Welcome to Reception @ Hunslet St Mary's Primary School

Welcome to Nursery and Reception To introduce members of the Early Years Foundation Stage Team. To outline the procedures for induction into St.Marys Nursery and Reception. To answer any questions. To start to get to know you Nursery Staff Reception Staff Visits to Reception class

To meet the Reception team To become more familiar with the Reception classroom and outdoors. Where to line up Where to go to the toilet Where to put their coats and bags

To meet parents to answer any questions. To enjoy a playtime with all the KS1 children. To start to play our new topic. Monday 20th of June at 2:30 p.m. (new families) Tuesday 5th July at 9:30 a.m.

Wednesday 13th July at 9:30 a.m. The start The children enter on a staggered basis. This is not rushed and we take it at the childs own pace. Autumn born children to start on Tues 6th Sept Spring born children to start on Thurs 8th Sept Summer born children to start on Mon 12th Sept Pointers for the first day! School starts at 8:45 a.m. On the first day bring your child into class and find

an activity they enjoy. Photo opportunity (major milestone!) Be excited for your child (do not show any concerns). School ends at 3:10p.m. Future routines After a week or so, the children will be led in by the Class Teacher and parents will be encouraged to say

goodbye in the playground. We appreciate some children may get distressed, but please allow the practitioners to guide them in. We would always call if your child continued to be upset. Children will take off their own coats and be supported to do this and hang them up if necessary (please make sure they are labelled). Children can bring a water bottle.

Remember your book bags. Please make sure we know who is collecting your child at the end of the day and if there are changes, please write them on the end of day board. Bus children Uniform Reminder Children need to be comfortable and wearing clothes that they can put on and take off independently. Please no laces unless the children can tie them!

Uniform and bags need to be clearly labeled with names please! 30 jumpers and 30 t-shirts all look the same when we are getting changed for PE! Please provide a pair of wellies and waterproof trousers to stay in school. We will be outside a lot and we are not afraid of rain, snow or puddles! Please send your child to school in a warm waterproof coat everyday. PE kit Indoor kit Outdoor kit

Hair tied back on PE days Named clothes, shoes and bags. Spare undies and socks. Communication Weekly newsletter

ScholarPack emails and text messages School website and Reception page Before and after school Class newsletters Reading Record

PTA noticeboard Two way communication (share achievements) Tapestry Tapestry Attendance Please telephone and inform the school if your child is absent and give the reason.

Infectious illnesses must be reported immediately e.g. Chickenpox and we will inform other parents. School Dinners Wisepay We all eat at the same time school dinners and packed lunches. Water is provided. NO NUTS in packed lunches

For the first few weeks the Class Teacher will be in the hall supporting the children and help them settle, make good choices and eat independently. Fruit and water/milk The children are provided with fruit and we have this in the morning. You can order milk for your child and we have this in the morning.

Children are also allowed to bring in a bottle of water, please label your childs bottle. We also ask for 5 contribution to the healthy snack and baking fund. PTA Summer BBQ 2nd July 3 6 p.m. Uniform sale Supporting The PTA

Each year, some PTA committee members leave when their child(ren) progress to Secondary School. To maintain a strong team we always need new people joining us but that could be on the committee itself or on the PTA Helper list. Whats involved as a PTA Committee member? Very little time commitment we only meet about 6 times a year and thats usually on a film/disco night Help make decisions about how we spend the money raised

Suggest new fundraising ideas Help at events when you can no need to help at EVERY event. Fill out the form on the school website. Preparing for school Go to the toilet independently.

Get dressed by themselves. Use a knife and fork. Blow their nose. Wash hands. Talk about a story.

Say please and thank you. Reading and Phonics meeting Home Visits Visiting all new families to the school. Helps us to make a connection with the children in their own surroundings. No need to bake bread!

Please sign up Pack to complete All About Me Form Please return to school before the Summer holidays or we will collect on our home visit. It is vital so that we can prepare for the year ahead. What next? Choose a date for home visit

Pack to take home and complete Look around Reception Chat to the Reception team Order your childs uniform Feel free to ask questions! Enjoy a drink and biscuit.

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