, previously GSLIS, in 2007) A new degree (MISt) A new location (The Mansion) in 2009

A new faculty (Faculty of Arts, previously Education, in 2014) Re-accredited in 2017 (continuously accredited since 1927) Member iSchool Consortium 2014 And more to come.... (including a new chronology) Where are some of our Masters graduates? Who are we? SIS STAFF, FACULTY, SESSIONAL LECTURERS, LIBRARY

LIAISON Director/Professor Kimiz Dalkir Teaches: 661 Knowledge Management Foundations Director (2016-2019) Research interests include: Tacit knowledge management

Organizational learning and managing lessons learned Collaboration success factors Preservation and transfer of expertise SIS Staff Shannon Sullivan, Administrative Assistant & Practicum Coordinator Kathryn Hubbard, Administrative & Student Affairs Coordinator Cathy Venetico, Administrative Coordinator

Prof. France Bouthillier Teaches: 665 Competitive Intelligence Research interests: Competitive intelligence Digital resources in health Past Director (2004-2015) Associate Dean, Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies Prof. Benjamin Fung

Teaches: On sabbatic leave Research interests include: Data mining & databases Information security & privacy Information sharing & integration Cloud computing Prof. Joan Bartlett Teaches:

619 Information Behaviour & Resources 671 Health Science Information 673 Bioinformatics Resources 679 Information Literacy Research interests include: Bioinformatics and health sciences info Information literacy Information behaviour & interaction Task-based information use

Prof. Jamshid Beheshti Teaches: 601 Foundations of Information Studies 691 Information, Search and Evaluation PhD Seminar in Information Studies Research interests include: Childrens information behaviour Human-computer interaction Past Director (1998-2004) Bibliometrics/Informetrics

Prof. Max Evans Teaches: 602 Integrating Research & Practice 664 Knowledge Networks 620 Managing Information Organizations 625 Information Architecture Research interests include: Information and knowledge management Knowledge sharing (affective, cognitive, social, and technological enablers) Interpersonal and organizational trust

Knowledge continuity management and succession planning Prof. Ilja Frissen Teaches: 633 Multimedia Systems 693 Information & Cognition 611 Research Principles & Analysis PhD Research Design in IS Research interests include: Multimodal perception/cognition

Tactile and auditory perception/cognition Embodied nature of tacit knowledge Human knowledge sharing Prof. Catherine Guastavino Teaches: 692 Music Information Retrieval 657 Database Design & Management PhD Course on Research Paradigms Research interests include:

Spatial hearing and applications for 3D audio Soundscape and noise management in cities Musical and audiovisual performance and reception* * PhD Grad Progr Dir Creativity in music, media arts and haute cuisine * @ Centre for Interdisciplinary Research Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT) Prof. Charles-Antoine Julien

Teaches: 634 Web Design 616 Information Retrieval 657 Database Design & Management 617 Information Systems Design Research interests include: Information retrieval Information organization Information visualization Human-computer interaction

Prof. Elaine Menard Teaches: 607 Organization of Information 639 Introduction to Museology 655 Language and Information 656 Abstracting and Indexing Research interests include: Organization of information Image indexing and retrieval

Multimedia documents MISt Grad Progr Dir Cross-language information retrieval Metadata schemas and standards Prof. Karyn Moffatt Teaches: On leave Research interests include: Accessibility of computer systems

Interactive technologies for older users & individuals with disabilities Computer-mediated communication within families and across generations Prof. Eun Park Teaches: On sabbatic leave Research interests include: Digital contents

Ontology modeling, semantic web EHR (electronic health records), enterprise content management Trusted digital repositories Trust of cloud computing Digital curation, digital preservation, digital archiving Sessional Lecturers (fall term) Lecturer

Course Maxime Beaulieu Public Libraries Gordon Burr Archival Description

Svetlana Kochkina Government Information Geoffrey Little History of Books and Printing Daniela Oliveira

Intellectual Capital Afroza Sultana Information Systems Design Short Break Overview of MISt Program Prof. Joan Bartlett (Chair, Curriculum Committee)

MISt course-based Areas of interest MISt project-based Who should be interested? Some important dates (handout in your bags) Important Dates Information Sessions Event

Date and Time Location Practicum Sept. 18 Leacock 232

Research Project Sept. 27 Education 624 Electives Oct. 16

Leacock 232 All are from 2:30 to 4:40 pm A few extra resources! myCourses McGill Library Subject Guides for LIS Working & work experience McGill Work Study program Writing, language, and academic support

Graphos courses, peer writing groups, etc. Note: there may be fees involved for courses. Please read fine print and contact Graphos with questions. Skillsets range of free workshops for grad students. Theyre also piloting a free tutorial service for grad students which includes writing assistance. McGill International Student Services (ISS) page on language support Library Liaison Library Services and Resources

Katherine Hanz Liaison Librarian & Coordinator (Access & Lending Services) Humanities & Social Sciences Library [email protected] 514-398-7644 Subject guides: libraryguides.mcgill.ca/information-studies MISSA MISt I Orientation 2017-2018

What is MISSA? Represent the interests of MISt students at meetings and with faculty Host social,

networking and development events throughout the year Coordinate student associations OFFICIALLY:

To co-ordinate the activities of the students of the McGill School of Information Studies and to ensure representation of student interests in the school, in the university, and in the library and information profession. UN-OFFICIALLY: WE HELP YOU SUCCEED

Stay Connected o Join MISt 2019 on Facebook! oAttend Events! Join up! Speak up!

Join the mentorship program! Talk to a professor! Contact MISSA McGill Writing Centre Post on the MISt 2019 Facebook Page! International Student Services MISSA [email protected]

https://www.mcgill.ca/sis-students/missa Mark Schlosser [email protected] Contact Information Questions? Coming up!

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