Welcome to Room 306 - Central Bucks School District

Welcome to Room 306 - Central Bucks School District

Welcome to Back to School Night 2016 Mrs. Silvers A Little About Me. Grew up in Bethlehem, PA Graduated from West Chester University Masters from St.

Josephs University 9 year old son Live in Harleysville, PA Philadelphia School District and Cold Spring A Day in 2 nd

grade. Our Daily Schedule 8:15-8:50 Ketchup Work/TV Announcements/Meeting 8:55-10:05 Math/ (SPECIALS 8:40-9:20 Wed, Fri.) 10:10-10:30 Snack/Read Aloud 10:30-11:00 Writing

11:00-12:05 Shared Reading/Guided Reading/Centers 12:05-12:35 Recess 12:40-1:10 Lunch 1:15-1:40 Independent Reading 1:40-2:25 Science/Social Studies 2:25-2:30 Pack-Up/Jobs 2:30-3:10 Specials (Tues. Friday) 3:10

Announcements/Dismissal SPECIALS Monday- QUEST-Mrs. Dowd Tuesday- Library- Mrs. Free Wednesday- Music Thursday-Art-Miss Nelson Friday- Gym-Mr.

Bocklet 2 Grade Fun! nd Individual- Class Credit Cards and Negative $ (will be sent home every 2weeks ) More than $10 lost-Email Classroom Contract- Our Rules Silvers Stars of the Week- Boy and Girl Classroom Managers of the Week

Paws for PRIDE-School Teamwork- Gumball Machine And team competitions Communication/Information -Email is best! -Seesaw App -Notes in HW folder -Classroom Websitehttp://www.cbsd.org/Doma

in/1476 Homework Less is More. Homework Monday through Thursday for approximately 20 minutes each night. Nightly reading assignment of 10 or more. At least 10 minutes MUST be read by the student. Homework assignment book will be sent home in the homework folder Monday-Thursday. Students are encouraged to write the date and title in log. We also ask that parents sign the Reading

Log each night or at end of week. Incomplete homework assignments are finished at recess or at home the next night. If there is a reason for an unfinished assignment please send in a note with your signature. Got Grit? About 2nd Grade Reminders Food Allergy- Tree Nut/Peanuts Wednesday Folders- send back the next day

Red Sign Me folder (sent home every Wednesday)-review work with your child and send back signed Scholastic Book orders-website Healthy Snack- easy to open-NO CANDY Birthday Celebrations Thank you for coming! If you have any questions for me please email or

send me a note. Please allow 24 hours for an email back unless an emergency. 1st session- Next door Math At Home with Mrs. Radomski and Mrs. Scherr 2nd session-Room 301 Reading at Home with Mrs Silvers, Mrs. Nero, and Mrs. Byrne

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